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Bratty Girlfriend Gets a Surprise
Cecelia Taylor
Sexy Cecelia and her boyfriend have been talking a lot about role play and spicing things up in their relationship, so one day he decides to surprise her. Knowing she loves to be bratty and playful while he tries to top or tie her, he decides this time he is going to bypass all of that and just grab her. The next morning he pretends to leave for work like normal, but hides and waits for her to come down stairs. When she finally does, he grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth. She screams and fights, but the shock and surprise is a bit much for her and she goes out. When she comes to.. She is all tied up by the couch and wondering how she got there. Her boyfriend comes in and shoves some of her dirty panties into her mouth and tapes them in. She resists, but once she sees that it is him, she lets a little smile slip out. She is impressed that he went through all of this to trick her and tie her up. What will he do next?! He unties her satin top and rips it off of her, leaving her little titties exposed He ties her toes together with some string and leaves her there to struggle in the tight ropes. When she moves a certain way, the rope between her legs slides across her clit through her silky spandex leggings.. She likes that a lot.. and moans through her gag. Her boyfriend adds more rope, pulling her knees up into her chest and effectively 'ball-tying' her in place. Now with her toes tied down and the ropes so tight, she can't move at all. Her boyfriend takes full advantage. He knows she hates to be tickled, so he goes to town on her ribs and helpless feet with his fingers. She squirms and screams through the gag, but can't get away. He gives her a few smacks on her perfect ass and then un-gags her. He partially unties her, leaving her wrists and ankles bound. He tells her to try to get out of it, but if she gets bratty, he will tickle her and spank her again. And more! She looks at him sternly as she sits up and tries to wiggle her wrists free.. He smiles at her, knowing how much she wants to call him names or talk shit to him. She doesn't.. She resists, knowing that he will take any opportunity to make her suffer more.... And finally, when she tires herself out and realizes she can't wiggle anything free.. She has to ask him to untie her. And she has to say 'Please'.. And call him 'Sir'..

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Barefoot Blondes Clothes Destruction

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