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September 2022
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Office Gal Hogtied and Humiliated

In our final chapter, poor office gal bella is subjected to a humiliating hogtie with her dirty panties over her face! She pleads and protests as the crotch of her dirty panties are placed over her mouth and nose and then ballgagged in place.. Then she is left there to suffer and struggle, hogtied on the table. After a bit, her shoes are removed and her stockings are cut, exposing the naked soles of her sexy feet! Her captor runs his fingers over them as she squirms and squeals.. Why is he putting her through all of this?! Will he let her go in time for work tomorrow?!
Office Gal Hogtied and Humiliated

Saturday September 3
Sunday September 4
Goth Girls Bondage Fun 2

Sexy goth girls Lydia and Raven move their fun to the bedroom. Lydia straps Raven up in a tight leather straightjacket and ties her to the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She taunts Raven and takes the hitachi vibrator to her crotch, teasing her and making her wet through her silky swimsuit. Shiny comes in and decides to even the odds.. He ties Lydia down spread eagle in a 'scissoring' position with Raven. Now both with both girls securely fastened down on the bed in a very compromising and sexy position.. He proceeds to grope their helpless bodies and watch them rub their pussies together. He takes the vibrator and places it between the girls and they grind into it moaning through their giant harness ballgags. He grabs a second vibrator and shoves it between them, completely overstimulating the poor girls and bringing them to multiple orgasms! Finally he lets Lydia back up to torment Raven some more while he watches.
Goth Girls Bondage Fun 2

Monday September 5
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Wednesday September 7
Domme Gets Owned 2

Now in part 2, Mistress Izzabella is good and mad. She throws the ropes on the ground after he unties her. WHO does he think he is?! Tying her up like that.. But.. Wait.. It was kind of exhilarating too.. No.. She won't allow herself to believe she actually liked being overpowered and tied up! And the vibrator?! So out of line! But.. It felt sooo good.. Hmmm. This time the Mistress tells him to tie her up again. She is interested in trying some more of this, as long as he does it on HER terms this time..
Domme Gets Owned 2

Thursday September 8
Friday September 9
Candid Calisa

On my trip to Florida for Fetishcon, I finally caught up with gorgeous Calisa Bliss for a couple of ties. She puts on a sexy satin lingerie set and first I tie her into a nice tight elbowed ball tie for an escape challenge.. Next I tie her up tight and take her tall heels off so she can hop around in public in the elevator and hotel lobby! This was a super fun video with lots of candid conversation with Calisa during the rigging.
Candid Calisa

Saturday September 10
Sunday September 11
Poolside Bound Orgasms

Sexy Akira sunbathes next to the sparkling pool dreaming of the next time she gets bound and gagged.. From out of nowhere Shiny shows up and ties her in a spread leg predicament on the bar. He makes sure all of the ropes are nice and tight, especially the crotchrope. He gags her and leaves her dangling there, completely exposed! He comes back in awhile later with a vibrator and buzzes her to a screaming orgasm!
Poolside Bound Orgasms

Monday September 12
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Wednesday September 14
Tricked and Toe Tied

Sexy Samantha Grace is excited that you finally invited her over. She might have gotten a bit tipsy a little too fast.. It's a good thing you have plenty of rope! When Samantha realizes whats happened to her, it's too late! She's already bound and ballgagged. And look at those feet.. Perfect for a tight toe tie to keep her nice and helpless.. She struggles and rolls around, begging you to release her through her ball gag.
Tricked and Toe Tied

Thursday September 15
Friday September 16
Bound and Buzzed in Spandex

Gorgeous Ophelia Kaan submits to a nice tight elbowed hogtie in her silky spandex leotard and tights. Once fully restrained with her toes tied and her head harness attached and pulling her head back.. Shiny exposes her big sexy tits and gives her a special massage with the vibrator wand until she cums hard!
Bound and Buzzed in Spandex

