Ashley Lane.. Tricked Into Bondage

23 photos; 26:03 video

July 21, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, Satin Disco Jeans, Satin Blouse, Tricked, Captured, Damsel In Distress, Prisoner, Dark Fantasy, Glasses, Choker, Bound Elbows, Manhandled, Neck Rope,  Ballgagged, Tape Gagged, Mouth Stuffing, Struggling, Helpless

Its Ashley's first day on the job! She is to canvas the neighborhood and conduct a survey with the home owners in the area. She comes up to the door of a bondage producer who is setting up for a shoot, but his model is running late. At first he dismisses Ashley, saying that he is too busy to talk to her.. But then she begs him to let her in because it's her first day and she wants to do a good job for her boss. He sees that she is wearing an amazing red spandex outfit.. The wheels start turning in his head and he invites her inside. 
Once inside he compliments her on her outfit and asks her to turn around for him. She cheerfully does it, telling him she is so happy he likes it. He asks her to excuse him for a moment as he steps into the other room to make a quick call. He steps out of earshot and calls the late model saying he will rebook with her another time because something has come up. While he's doing this, Ashley peeks inside the bag sitting next to her on the couch.. Wow that's a lot of rope.... 
Ha walks back in, acting very interested in Ashley's survey. She asks if he's ready to begin and he tells her.. Actually theres something else she can do for him really quickly..
Ashley finds herself bound very tightly in the back bedroom and chained to the ceiling above her. She inquires what he is doing to her. Why is she all tied up like this? What is he going to do to her? What is this thing hanging around her neck? He pulls the ballgag up, buckles it tightly into her jaw, and shows her what it's for. 
She yells at him to release her through the gag, to which he comes in and tapes over the top of it with microfoam. He sets up the cameras for his bondage shoot. She is struggling hard to escape or find a knot. The crotchrope rubs back and forth, digging into her spandex pants and making her wet.
When the drool from her ballgag starts to un-stick the tape on her face, he decides a new approach to keep her quiet is necessary. He pulls of the wet tape and pulls out the ballgag. She pleads with him to let her go. She foolishly thinks that since he took off the gag that now he will untie her as well.. Silly girl. He wipes the drool from her face and goes to stuff a large sponge into her mouth. She fights him, closing her mouth tightly and turning her head. He grabs her nose and holds pressure until she opens to gasp for breath, and he uses that window to shove the sponge deep into her mouth and tape it in ultra tight. She gags from the packing in the back of her throat. 
"There, now we'll get some photos!" he says callously. Again she struggles and shouts through the gag at him. Perfect..

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