Harper.. Cookie Pusher Gets Taught a Lesson

October 21, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, School Girl Uniform, 18 Year Old, Taken, Captured, Prisoner, Dark Fantasy, Frogtied, Crotchrope, Keds Shoes, Satin Blouse, Satin Panties, Hand Over Mouth, Mouth Stuffing, Vet Wrap Gag, Tapegagged, Fondled, Groped, Upskirt, Exposed Breasts, Helpless, Struggling 

Kawai little Harper is making the rounds in the neighborhood selling cookies for her school. She nonchalantly skips up the driveway to house with a clearly posted "NO SOLICITORS" sign on the front door and knocks. A man answers and cute little Harper goes right into her sales pitch. The man looks around and invites her inside..
Once inside the man grabs her hand over mouth and pulls her down to the couch. Her skirt flies up and he gets a good look at her bright blue satin panties. Before she can realize whats happening, he grabs rope and wraps it quickly around her wrists behind her.
"Hey!! What are you doing to me?! Let me go!!" she cries.
Next he frogties ties her legs so she cant kick out at him, and then begins to unbutton her blouse, exposing her tiny perky titties. "No! Wait! You can't!!" she screams. He props her up and shoves a spongeball into her mouth. He wraps her face first with vet wrap and then with tape over the top to keep the wad pressed tightly into her jaw. He grabs another rope and wraps it around her waist and up over her satin covered crotch, securing it to her wrists behind to anchor them down by her butt. He wraps a last few ropes around her chest and then stands back to admire his work. She tries to kick out at him and shout through her gag.
He smiles and says.. "I'm going to teach you what NO SOLICITING means." He walks away and leaves her there, struggling on his living room floor.

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