Kyra Rose.. The Bait and Switch Part 1

July 10, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, Metal Bondage, Handcuffs, Shackles, Chained, Ballgagged, Spandex Catsuit, Corset, Tricked Into Bondage, Dark Fantasy, Taken, Captured, Prisoner, Lift and Carry, Limp Play, Hand Over Mouth, Drooling, Struggling, Groping, Helpless

Kyra needs a new video camera for her school projects, so she finds what looks like a great deal on craigslist and goes to check it out.
Upon entering the house, she is warmly greeted and shown into the living room, where the camera is sitting in the table. "Oh great, this is exactly what I'm looking fooooo...MpppPPHHFF!"
She is grabbed from behind and he puts his hand over her mouth and nose! Her eyes flutter and then she falls to the couch. He picks her up over his shoulder and takes her out to the garage, where he has set up a nice little dungeon to keep her. He undresses her and changes her into a spandex slave suit, gags her with a harness gag that he padlocks onto her head, and runs a chain around her waist and up her crotch before locking it to the wall (off camera).
Kyra opens her eyes and feels out her position slowly.. She stands up and realizes she is attached to the wall. Then it all hits her.. She panics, realizing she is locked up and can't get away or remove her ballgag. She futilely yanks on the chain connecting her to the wall. She feels herself up wondering how she got there and why is she wearing this strange new outfit..
The man comes in and gropes her as he handcuffs her wrists behind her. He attaches her gag to a chain anchored to the ceiling above, keeping her standing at attention. Finally, he shackles her ankles back to the wall. Now completely helpless he looks her up and down, feeling her tits and ass through the silky spandex.
"Yes.. You'll do nicely.." he chuckles as he walks off, leaving her there to suffer.
She shakes and tries to free herself. She tries to spit out the ballgag, only succeeding in drooling all down the front of her tits. What could he possibly want with her?!

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