Saturday September 17
Sunday September 18
Collared and Cumming 1

Gorgeous pin up model Dansr, in to a real-time BDSM play session with Shiny, submits to a very strict metal and leather bondage predicament! Dressed head to toe in a breathtaking silky spandex catsuit combo, she is locked into a steel collar that is chained from four sides to the framework. She is now completely helpless there in the center of the stage even before her arms or legs are restrained! Next a harness panel gag is added and then it's connected to the electric winch and hoisted up, taking all of the slack out of her posture. Still.. Shiny continues layering leather straps and metal until she is completely bound up tight and with an evil crotch-chain digging into her poor pussy. He gives her exposed ass some bare handed slaps and leaves her there to experience her helplessness for a few. She dangles there, moaning and feeling out her predicament, getting more and more turned on by the second. Shiny re-enters with a wand vibrator and begins stimulating her tight crotch chain. He adds a rope cincher to it, pulling it even deeper into her soft folds and then continues with the vibrations.. Steel is a fantastic conductor, and soon she is cumming hard and screaming through her gag! Shiny begins to slowly release her, giving her more spankings as he does and praising her for her performance. 'Good Girl'
Collared and Cumming 1

Monday September 19
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Wednesday September 21
Hogtied, Hoisted, and Helpless

Sexy Brooke Johnson submits to a tight backarched hogtie suspension on the table. Wearing a sleek black pleather catsuit, she is carefully harnessed up with rope and fitted with metal metal rings. Once on the table, she is gagged, the rings are attached to rope cinchers, and she is pulled up into a nice strenuous hogtie! Now fully backarched, a vibrator is added for stimulation. Brooke writhes and squirms, everytime she give up an inch, Shiny tightens the cinchers! Before long, poor Brooke is completely off of the table and hanging there helpless. She moans and drools from her gag as she cums again and again!
Hogtied, Hoisted, and Helpless

Thursday September 22
Friday September 23
The Secret Affair Part 2

Two co-workers have been chatting for a long time about their kinks and experiences they wish they could share with their spouses at home. Both of their spouses are quite vanilla people that would never participate in such things, so the co-workers make a plan to meet secretly in a hotel to explore their fantasies in a healthy way.. They set up a video camera to capture their time together. Lil Missy is dressed in a sleek and silky spandex dress and stockings. Here, in the second video they filmed together, they decided to do a little 'damsel in distress' roleplaying. Bound on the table with her legs spread, arms at her sides, and elbows tightly tied behind her, she begs him to please let her go! As she struggles and twists, her crotchrope gets tighter and tighter. 'Please let me go!.. Why are you doing this to me?'.. in her sexy British accent.. Drives him absolutely wild. He ballgags her to give her the full bound and gagged experience, but towards the end, removes it so he can enjoy her once again pleading for her release..
The Secret Affair Part 2

Saturday September 24
Sunday September 25
Determined to Escape

Sexy Alba Zevon is tied up tightly on an ottoman with her long legs stretched out in front. Her high heels are removed to reveal her gorgeous soles and she flexes and crinkles her feet for the camera. Then she is tied down onto her side and anchored to the ottoman for a sensual struggle. Finally, she is left to her own devices to try to escape and be as adorable as she can be..
Determined to Escape

Monday September 26
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Wednesday September 28
The Casting Couch

There has been a discrepancy in the office finances at ShinyBound HQ and Rachel Adams looks mighty guilty! Shiny wastes no time in fitting her with a giant 2 1/2 inch ballgag and tying her up on the chair. He finally decides her punishment.. A tight elbowed hogtie on the casting couch with a nice strict crotchrope! He turns a camera on to film her (she's gotta pay it back somehow) and leaves her there tied up. He tells her the cleaning guys will be by at around 9 o'clock and they will let her out..
The Casting Couch

Thursday September 29
Friday September 30
Ultragirl VS Her Own Belt

Coming 09/30/2022

Ultragirl is searching for Supergirl, who was supposedly captured on her patrol. She enters the villain's secret lair and finds a cage lined with Kryptonite. Just when she thinks she is on the right track, the Black Skull appears and uses his special magnetic gloves to yank off Ultragirl's power belt! Now powerless, she is tied spread eagle and with a tight crotchrope in his secret dungeon. Wait, There is one more surprise! Black Skull was able to take a carbon print of Ultragirl's power belt and make ropes out of the same material! Now she will never be able to escape! What will the Black Skull do to her now?!
Ultragirl VS Her Own Belt

Saturday September 1