• Rope Dreams Interview (June 27, 2017)

    Heres a recent interview I did with Rob from the Rope Dreams Forum! Thanks Rob!

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    1.        What is the theme of your bondage site and what led you to create a site based around that theme?

    The main theme is bondage. Functional real bondage that is sexy and secure. I also have a fetish for spandex costumes, catsuits and satin lingerie, so the costuming revolves around that. The site came together due to a series of events stemming from my childhood. 70's and 80's TV shows had quite a bit of damsel in distress Hollywood style bondage in them. The superhero shows were always my favorite. Batgirl and Wonder Woman were getting tied up in shiny silky spandex outfits. I had no idea why, but I was hooked. I was actually just having a conversation with a friend about the wonders of Erin Grey's ass in that spandex suit from Buck Rogers. haha. 

    In my early teens, I found a Penthouse magazine with a section on the art of Bishop. Particles collided and I was blown out of my little vanilla mind. I sought out the art of John Willie and eventually found HOM magazines and the like. I was in love with something huge. I became aware of Harmony and Close Up Concepts videos, and eventually Devonshire Productions. Devonshire was my favorite. They had beautiful women tied up very creatively, and it was the 90's during that spandex/satin lingerie fad that was on fire at the time. They NAILED it with their combinations of satin panties, corsetry, and crotch rope predicaments.

    Through my whole life, this had become my dirty little secret. My collection was getting bigger and increasingly hard to hide. I would tie up girlfriends, and sometimes they would even enjoy it. lol The internet age came and I was downloading videos and clips from membership sites. I was current with all the producers, past and present, and had so many models I admired. I can see a picture of a tied girl and probably tell you exactly who it is and who tied it 99% of the time. 

    Ok, ShinyBound... After years of collecting and watching so many producers' work… The work that resonated with me was that of guys like Dave Simpson, Phil Carson, and of course Bryan Davis/Simone Devon. As it isn't the 80's or 90's anymore, and spandex/satin have given way to breathable cotton and boyshorts, AND, since so many of the good old sites and producers have retired, AND since I'm not getting any younger, I decided to have a freak out after a divorce, give away my tattooing business in Hawaii, and move to Florida to build a bondage website focused around all the aspects of bondage and spandex fetish that I love.


    2.         How much work goes into running your site?

    It is a lot of work. It’s a monster and it eats time and money. lol I spend hours coming up with new ideas, corresponding with models and custom clients, shooting and editing the content, and then more hours uploading and promoting the videos. And now, hours doing DMCA work to keep people from stealing my content. It’s a vicious cycle. It made coffee my best friend. It robbed me of a social life and quite often makes me a hermit, but I absolutely LOVE it. 

    3.         Where do you get all of the colorful outfits that your models wear on ShinyBound.com? How expensive are those outfits to buy and maintain? And where do you store them all when you’re not shooting?

    I get the outfits from many places. Amazon is where I get a lot of it. The spandex suits I order online and can be very expensive, but, like anything else, you get what you pay for there. These days, I usually just buy the cheap ones and use them for a couple of shoots before the seams or zippers give out, and then toss them. For the lingerie etc., well, I live and share a studio with Nyxon. She has the most extensive collection of lingerie, girdles, garters, vintage outfits, and full fashioned stockings this side of the Mississippi. Also, she and I go to the thrift stores once a week or so for inexpensive satin blouses, swimsuits, office girl wear, etc. We're constantly accumulating more costumes and outfits. As for storage, we've filled all of the closets in our small home, plus I bought some stand alone closets at Ikea which are now full, plus we have dressers and chests all over. We definitely will have to move into a bigger house before long. lol

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    Trip Six

    4.         How do you decide on which outfit to use for your shoots?  Do the models you work with prefer any of the outfits in particular? Which ones do the models like least?

    Models come in all different sizes, and many models are first timers with us now, so I usually never know what’s going to fit them until they show up. Usually I try to get a few outfit changes in over the course of the shoot day to keep the videos fresh and different. Most of the models (from what they have told me) LOVE the spandex and zentai catsuits. They love to be encased in the soft suits and having that extra layer actually heightens their sensitivity to touch and the ties etc. I haven't really had anyone say they didn't like an outfit (yet). Some more claustrophobic girls don't care for having their heads covered by the spandex hoods, but that’s usually discussed in advance and we find another option.


    5.         What has been the most memorable moment for you out of all the shoots you’ve done so far?

    I got a chance to work with Jewell Marceau. I had been a fan of hers since the beginning, and I never even thought I'd get to meet her. She was the nicest person. I shot with her in a cheap but awesome motel and, in between takes, she told me stories of shooting with all of my old bondage heroes. I was stuck on her every word. I still have to look back at that footage to make sure it really happened. 


