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Sunday May 1
The Birthday Spankings

Gorgeous birthday girl Lexi Lane is progressively bound into a tight backarching hogtie! Wearing silky black satin lingerie, stockings, heels, and opera gloves, she looks very sexy! Now bound with her elbows touching, gagged, blindfolded, hogtied, and helpless, Shiny lets her struggle around trying to escape. She is extra motivated, because if she fails to escape.. Shiny is going to give her her birthday spankings! 30 of them.. And she will have to count them off as he does!
The Birthday Spankings

Monday May 2
Tuesday May 3
Wednesday May 4
Domme Gets Owned Part 2

Now in part 2.. Sexy Domme Arielle is has been released from her chairtie and has decided she liked it when control was taken from her.. She again asks to be tied up, this time in leather straps. Once all belted up, ballgagged, and blindfolded.. She is left to struggle for awhile.. Once she falls onto her back, Shiny decides to step in with the vibrator for the finisher! A huge spread legged helpless bound orgasm!
Domme Gets Owned Part 2

Thursday May 5
Friday May 6
Heading into Subspace

Gorgeous Akira Shell was all too excited to get back into my ropes on this last Florida trip! She absolutely LOVES to be tied up! The feeling of helplessness gives her a body high like none other. You can see as the ropes go onto her body, she enters a trance state in the quiet of the dungeon space.. Left there hanging/standing in place.. She is transported away. I cut very little out of this video so you can see every part of her trip into subspace!
Heading into Subspace

Saturday May 7
Sunday May 8
Hogtied Bombshell

Gorgeous redhead pinup girl Summer Hart is dressed in a sexy silky green satin lingerie set with stockings and heels. She is progressively tied up nice and tight with nylon rope and then ballgagged. Once all tied up, she struggles sensuously for the camera while Shiny gets all of the angles!
Hogtied Bombshell

Monday May 9
Tuesday May 10
Wednesday May 11
Living Doll Training Redux

This Terramizu classic ShinyBound video had gotten lost in the move! I have re-edited, re-colored, and rendered into HD 1080p for the first time! Enjoy this brand new redux version! Today Terra Mizu comes in for a lesson in objectification. We get her outfitted in a sexy hot pink zentai catsuit, heels, and a corset, and then waste no time strapping her into a leather bolero straightjacket. I take some silky black nylon rope and tie a nice tight crotchrope, then frogtie her upsidedown on the chair. I tie the arms of her straightjacket down at her sides and finish her off with a ring gag over her hooded face. Our Living Doll is now very helpless, vulnerable, and exposed. Now that shes all tied and sexy, lets let her enjoy the excitement/claustrophobia that only spandex total encasement bondage can provide.
Living Doll Training Redux

Thursday May 12
Friday May 13
Mesmerized For Bondage

Sexy Rachel Adams shows up at Shiny's place because he has something to show her. He has a new app on his phone that he wants to try out, and what better way than to use it to trick poor Rachel Adams into doing a bondage shoot with an insanely tight chairtie and face taping.. One that she doesn't know she's participating in.. and.. one she wont remember when it's all done!
Mesmerized For Bondage

Saturday May 14
Sunday May 15
Swimsuit Hogtied and Vibed

The title says it all.. Gorgeous Sheena Rose gets progressively tied up and crotch roped in her silky Leohex swimsuit. Once ballgagged pulled into a tight hogtie with her elbows smashed together, she rolls around and gives a fantastic struggle, drooling all over the floor under her. Shiny steps in with the vibrator near the end and you get a face to face with sexy Sheena as she cums hard!!
Swimsuit Hogtied and Vibed

Monday May 16
Tuesday May 17
Wednesday May 18
Hooded Slavegirl Crotch Roped and Spanked

Sexy Kitty Quinn submits to a rough round of predicament bondage and spankings on one of my last visits to Florida.. Strapped up tight and hooded in leather, she is hoisted up and crotch roped tightly.. First with a spreader bar, and then with her long legs belted together! The crotch rope is attached to the wall behind her and pulled extra tight, pulling her hips and ass back. Now Shiny steps in and delivers some powerful bare handed spankings.. Every smack landing hard and crushing her poor pussy into the unforgiving crotch rope holding her in place!
Hooded Slavegirl Crotch Roped and Spanked

