Nyxon.. New Employee Hazing

16 photos; 16:14 video

May 14, 2018

In 1280x720 High Quality HD for an amazing crystal clear download.

Bondage, BDSM, Chair Tied, Rope Bondage, Crotch Rope, Secretary Wear, Satin Blouse, Satin Panties, Shiny Pantyhose, Struggling, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gagged, Helpless

Nyxon is between jobs and her college degree isn't helping out much in this downed economy. She decides she had better find something soon, even if it's only a temporary position until she can find something in her field. She answers an ad in the paper for a secretary job.
She is given the address for the orientation and told to be there at 9 am sharp.
Orientation day is something no one likes. A new environment, new faces, and a life change. Nyxon shows up right on time. She walks in and is ushered to a the break room in the back. 
The new boss looks over her application and asks her if she's ready to begin her orientation and tells her to sit down. He tells her that this job is a secretarial position in his production company. A bondage and fetish production company. She looks at him nervously. He tells her that if she wants to work there, that she must spend the day tied to the chair she is sitting in. 
She gets up to leave. "Tied to a chair all day? No thanks." she says. "How bad do you need a job?" he asks. "We offer a pretty competitive salary and benefits. Even for temporary employees." 
She stops and thinks for a second. She really does need the job. "Listen." he says. "We are in the bondage business, and our employees need to be familiar with our product. So, if you want the job, SIT DOWN."
She looks at the chair and slowly sits back down. "Fine. I guess I understand your point." she says. "How long do I have to be here?"
"All afternoon dear. You have to be very familiar with the product." He replies. "Now, put your hands behind your back." 
She complies. He grabs some rope out of a drawer and begins wrapping it around her arms, torso, and legs, until she is very firmly welded to the chair. She struggles, but it's no use. She is there for as long as he wants her. 
"There now, that's not so bad is it? Ill let you settle in. I will be back in at lunch time to apply your mouth stuffing and tape gag, and then you will be released at 5:30 when the office closes. I have a lot of work to do, so I'll leave you to it.." 
She glances up at the clock on the wall. Its only 9:30!! "Mouth stuffing?! What do you mean....?" She turns to protest, but the door slams behind him. She tries to struggle again. It's just no use. She looks at the clock again. The seconds tick by. She knows that the clock on the wall is going to make this the longest work day of her life.

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