    6.         What is the dream shoot you have not yet done during your career as a rigger and site producer?

    My dream shoot unfortunately will never happen. I have been a fan of bondage since adolescence, but only started producing about 2 years ago. I did get to shoot with the amazing Jewell Marceau, but the days of filming Sadie Belle, Andrea Neal, Catherine Beaumont, Eden Wells, Tori Sinclair, etc. are gone, maybe for good. There are a lot of fantastic models out there today that I would love to shoot, but nostalgia wins out as far as dream shoots go. Lol I do have the unique and amazing opportunity to shoot with Nyxon all the time (whom I was a HUGE fan of from before), which alone constantly boggles my mind. That right there is a dream come true for sure! As far as models, I would love the opportunity to shoot with NOW... Carissa Montgomery, Cobie, Enchantress Sahrye, Akira Lane, Jasmine Sinclair, Serene Isley, Ariel Andersen, and Danielle Trixie to name a few. Also Emily Addison. Is she retired?


    7.        Some of your shoots – past and present – have more sexual overtones to them than others. What led you to cross into that type of content?

    I shoot what I like and what turns me on personally. I am a life-styler as well as a producer, and I really like the sexual connotations. I like the helpless damsel, taken into a fantasy realm and suffering pleasurably. I like the forced/assisted bound orgasm content, so when I film with models that are comfortable with Hitachis or toys, and that kind of scenario, I try to work it into a scene or two if I can. Now that I'm together with Nyxon, we go a little further than that. We play around quite a bit with bondage sex in our personal life. I am not sure what the deciding moment was where we said "fuck it, let's film that kind of material," but it happened. First, I talked her into starting to do more bondage content again and opening a new bondage clips store (you're welcome). She wanted some newer exclusive content and to explore some things she had never put on film for anyone else before. We initially were very apprehensive about it. We didn't know if we should go that route, because there's no going back. Thankfully, the fans really liked our initial "trial runs" and site memberships and clip sales skyrocketed. Were pretty happy with how it's all going, so for now were going to keep filming that content and mixing it in with my regular updates.

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    8.         What riggers/producers have influenced you over the years?

    In no particular order: Bryan Davis, Phil Carson, Gord, Jay Edwards, Jack Banner, Simone Devon, Julie Simone, Jim Weathers, Jim Hunter, Lew Rubens, Mark Hunter (Unique Ropes Australia), Steve Villa, Dominic Wolfe, JJ Plush, JB Roper… and many more.


    9.         How do you find the models who appear on your site?

    Since I moved to St. Petersburg, I have no trouble finding models. This place is becoming known as the "Hollywood" for fetish models these days, and there are lots of talented local girls to work with. Also, being the notorious location it is, many models travel through here to work as well, so I always have a nice fresh variety of looks and personalities for the site.


    10.        You have a lot of tattoos. How and when did you become interested in tattoo art? Any new ones planned for the future?

    I tattooed and traveled the world for 25 years before becoming a bondage producer, and accumulated tattoos here and there along the way. It was more of a way of life for me, and provided me a good living for years. I am semi-retired from that now. I can't give it up completely, so I work a few shifts a week down at the beach tattooing the tourists. Gotta remember my roots and stay true to my pirate nature. lol. As far as future tattoos, none planned. Maybe little ones when I travel someplace new, but that's about it.


    11.       What is the hardest, toughest or most difficult aspect of being a producer of your style of bondage content?

    I'm not sure if producing my style of bondage content is any more difficult than anyone else's. Probably the most difficult thing I deal with is just balancing time and responsibilities. There seems to be a shortage of hours in each day now, and I’m guilty of losing track of time and stressing out about getting updates up. Thankfully, I have a lot of help. Having an understanding girlfriend in the same industry and working towards a common goal is HUGE. We help each other out however we can and try to make sure we decompress often to keep the stress and workload manageable. We are still working out the routine, but we're positive and on the right track.

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    Terra Mizu

    12.       What do you do during “downtime” from working on your site?

    What is this downtime you speak of? lol. Man. I don't know. I work really hard and love it, so that's what we do 90% of the time. I remember loving skateboarding and metal shows. Really, my downtime is spent with Nyxon eating out and discussing clip ideas, wandering thru Home Depot dreaming of bondage furniture were going to build, and talking about the scheduling of upcoming shoots... With Netflix mixed in there a little.


    13.              What else do you want people to know about you and your work?

    Hmmm.. Just that I am one of them. A bondage fan. I love making bondage videos. I will be here doing it until I am physically unable or committed in an institution. Whichever comes first. I always love feedback (good or bad), so feel free to write me. I am here. Thank you for the interview!


