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Models / Nyxon

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Mesmerized For Bondage
Shiny shows up to Nyxon's house and shows her an old medallion he bought from a gypsy at a carnival that is supposed to have magic powers of persuasion. Nyxon agrees to try it out. Shiny takes full advantage once she is under his spell, telling her to take her shirt off, letting him tie her up tight, and ultimately, having her forget he was ever there to begin with! A super fun campy video from the old days that we just re-edited, re-colored, and rendered into 1080p HD for the first time ever!

Tags: Barefoot Big Tits Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Domination
Tipping Made Easy
Nyxon comes home from the strip club to her boyfriend watching TV. He non-challantly asks how her day went and she tries explaining to him that she didn't make any tips tonite.. Funny thing, it's a Saturday.. How is this possible?! So he decides to tie her all up in a position where "tipping" might be a lot easier. Poor Nyxon is bound and gagged tightly sitting up with her ankles tied to her chest. She stays up for as long as she can, because once she falls over, she has no change of getting back up.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Corset Gothic / Alt Model
Spidergirl Destroyed
Spidergirl shows up to the lair of Dr. Roboto and enters carefully.. Unfortunately for poor Spidergirl, Dr. Roboto has been expecting her and has set up a trap for her! As she enters, she is grabbed and taken down! When she regains her senses, she is tightly tied sitting upright on an exam table with her legs spread and her arms bound behind her. She struggles hard, but can't break these extra strong ropes. Dr. Roboto enters and just as she is demanding to be let go, he shoves a giant 3 inch ballgag into her mouth and straps it in tight. Spidergirls eyes get wide. She absolutely can not make a sound or push it out. Next he pulls out some scissors and cuts Spidergirls uniform right above her nipples, exposing her large luscious breasts! She squeals in protest. Next he ties a super-power sucking vibrator between her legs to steal her strength. He leaves her there to cum and suffer as her powers are drained. When he has drained her completely, he takes his scissors and cuts the rest of her costume and her nylons into shreads and removes her mask, exposing her identity! He leaves her there, drained and destroyed, for the police to find!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Clothes Destruction
Chairtied In Ballet Slippers
Gorgeous Nyxon is chairtied and struggling in her ballet slippers. Her neck rope is tied to her wrists behind her, so movement is extremely limited unless she wants to choke herself! Half way through the video, her shirt is lifted up exposing her big beautiful titties. How is she going to get out of this one?!

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Big Tits Chairtied Neck Rope
The Xmas Surprise
Nyxon , Whitney Morgan
Whitney and Nyxon are both out having fun at a company Xmas party. They thought it would be cute to dress up as Santa's sexy helper elves and their spandex catsuits were a hit. Whitney comes home a little early. They video starts with her already apprehended by the robber and hogtied in the bedroom. She squirms around but its no use.. Then she hears a noise that makes her shudder.. Keys in the lock.. Nyxon's home! OH NO! She screams as loud as she can through her ballgag, but its no help. Nyxon comes stumbling in the door and is also immediately grabbed up and tied tight in a reverse prayer. The robber brings her into the room where Whitney is tied and the girls moan frantically! He sits Nyxon on the bed, ballgags her, and takes a few minutes to fondle and grope the gorgeous girls through their spandex suits.. He loves how their nipples poke through the shiny silky material.. Gaining his composure and remembering there's a house to rob, he shoves Nyxon to the floor and hogties her as well. When she's all tied up and immobile, he snugs the girls Santa hats over their faces and grabs his sack full of goodies. He says farewell to the helpless girls and leaves them tied in their room for Santa to come rescue.

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Blondes Catsuits
Living Doll Hogtied and Fondled
Sexy Nyxon submits to a full afternoon of being tightly imprisoned in her layered spandex and rope encasement. First layer, the full hooded zentai catsuit, second layer, a one piece speedo racerback swimsuit, third layer, a tight corset, ball gag, and PVC boots to hold it all together.. Finally, the rope is added on screen. Wrapped nice and tight.. Elbows, fore arms, and wrists welded together behind her, crotchrope dug in deep, neck rope isolating her encased head from her body, and then pulled into a nice strict hogtie. I let her struggle and feel out her predicament for a few minutes. Not many models can take this kind of punishment without panicking and tapping out. Nyxon encased is a rare and beautiful thing to behold! After she is set into her head space, I come in and squeeze her tits and pull her crotchrope. I pull her neck rope at the same time and she goes wild! Nyxon can cum from crotchrope play, and I get her very close to that big "O" before I deny her and leave her there.. Horny and frustrated.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Wonder Woman Captured
Diana Prince has tracked the local smuggling ring back to a shady apartment complex. When She senses danger, she decides this is a job for Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman cautiously enters the apartment and is is subdued with a poison gas emitting from the vents! Now, tied up tightly with her own magic lasso, she is completely helpless to escape! One of the thugs re-enters and pulls her into a strict hogtie and leaves her. She struggles and rolls around, and as she does, her gorgeous amazon breasts work themselves free of her costume. What happens if someone finds her like this?!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes
Satin And Steel Part 2
Sexy Nyxon finds herself on the wrong end of a sex slaver ring. Now tightly shackled and weighed down with a super heavy log chain, she knows there is little chance of escape. She is tightly gagged and drooling all over herself. The slaver taunts and gropes her before leaving her to check for potential buyers. When he returns, he sees she has made it across the room in her tight shackles (on screen) and he drags her back to the dungeon (literally) to discipline her!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Domination

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