Post Tied Orgasms

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Legendary fetish performer Kendra James takes it to the next level by submitting to some intense bound orgasm fun at the hands of Shiny. The scene begins with Kendra strapped tightly to the Doll Post. Her arms are raised overhead and her legs are spread wide, leaving her completely vulnerable and exposed.

As Shiny approaches her, she can feel the anticipation building. Kendra herself he has a reputation for being a skilled and sadistic Domme, and she is nervous to see what he has in store for her. Dressed in her red lingerie, Kendra looks stunning and her excitement is palpable.

Shiny starts by gently rubbing Kendra's sensitive clit with a vibrator, causing her to moan and squirm in pleasure. Kendra is already aroused, but Shiny knows how to take her to the brink of orgasm and keep her there, teasing and tantalizing her until she is begging for release. Shiny pauses only long enough to apply some clothespins onto her perky nipples.

Once Kendra is on the edge of climax, Shiny fastens a vibrator tightly to her pussy, leaving it in place to continue stimulating her. He then steps back and watches as Kendra experiences a flurry of bound orgasms all by herself. With her body restrained and unable to move, Kendra is at the mercy of the vibrator, and Shiny, as he controls the intensity and duration of her pleasure.

As Kendra is taken to the brink of ecstasy over and over again, she can't help but surrender completely to the sensations. Every muscle in her body tenses as she reaches a peak, only to have the pleasure continue to build and intensify. It's a rollercoaster of pleasure and pain, and Kendra can't get enough.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Shiny removes Kendra's ballgag from her mouth and she thinks he will begin untying her.. But as he flips on the vibrator again, she jerks back into action, reeling and exhausted, but still so sensitive! Afterwards, panting and covered in sweat, she is spent and wondering how in the hell we will film the other videos we need to complete today!


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