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The Reluctant Girlfriend Part 1
Lucy Purr
Lucy's new boyfriend agrees to take her shopping at the mall. One condition.. If he agrees to go, she has to spend an afternoon in bondage. "How bad could it be?" she thinks to herself. "He can strap me to the bed or something. I do have those furry handcuffs I got as a gag gift he could probably use." She smiles and agrees.  After what seems like days of following her from store to store watching her try on things, she tries on a teal blue satin top. He really likes it and buys it for her. "You can wear that this afternoon when I tie you up.." He jokes.  They finally return to the house and he has her put on the new satin top and a corset from out of her drawer. She looks down at the odd combination and wonders what he's thinking.. She would never have thought to put those together. OR to wear her shiny tights under satin panties like he requested for that matter.. But, it's what he wants and she did agree to submit to him for the afternoon.. "I guess I'm ready." she says. He smiles and pulls coil after coil of rope out of his duffel bag and a shiny red ball gag.  "Wow." she thinks looking up at him.. "I thought we could just use these cuffs or these velcro bed straps that I got.." "You agreed to an afternoon in bondage. So turn around and put your wrists behind you." She does and he wraps her wrists and then her elbows behind her. "Wow, thats really tight. I don't know about this.." she says. "A deal is a deal, dear." She nods. "Now come sit on my lap and lets tie the rest of you.. Part 1- Lucy is tied in a tight arched side hogtie with wrists and ankles anchored to one side of the bed, and her crotch rope pulled taught and anchored to the opposite side.  Part 2- Lucy is tied kneeling on her haunches in a predicament style tie with arms behind her, shoulders rope harnessed to the frame, and crotch rope anchored to the frame in front of her.

Tags: Ballgagged Crotch Abuse Hogtied Predicament Bondage

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