Thursday May 19
Friday May 20
Supergirl Bound in Kryptonite and Vibed

Supergirl enters the villain's secret lair and attempts to find the loot that was stolen in last nights big heist. If Black Skull gets his hands on that loot, he will be unstoppable! She tries to use her x-ray vision, but.. thats strange.. She can't see through the walls here.. Just then, a huge cloud of Kryptonite gas erupts from the floor, dropping her to her knees! She has fallen right into Black Skull's trap! Now bound in Kryptonite ropes, she hangs there in his secret dungeon. Black Skull enters and dispenses with the pleasantries. He pulls up her skirt to reveal her panties.. She tries to resist, but the Kryptonite has made her to weak to fight him off. He easily removes her panties and shoves them into her mouth. He tapes them in place and finishes tying her legs spread apart. He takes one more length of the deadly Kryptonite rope and wraps it around her waist and pulls it up between her pussy lips.. A Kryptonite crotchrope?! What a cruel device!! He's really got her where it hurts. Poor Supergirl hangs there in peril. Black Skull grabs a vibrator and massages the ropes.. She can't resist.. She gets weaker and weaker! His plan, to use her as bait to lure the Man of Steel into a similar trap! Then he will be truly unstoppable!
Supergirl Bound in Kryptonite and Vibed

Saturday May 21
Sunday May 22
Armbinder Escape Attempt

Gorgeous Ashley Wolf submits to a leather bondage escape challenge. Wearing a sexy catsuit covered over with silky lingerie and stockings, Shiny straps her up tight in a leather armbinder and belts! Once she is securely fastened and gagged, she is challenged to escape however possible! Thrash, wiggle, break the restraints if you can! Anything goes in this amazing escape challenge.
Armbinder Escape Attempt

Monday May 23
Tuesday May 24
Wednesday May 25
A Slippery Hogtie

Coming 05/25/2022

Adorable Zoey Grace submits to some sexy rope bondage at the hands of Shiny! She starts off gliding around in the satin sheets in her head to toe Leohex leotard and tights.. So silky and smooth! The cool satin feels heavenly against the tight silky spandex. Shiny ballgags her and grabs some soft nylon rope to rig her into a tight back-arching hogtie with her elbows welded together. Now pretty helpless there, she struggles on the satin trying her best to escape! After a while, she does manage to pull the ropes off of her slippery ankles.. But then realizing there is no way to get out of the elbow tie, she surrenders and sweetly begs for him to untie her.
A Slippery Hogtie

Thursday May 26
Friday May 27
Channeling Her Inner Criminal

Coming 05/27/2022

'Sounds Like Fun!' Ziva Fey enthusiastically accepts Shiny's offer for an escape challenge! He belts her all up in leather and attaches her head harness ballgag to a hook above her to keep her upright and on her toes. She struggles few a few quick seconds, and then slides her hands right out of the wrist straps! The rest of the straps don't come so easy, as she is still teetering and hanging there by her face in the heavy gag.. She gets a strap off of her thighs, and another off of her chest. Shiny (not wanting this to be a 3 minute long video) steps in and handcuffs her! She sighs in disbelief.. but still gives the struggle her all! She manages to get the other strap off of her chest, but she is still cuffed and hanging there. Shiny is about to declare victory when all of a sudden, SHE RIPS HER HANDS FREE OF THE CUFFS! Shiny is stunned and makes jokes about how she must have 'channeled her inner criminal' to get free. ;D
Channeling Her Inner Criminal

Saturday May 28
Sunday May 29
Hogtie Escape Attempt

Coming 05/29/2022

Sexy Ashley Wolf is back for another escape attempt challenge. After failing to get out of the leather armbinder, she is determined to redeem herself! This time.. If she fails.. She won't be getting paid for todays shoots! With her paycheck on the line, sexy Ashley is going to give it her all for sure! Shiny doesnt make it easy.. Rigging her in a deliciously tight hogtie with her shoulders and elbows tightly tied behind her.. She will need some serious skill to escape this.
Hogtie Escape Attempt

Monday May 30
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