Pinup Peril.. The Reverse Prayer

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This video was originally about 7 minutes long and went directly to C4S.. I dusted it off and re-rendered it into HD 1080p and added in the rigging to make it a little longer for an update here. It has kind of an old school sepia feel to it. Although the original storyline is classic.. It doesn't really work with me in there doing the rigging and talking to her.. lol.. But, here it is.. enjoy! 

Nyxon showed up to the photoshoot and stripped down to her silky lingerie and stockings. She sat in the chair and started posing in front of the mirror and fixing her makeup. She is extrememly excited about her photo shoot today with the famous photographer as she knows its going to boost her career and rocket her to stardom. She's never met him, and she's nervous and excited all the same. He enters the room and she puts her lipstick in her purse and stands to greet him. "Its really great to meet you, sir .. Im a big fan.." she says. He asks her if she's ready and she says she is. Then he grabs a bag full of rope out from under the bed and tells her to put her arms behind her. She is confused, but complies. This must be some new stretching technique she thinks. He wrenches her arms up behind her and ties her wrists all the way up between her shoulder blades. "Hey..." she says. "What are you doing to me..?" He tells her not worry, that he's helping her stretch for the shoot. "Some stretch.." she mutters as she realizes her upper torso is now wrapped in ropes, locking her arms up behind her. He tells her to take a seat and starts wrapping her knees and then her ankles. Again she protests "Hey, I don't know what kind of shoot this is, but I don't like this at all.." The man finishes her ankles and stands up. "Your photographer couldn't make it today. He had a last minute thing and had to leave for Chicago this morning. Im his assistant. Now that your'e all tied up and not going anywhere, lets have some fun." He starts up the cameras. She tries to fight the ropes, but she is tied up very securely in a bad position and cant move. She goes to snarl at him to let her go, and just as she does he shoves a big red ball gag in her mouth and buckles it tight. "That'll keep you quiet you dumb broad.. Now smile pretty for the camera.. Im gonna make you famous."


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