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Models / Raven Vice

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Raven Vice Vital Stats:

Formerly Emily Mae

Raven Vice Updates

Tightly Tied and Tormented
Raven Vice
Sexy sub Raven Vice submits to a progressively tight hogtie complete with savage nipple clamps! Wearing silky satin lingerie and leather OTK boots, she is very tightly bound with her elbows touching behind her. Once bitgagged, hogtied, and nipple clamped.. she fights hard to escape, also fighting back tears as the pain of the clamps definitely register on her poor face.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Bdsm Boot Fetish Domination
Real Time Suspension Play
Raven Vice
A real time bondage play session with Shiny's gorgeous submissive Raven Vice. He rigs her up carefully and hoists her up into the air, where she gives him a nice struggle before succumbing to the lulling swing of the bondage.. Raven eases into the compression of the tight crotchrope and soft silky spandex. Shiny adds a ballgag and blindfold to complete her ascent into subspace, and Raven melts into her own world.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Bdsm Blindfolds
Chained Up and Cumming
Raven Vice
Gorgeous Raven Vice wearing only a Leohex one-piece swimsuit submits to some heavy steel bondage fun at the hands of Shiny! This video is from before Raven became the house submissive at ShinyBound, but you can still see the undeniable chemistry between her and Shiny as he chains her all up, nose hooks her, dominates her, plays with her open mouth gag, and vibes the thick heavy chain between her legs until she cums! At the end of the video, Shiny tosses her the key to her cuffs, not expecting her to be able to free herself.. But the crafty girl does it in a matter of seconds!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Barefoot Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Real Time Leather Bound Sensory Play
Raven Vice
Raven dressed up in a PVC catsuit, corset, and some over the knee boots for some playtime. This video is a real time BDSM sensory deprivation/endurance scene between my real life partner and I. Originally, we were only taking pictures and we weren't planning on recording this, but I set up cameras at the last second to give everyone a glimpse into our personal playtime. Raven, now hooded, blindfolded, objectified, and strapped up tight in a leather armbinder and thick belts, is forced to stand there, perfectly straight, teetering on her tall platform stiletto heels. There is nothing holding her up except her posture.. and the fact that she can't see or hear leaves her stuck in solitude and greatly impairs her balance. I stood off camera at the ready to spring and catch her in the event that she toppled over, but as you will see.. She was a VERY good girl and even tho she teeters on the brink.. She never fell.. She did get a bit worked up though by the time I let her down and untied her. Included at the end of the video is a stills gallery and photos of raven before and after.

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bondage Blindfolds Boot Fetish
Night Raven Vs. The Witch
Raven Vice
Night Raven tracks the escapee from the insane asylum to a haunted house. She carefully enters, determined that there is nothing to be afraid of.. What she doesn't realize is that it's all a trap to lure her there and take over her body! An evil witch stuck in the spirit world needs a strong vessel to enter to take over the world, and Night Raven is the perfect target! The spirits torment poor Night Raven, tying her down to a chair with a tightening crotchrope, and ultimately mummifying her and wearing down her sexual energy with a vibrator! Will she break and become the Witch's bitch? Or will she triumph and escape The Witch's evil lair?

Tags: Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Chairtied Corset
Upside Down Orgasms
Raven Vice
Gorgeous goth girl Raven Vice submits to an inverted spread eagle predicament on the rack. Now dressed in her spandex swimsuit, she flips upside down in a handstand and Shiny attaches her ankle cuffs to a fixed  spreader bar. Once locked, belted into place, and gagged, the Hitachi vibrator is fixed into place on her clit and she is vibed into a huge orgasm!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Glamour Girl Tied and Vibed
Raven Vice
Gorgeous goth girl Raven Vice is wearing a sleek satin Cheongsam style dress and opera gloves. She is tied down flat to a board with her ams overhead. A vibrator has been tied securely in place on her crotch and she is gagged with a tight shiny ballgag. The switch is flipped and she struggles hard in between mind shattering orgasms, squirming and writhing helplessly for your enjoyment.

Tags: Asian Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Gothic / Alt Model
Strict Strappado'd and Cumming
Raven Vice
After sexy goth girl Raven Vice's failed escape attempt, Shiny keeps his promise to again tie her up in a tighter predicament. Cuffing her arms together behind her at the wrists and elbows, he devises a devilish strappado predicament that incorporates a tight crotchrope as hell. Once Raven is puppeteer-ed into place, spread wide, and balanced.. He grabs the vibrator and goes to town on her poor tightly roped pussy! In this position there is no where for her to go. She takes the full momentum of the vibes and cums hard!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Bdsm Boot Fetish

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