  • Florida Trip (February 23, 2016)

    Just got back to the island and woke up from the coma I was in.. I spent 20 hours in airports and on planes to get here after hours of flight delays and cancellations. It was all worth it. I had THEE BEST time in Florida hanging out and filming with the BrendasBound.com gang. Les and Brenda showed me some next level hospitality.. letting me stay in their guest bedroom.. making me homecooked meals.. introducing me to some fantastic people and connections.. and showing me their operation and how to properly film, edit, produce, and market my clips.. Les and I would film most of the day, and then sit up in his production room until the wee hours putting it all together, discussing ideas, and drinking massive amounts of coffee. I was like a sponge absorbing all of the knowledge I could, and I know I didnt even scratch the surface. I was treated like family, wined and dined, and taken to Busch Gardens on my last day.. THANK YOU Les and Brenda. Much love and respect.


    The models... Where do I even begin? I got to work with Terra Mizu again. She was the first professional model I ever shot with back at fetishcon. She is such a beautiful and funny girl, and always makes the shoots a lot of fun. Nyssa Nevers.. Gorgeous, so awesome to work with, and a really cool person.. I had to tie and film her with an audience of some of the biggest names in bondage production watching my every move.. No pressure.. Kendra Lynn and Carmen Valentina.. Huge heavy hitters in the adult entertainment world now doing fetish and bondage crossover work, which I think is FUCKIN RAD! They were both so approachable and cool to me.. Gigi Lyn.. Who doesnt know about Milf Gigi? Ive been watching her stuff for years. Such a dynamic and amazing woman. Ill admit.. I was a little star struck. She also was just a doll to hang out and talk with. Samantha Grace.. Proof that life can get wildly surreal. I cant tell you how many of her clips Ive watched.. Up until 6 months ago, I was living the vanilla extreme.. Watching Samantha Grace clips while my (ex)wife was at work, and never for 1 second thinking that I would ever meet or be tying her up on camera. Whabam! Unreal. Brenda from Brendasbound.. She is unbelievable on all levels.. AND, she doesnt work with anyone outside of BrendasBound.com anymore.. So the fact that she said yes to a ShinyBound crossover shoot was really extremely AWESOME. I filmed her in her own living room and bedroom, and it was a really great experience. PLUS, shes a badass cook on that George Foreman grill. :)


    I came home with about 60 gigs of amazing video and photos to edit and upload.. So here goes.. ShinyBound levels up. Time to raise the bar. I have a lot of great stuff on the way, and I hope you all like it! 


  • Spring Cleaning and Wagon Fixing.. (January 1, 1970)

    Hello all! I have been in front of this computer nonstop for the last few days.. Ok, I took a few hours away to shoot a new Trip Six clip, but other than that.. RELENTLESS.. I have been going through and checking all of my old clips and links.. What this means is.. I am updating any dead links and putting in the video that might have been missing, Im taking out the old contact sheets and replacing them with video trailers, Im re-coding all the HTML so everything looks all pretty in here..(thank you Les)! AND.. Im adding any old material that was missing as all new updates!! So please, bear with me as I get this all up and going, and be sure to check the updates page frequently for any old vids you might have been missing (Samantha Encasement 3 and 5, Michelle Tied in Black 2 just to name a couple..), and also for NEW updates coming as well!


    As always, THANK YOU for being members of the ShinyBound Army and for supporting this site so I can keep them updates coming!

    Your Friend,



  • (January 1, 1970)

  • Fetishcon 2016 and new updates! (January 1, 1970)

    Just wrapped up shooting at Fetishcon! Weve got a ton of new videos coming starting tomorrow! New models to the stables.. Nyxon, Caroline Pierce, Pepper Sterling, and Chrissy Marie just to name a few! If youre on the fence about becoming a member, nows a great time to jump on board! 

  • April of 2017 (January 1, 1970)

    Its been a while since I updated the old blog here and a lot has changed! ShinyBound has grown into a monster that has a voracious appetite.. eating up all of my time and leaving a trail of beautiful bound girls in its wake.. I am holding on with both hands and feeding it all that I can and then some. There have been a couple of line up changes over the last few months and it just seems things get better and better. The addition of the amazing pro fetish model Nyxon to the team has fast forwarded me and the site here further in 6 months than I would have made it in 5 years on my own. She has opened some huge doors for me and also provided me with some of the best content I've had on here. Since she debuted with me, her name hasn't left my top 5 most downloaded clips, so the fans have spoken.. ;)


    I wanted to take a moment to really thank all of you that have bought and maintained a membership here and kept me going. As always, I couldn't do it without you! I will continue to work hard and evolve to bring you guys the best bondage content I can and as always, to maintain an regular update you can set a watch by. ;)



  • (January 1, 1970)

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