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Models / TerraMizu

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TerraMizu Updates

The Gag Order HD
Here's a unique new clip for ya! This was a last minute custom I shot recently for Steve. In the story, Terra Mizu is a crackshot attorney for a corporation called Gag Me Inc. She finds a discrepancy in a new line of gags that breaks some major guidelines of the company and gets in some trouble for blowing the whistle.. Including various "gag orders", tight and a strip search. Finally she succumbs to the will of the boss and decides she'll keep quiet and push the new gag thru if she can have a promotion.. She winds up bound tight, panel gagged, and forced to orgasm with an evil Hitachi. This was a fun one to make with the unique story line and all, and theres PLENTY of beautiful Terra Mizu in bondage and struggling too! :)

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Cleave Gagged
Swimsuit Lockdown
Outfit- Terra Mizu wears a sexy silky one piece Speedo swimsuit and some extra shiny dance tights.. Predicaments- Tie 1- First we strap her in a leather armbinder and belt her upper body to hold her arms in nice and tight. Then she is gagged with a strict trainer style ball gag and blindfolded. Next we lay her on her back, stretch her long legs down, and frogtie them with thick leather straps. To make sure everything is secure, I run 2 more belts from her frogtie to her belted upper body and pull it all snug. Ropes are then run around the insides of her frogtied legs at the knees and anchored to the foot of the bed. I pull all the slack out of her body and anchor her trainer gag to the headboard.. Last, I clip a chain to the "D" ring of her armbinder underneath her and pull it up thru her crotch to the rack above to make everything nice and strict for her.. Tie 2- I release her poor aching legs from the strenuous frogtie and belt them together. I anchor them to the foot of the bed again and hoist the crotch chain even higher and tighter. I figure since I made her legs more comfortable, she should suffer elsewhere... Once again nice and strictly strapped, she struggles for us.

Tags: Belt Bondage Big Tits Blindfolds Leather
Chained Up in Her Swimsuit
Terra Mizu submits to a pretty strict little bondage today. First, she changes into a silky soft Speedo one piece swimsuit and some shiny dancers tights... THEN.. I strap her into a leather armbinder, gag her with a tight trainer harness, belt her arms to her body, pseudo-suspend her upper body from the rack with straps, frogtie her legs, chain her harness gag up to the rack, and finally... Give her a nice tight crotch chain.. drawn from the "D" ring on the armbinder up through her ass and crotch.. and then padlocked to the rack.. She is in quite a predicament, and she is not going anywhere until I set her free.

Tags: Handcuffs / Shackles / Chains Leather Panel Gagged Predicament Bondage
Hogtied In Her Swimsuit
Terra Mizu to the rescue!! After a botched morning shoot with a newer model, I was panicking a little. It was my only shoot day for the week and I needed content bad. I was going to be helping out Terra later that day on one of her custom videos, so I called her to see if she could come over early and do some ties with me as well. She put on makeup and rushed right over! A fan of mine had sent me a gorgeous shiny blue ribbed one piece swimsuit from my wishlist, so we put it to good use along with some shiny dance tights and hogtied her nice and tight in it. Terra looks fantastic, the tie and struggle turned out great.. Success! Out of the chaos comes something beautiful :)

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Hogtied Nylons/Pantyhose
Office Girl Peril
Terra spends her days in the office doing very little actual work and tormenting the men that work in the warehouse next door. She is always dropping her keys and bending over to pick them up, letting the wind whip her shirt up, and teasing them whenever she passes by their big open overhead door. One day she talks to one of the guys in the parking lot as she's walking to her car. In her normal fashion, she lets the conversation escalate to a very sexual level. She mentions that she loves to be tied up and played with.. The worker feigns interest, but asks her if she'd like to come over after work and have a drink. She gets his address and says maybe.. She thinks he's cute, but she really doesn't know if she'd rather just keep it on a teasing level. The day wears on and she decides she's going to do it. She's gonna go to his house for drinks. She clocks out and brushes her hair and fixes her makeup. She texts him that she's on her way over. He says "great" and grabs his huge bag of rope and a gag out of his closet and sets it on the bed. Terra had no clue what telling him she "liked to be tied up" was going to mean..

Tags: Big Tits Panel Gagged Predicament Bondage Rope Bondage
Solicitor Gets Chairtied and Fondled
Terra Mizu is out spreading the good word when fate brings her to a house where there's a robbery in progress. At first the robbers think its the cops at the door, but when they see it's just poor little Terra, they invite her right in. Before she knows whats going on, she's being roped to a chair and having a satin scarf stuffed and taped into her mouth. After some groping and banter, the robbers leave the disheveled girl tied up tight and make their escape.

Tags: Big Tits Chairtied High Heels Mouth Stuffing
Terra's Tight Hogtie
Terra loves to be tied up tight, and she's definitely not letting her new boyfriend slack on his rigging job.. She wants it tight, and she makes sure he knows it. She constantly tells him to add ropes and make it tighter until finally, he stuffs her mouth with a huge handkerchief and tapes it in tight. Now hogtied with her wrists and ankles overlapping and her elbows welded together, she is definitely satisfied.. She decides this new boyfriend might just be a keeper.

Tags: Challenges Hogtied Mouth Stuffing Nylons/Pantyhose
Can You Make It Tighter?
Terra and her boyfriend are exploring some bondage for the first time. First he ties her up on a chair. Just wrists and ankles. He doesn't make it too tight, because it IS their first time and all and he wants to make sure she's ok with it. She struggles for a minute, but looks unimpressed. She says " Honey.. I'm bored.. Can you make this a little tighter or something?".. Her wish is his command. Next he grabs more rope and binds her elbows together tight! Then he runs rope from her wrists to ankles and pulls her into a tight arched hogtie on the chair. He can tell by the fear in her eyes that now.. she wont be bored.. He moves her to the bed and hogties and cleave gags her on the mattress. He sees that same look of boredom approaching, so he decides to once again make her uncomfortable. He removes the silk cleave gag and stuffs her mouth with it. He grabs the tape and wraps her face so theres no spitting it out. He ropes up her knees and then attaches the hogtie up to an anchor point above and pulls it tight. Theres that look of fear he wanted.. He takes some scissors and cuts the panty hose off of her feet. Now that she's helpless, quiet, and can't get away, its time for some bare foot tickling..

Tags: Big Tits Chairtied Cleave Gagged Clothes Destruction

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