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Ultragirl Drained of Her Powers Part 3
Chrissy Marie
Part 3- Ultragirl is still naked, but tied on the ground now. The Black Skull enters and tells her she has been sold and the new buyer is on the way to collect her. She struggles and demands to be set free, but once again The Black Skull ballgags her. This time he ties her into an extremely tight hogtie. “That ought to hold you until the buyer gets here.” he sneers. She struggles hard, but without her powers, the rope is winning the battle. Once again exhausted, she goes out.. What will the buyer do to her?!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Groping / Fondling Hogtied
Ultragirl Drained of Her Powers Part 2
Chrissy Marie
Part 2- Ultragirl again awakens to find herself tied in a terrible position. Now hanging only by her wrists and powerless, she is in terrible pain.  “Let me go!” she moans. The Black Skull comes in and informs her thet he has plans to sell her as a sex slave.. Just as soon as he has finished having his fun with her of course. She kicks and swings trying to get away. He shoves a huge ballgag in her mouth and leaves her there to suffer.

Tags: Ballgagged Nudity/naked Rope Bondage Superheroines
Ultragirl Drained of Her Powers Part 1
Chrissy Marie
Part 1- Ultragirl soars overhead scouring the city for evil doers.. Whats this? looks like someone is up to no good! Ultra girl swoops down to check on what sounds like cries for help. She cautiously walks up to the door to peek in. Suddenly, two tranquilizer darts hit her! She stumbles back, and finally goes down. The Black Skull comes out and marvels at his handy work. “It took me a long time to concoct a tranquilizer serum powerful enough to take out Ultragirl!” He ties her hands and feet and lifts her up over his shoulder. He takes her and puts her in the trunk of his waiting car and whisks her off to his secret hideout.  As Ultragirl comes to, she finds she is hanging suspended by all four limbs in a spread eagle position. She struggles to break free, but the serum is still active and she feels weak.  “I’m glad you’re awake Ultragirl, now you can witness my new invention!” He pulls out a small vibrating device and walks closer. “I know I could easily remove your power belt and take away your strength, but I will have much more fun sucking it out this way!”  Ultra girl struggles and moans, but there is no way to escape the evil wand.. It’s so intense! She finds herself building towards a big orgasm.. “No, I mustn’t cum.. I can’t.. I’ll lose all my powers!..”  With that Ultragirl has a huge orgasm and feels her powers diminish. “Hahaha.. Now you are powerless! Ultra girl is no more! Haha!” Once again Ultragirl goes out from exhaustion. The Black Skull lowers her down and undresses her down to her panties.

Tags: Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Cosplay / Costumes Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Leotard Chairtied
Chrissy Marie
This was a bondage custom I made for a great client. Mega-hottie Chrissy Marie starts out this clip getting her mouth stuffed with a giant splash ball and then her head wrapped in duct tape for a very effective gag.. She is wearing an electric blue leotard and navy blue opaque dance tights. She is tied tightly to a chair with her hands tied up over her head and pulled down behind her.. and.. Connected to the crotch rope.. Putting pressure and friction in the right places when she struggles. Her legs are of course spread and tied wide apart to accommodate this.. She struggles and moans with those wide eyes, pleading to be set free. How long would you keep her there?

Tags: Chairtied Leotard Mouth Stuffing Rope Bondage
Inverted and Immobile
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie gets suspended in her Hogwart's one piece swimsuit and shiny tights. We string her up by her ankles until she's swinging and then we tie her hands behind her. The rope is run from her shoulders down and around her upper arms (welding her elbows together), down around her wrists, and then cinched to her suspension hook. Once pulled tight, it pulls her shoulders back and gives us a nice arch. Last comes the big red ballgag.. Now completely helpless we let her swing there for a while. Near the end of the video, I step in and pull her arms down and back and attach them to the nearby bed frame. Now we will see how long she can endure this evil inverted strappado. Chrissy is a champ!

Tags: Ballgagged Cosplay / Costumes Nylons/Pantyhose Rope Bondage
Belt Bound and Muzzled
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie dresses in a Winter Fetish catsuit, a tight satin corset, and some tall vinyl boots. We stuff her mouth and fit her with a heavy leather muzzle gag, and strap it up to the steel canopy. An armbinder is added next, and then we strap her midsection very tightly, welding her arms in place behind her. Her legs are banded together, the armbinder "D" ring is anchored to the strap at her knees, and her boots are belted to the bottom of the frame. She is now standing helpless and completely immobilized. She struggles, twists, and pleads with those big blue eyes..

Tags: Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
Thief Caught and Chairtied
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie is caught red handed trying to burgle someone's home. The home owner is very upset and wants to call the cops. She begs him not to.. He makes a deal with her. If she will agree to be punished by him, he will let her go and not call the authorities. She agrees, but didn't know just what she was in for. He pulls out several lengths of rope and a chair.. This will be a long afternoon for Chrissy Marie..

Tags: Chairtied Cleave Gagged Leotard Nylons/Pantyhose
Strict Frog to Hogtie
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie dresses in a Winter Fetish catsuit, opera gloves, corset, platform vinyl boots, and a harness ballgag. I tie her shoulders, elbows, forearms, and wrists all with a single length of silky blue rope and then move on to her crotch rope. She sits down and I frogtie her legs, spread them apart, and anchor them to the legs of the couch. She struggles and squirms laid back with her arms pinned beneath her and legs spread wide. Next I untie the anchors, flip her around onto her belly, and pull her into a nice arched hogtie. A GREAT addition to any Chrissy Marie collection!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset