Madeline Marlowe.. Femme Daddy Strapped and Vibed Part 2

May 1, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, Leather Bondage, Domme Gets Owned, Belt Bound, Rope Cinchers, Ballgagged, Satin Lingerie, Satin Panties, Crotch Rope, Predicament, Crotch Abuse, Bound Orgasms, Vibrator, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Abuse, Stockings and Garters, Big Bush, Struggling, Helpless

The ultimate Dominatrix Madeline Marlowe is back!
Now that I softened her up a bit with some tight leather belt bondage (in part 1), I stand her up and begin our 2nd half by cuffing her ankles and pulling her legs apart with rope cinchers. I attach another cincher to her wrist cuffs behind her back, weave it up through the D ring on top of her head harness and attach it to the rack above. When this cincher is pulled, it simultaneously pulls her arms up snugly behind her and pulls her head up and back. Now she stands there helpless.
A tight crotch rope is added, bisecting her pussy and that gorgeous satin covered bush. It is attached to the rack up behind her making sure that she is on her toes and feeling every wiggle or movement in a very tender spot.
Last... Nipple clover clamps are added and tied down to the frame beneath her. When these are applied the Maitresse howls in pain through her gag. Now, every time she even thinks about moving, either her pussy or severely clamped nipples will pay the price.
So now, my job is very easy.. Just get her to move and suffer. I grab up the wand vibrator and shove it deep into her soft pussy. She squirms and screams in pain and pleasure. She begs to be released. After a few moments of torturing her, I take off her nipple clamps. She gets a brief rest, and the her arms are yanked back up behind her and the vibe comes back for round 2... This time allowing Madeline the more pleasurable side of the predicament. After a few moments of the vibrator on her crotch rope, she begs me to cum. Permission is granted and she releases hard. I let her down nice and gently and she collapses on my chest with tears of joy.
This video was shot in almost a more amateur style, on a tripod. I think it really captures the intensity of what happened in that room between two great friends and a seriously legit BDSM experience. Enjoy!

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