Casey Calvert.. Bondage Dreams

May 29, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, Leather Bondage, Bound Orgasms, Belt Bound, Vibrator, Satin Lingerie, Satin Panties, Stockings, Pantyhose, High Heels, Posture Collar, Chained, Strapped Up, Ballgagged, Struggling, Helpless, Cumming

Casey comes home from work and slips into her favorite silky nighty before hopping into bed. She pauses to glance through a magazine on her nightstand. All of the hot naked girls in the photos get her juices flowing, but she has to work again early and shouldn't let herself get all worked right up before bed. She climbs under the covers, closes her eyes, and drifts off...
She finds herself dreaming.. She is bound head to toe in tight leather straps over her favorite satin lingerie set and stockings. A vibrator is wedged in between her thighs and held in place with a leather harness. She is ballgagged and collared, and the tall posture collar is chained to the bed. Her arms are tightly strapped behind her and her hands are balled up into some "fingerless" leather mittens. She is completely helpless to do anything except lay there and feel the warm vibrations on her clit.
She struggles a bit just to feel the resistance of the straps and she pretends that she is there against her will. The orgasms come slow and deep. Warm waves of pleasure rush all through her body. The vibrator doesn't stop and neither does she.. Cumming again and again with no end in sight.

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