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Models / Raven Vice

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Raven Vice Vital Stats:

Formerly Emily Mae

Raven Vice Updates

First Time Ever Tied Up
Raven Vice
Gorgeous 18 year old goth girl Raven Vice (formerly Emily Mae) is a bondage virgin who wants to experience a nice tight tie. I had no idea before the shoot that it was her first time. She puts on a sexy pink and black spandex outfit complete with boots and gloves and I begin layering tight neat rope around her body starting with a tight crotchrope. I bind her wrists crossed behind her and tie her upper torso with a pentagram harness. I sit her on the ground and tie her legs together at the thighs, knees, and ankles. I ask her if she's ready to give it her all to escape and then I ballgag her and tell her to have at it! She furiously struggles trying to get free. She flops around and moans through her gag. After several minutes, I ask her if she can at least get up on the bed for me (since she obviously can't escape).. She contorts and inverts herself trying to claw her way up onto the slippery satin mattress.. Finally she thrusts herself up and onto the mattress and rolls until she is sitting upright. She smiles through her gag, so proud of herself. She is still not able to escape tho, so I make her ask me nicely to untie her at the end.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits
Night Raven VS The Plant
Raven Vice
Night Raven is hot on the trail of Dr. Green. She knows he's been conducting experiments on a rare plant he found deep in the Amazon and she needs to find out what he's up to. She breaks into his secret laboratory and finds his computer. She smiles. "All to easy.." She sits at the computer and begins to hack into his files. After a failed password attempt, the computer keyboard becomes electrified and shocks her! She falls back in her chair and is down for the count! Dr. Green enters.. "So Night Raven.. I see you were looking for my special plant.. Well, I suppose it's time you found what you were looking for.." Night Raven comes to in a strange room with no windows or doors. It is covered in plants, kind of like a weird green house. She feels along the walls and floor , looking for anything resembling a way out. All of a sudden a vine grabs her around her neck and pulls her back onto a bed, choking her. Again poor Night Raven is out. When she comes to, she is tied quite tightly down to the bed by what seems to be.. The Plant?! She struggles hard to try to free herself, but with every struggle, the vines grow and tighten around her body. She tries to call out for help, but leaves fill her mouth and then wrap her face with more vines, keeping her quiet. Vines grow around her waist and tighten in her crotch.. Poor Night Raven's eyes get wide as The Plant lowers down a buzzing vibrator and fastens it to her clit. Again she struggles hard, trying to get away from it, but the vines are strong and elastic, keeping her in place and wearing down her strength! "Oh no! I can't get away! And I'm about to... Nooooo.. Im cumming!" Night Raven thrashes trying to break free, but cums hard. As she collapses from the huge orgasm, Dr. Green enters. "So I see you've met my little friend here. I harvested this plant from the Amazon, and over the past year have learned to communicate with it.. It says it loves your sexy body, and it also says it wants to keep you cumming all night long to feed off of your sexual energy.." He turns to The Plant. "Alright my pretty, you can have her for tonite. Soften her up for me.. Haha!" Dr. Green walks away and the vibrator is again turned on. As he leaves the secret room, he can hear poor Night Raven's moans in the distance.

Tags: Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Cleave Gagged Corset Cosplay / Costumes
The Pleasure Prisoner
Raven Vice
"So you want to know about my weirdest sexual encounter?.. OK.. Well, I was reading my book and zoning out one day after work when I heard something loud come from downstairs. It sounded like a door closing. I walked down the stairs to investigate, and before I saw anything, I was grabbed from behind. I struggled and tried to get away, but he was too strong and his hand was over my nose and mouth.. So I got light headed.. When I finally opened my eyes again, I was in a strange place I had never been before. I was dressed in some kind of leotard jumpsuit and I was strapped into a jacket that had no holes in the sleeves for my hands.. Also, I had these big spiked heel boots on. As I came to, he grabbed me again and pulled my arms to the sides and strapped them in place. I tried to call out for help, but there was a bitter rubber ball strapped in my mouth, so yelling was useless. He belted my legs together tightly and tied everything down to some sort of bedframe. All I know is that I couldn't move an inch after that. Then he left me there like that for about a half an hour. I tried to kick and scream, but it was no use.  When he came back in, he tightened everything down and informed me that I was his pleasure prisoner. He had strapped a vibrator tightly in between my thighs and that was when he turned it on. I squirmed and struggled to get away from it, but it was lodged in there really well and the intense vibrations were zapping my strength. He left me there like that for what seemed like hours. By the time he came back, I had orgasmed several times and was extremely maddeningly sensitive in between. It was sheer torment.  Finally, he came in and said he was leaving me there for the night all tied up. I freaked out a bit and tried my hardest to pull free, but I could still barely move. The vibrator was still gong strong and he pushed it further into my pussy, causing me to orgasm again immediately. Then he left me there, still buzzing away. Eventually my pussy went numb and I was able to drift off for a bit.. But when I again opened my eyes, it was mid-orgasm and the convulsions tore me from my slumber. Eventually he let me go. By that time, I was worn out completely and happy. He had pulled from me the most fantastic orgasms of my life and it was in a very warm place that I never wanted to leave. I keep hoping that he comes for me again and takes me to that secret place.."

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Belt Bondage Boot Fetish

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