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Naturally Tight
Chrissy Marie
Sexy Chrissy Marie loves wearing her favorite satin blouse and tight spandex disco jeans with her sassy ankle boots. Today she wore it out to the mall and loved all the attention she was getting. Now its time to give herself some attention. She slowly removes her clothes until she is down to just her shiny nylons that were underneath. She puts on some shiny disco shorts and a choker for play time. Just then she hears her boyfriend come in from work downstairs. Her little eyes light up because play time is about to become a lot more fun! "Do I get to get tied up today, Daddy?" she asks as he enters.  He ties her up very snugly and pulls her into a tight back-arching hogtie. She loves it when he ties her up so completely that she can't move an inch. Now she is the center of attention all over again.  "Did you have fun shopping today?" he asks her, pulling a roll of clear vinyl tape out of the drawer. "Ill bet you wore your shiny little outfit down there, didn't you?" He pulls the tape clean from the roll. "Well I have a surprise for you.." He layers the tape over the top of her ballgag. "I have some errands to run too.. So I'm gonna leave you here to enjoy these ropes for awhile. OK?" Chrissy tries to plead and talk to him through her heavily gagged mouth. She tries to say "No, please don't leave me! Play with me! No! You can't leave me like this! Please don't go!..." But all that comes out is "MPPFFGGGhhht Mppfffff! MMMPPPPHHHHFFFFffff! "I'll see you in about.. Oh let's just leave it a mystery for now.. I'll be back at some point later!" he jeers as he walks out of the bedroom.  Chrissy struggles and pleads, but as the lights shut off and the door closes behind him, she knows he wasn't joking!

Tags: Ballgagged Groping / Fondling Hogtied Neck Rope

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