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Ravaged By Her Stalker
Krystal Davis
Sexy secretary Krystal Davis doesn't see the man watching her walk up her driveway from across the way. She also doesn't realize he's been watching her like this all week long, memorizing her routine. Everyday at about 5:15, she leaves work and drives home, getting there at about 5:40, checks her mailbox, and then walks inside and locks the door behind her. She lives alone, except for her cat.. And never has visitors.. Today he might change that! He waits patiently for her to head inside and lock her door. He carefully walks up and quietly lets himself into her backyard through her side gate. He sneaks up to her back door and checks to see if it's unlocked.. Luckily for him, she had just let the cat out and forgot to lock it back up! He slowly opens it and creeps inside. It looks like she is upstairs in her room. He walks across the floor, but as he does, the floor creaks.. OOF! He hides beside the stairs. "Hello?" she calls down the stairs, slowly poking her head around the corner. "Anybody down here?.." She knows the cat is outside and now she's a bit paranoid. She slowly comes down the stairs, scanning the room. As she passes by where he's hiding, he springs out and grabs her! She tries to yell and fight him off, but he covers her mouth with his hand and holds on tight! They thrash around until he puts her on the couch and holds her down.. Then the room starts to get hazy for poor Krystal and she closes her eyes.. When she opens them again, her hands are tied above her head and her mouth has been stuffed and taped shut. There is a hood over her head so she can't see whats happening or where she is. The villain re-enters and begins to grope her and unbuttons her shirt. He removes her hood and as her eyes adjust, she realizes she is in her living room. She moans and squirms, but it is no use. He grabs her naked breasts and shoves his hands down the front of her silky panties, feeling her up and rubbing her pussy. He sucks and licks her nipples as she hangs there helplessly. "Are you ready to go upstairs?" he asks her playfully.. She shakes her head and moans loudly through her tapegag. He picks her up over his shoulder and carries her upstairs to the bedroom where he ties her down spread eagle on her bed. He climbs over her and begins to lick and bite on her helpless and exposed areas.. Again she shakes and protests. When he is all finished, he tells her he has to leave now. He needs to make his getaway and can't have her calling any cops, so he is going to leave her tied up there for now. He tells her not to worry though, when he is safe in the clear, he will call the fire department to her house to come untie her..

Tags: Asian Barefoot Bdsm Big Tits

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