Dresden.. The Nosy Maid Part 2

June 19, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, French Maid, Opera Gloves, Rope Bondage, Jon Willie Sweet Gwendoline Inspired, Ballgagged, Vibrator, Bound Orgasms, Satin Lingerie, Stockings and Garter, Hogtied, Groping, Struggling, Helpless

Now released from her chair and stripped down to just her lingerie and heels, Dresden breathes a sigh of relief. "Maybe the fun and games are over and I can get back to work." she thinks to herself.
Once again she is grabbed from behind.
"Oh no! Haven't I been humiliated enough?!" she asks coyly.
He grabs long lengths of rope and begins tying her up, pulling especially hard on the ropes between her legs.. When he feels her upper body is secure, he sits her down on the couch and gags her once again, this time with a large red ballgag.
"Omg.. This one is biggrrrr...Mmmppfffgg!!"
He ties a hitachi vibrator tightly between her thighs and then binds her legs together. He finishes her ankles and moves her down to the floor.
He pulls Dresden into a snug hogtie and flips on the vibrator. He mashes the head of it into her crotch until she is singing a little different tune.. The vibrations are warm and deep.. And Dresden is starting to like it.
He rolls her onto her belly, pinning the toy against her clit with her helpless to get off of it, and then he takes his leave. Dresden massages her hips forward and back, enjoying the waves of pleasure.
Just before she is about to cum, he re-enters the room. He rolls her off of the vibe and turns it off. He unties her hogtie, but leaves the rest.
"Well now, stop playing around.. You've got work to finish! Hurry up now! Get out of those ropes and finish the housecleaning." He walks out of the room again.
"HEEYYY!!" she calls out of the gag. How is she supposed to get out of this?! Its still so tight! At LEAST turn the vibe back on so I can finish!

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