Lily Lovecraft.. Debutante Bondage Surprise

27 photos; 13:17 video

January 29, 2020

Bondage, BDSM, Limp Play Fetish, Leather Bondage, Belt Bound, Leather Armbinder, Leather Panel Gag, Satin Dress, Opera Gloves, Blonde, Struggling, Helpless

Sexy blonde Lily comes home after having a few too many at the party and collapses on the bed. Her roommate comes in to check on her and she is out. He picks up her arm and lets go and it limply hits the bed. This gives him a great idea!
He opens her closet and finds her box of belts and bondage toys. As she snores away, he slowly but steadily straps her up tight from head to toe! (off screen)
Finally morning breaks and Lily opens her eyes to quite a surprise. "What this?! I can't move!!" She looks down at her body and knows immediately what her perverted roommate has done to her. She struggles hard, thrashing around trying to get free. "Boy, he really strapped me up good. I can't get free!"
A little while later (after his coffee) he comes in to greet her. "Let me out of this you creep!" She howls at him through her my gag to let her go, but he rolls her over and hogties her instead. Now she is really helpless to move! Poor Lily.

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