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Models / TerraMizu

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TerraMizu Updates

Taps Out of Tight Leather
Terra loves to talk and joke around in my shoots, so I usually gag her first.. lol! Dressed in a shiny spandex catsuit and corset, we put her in a super small armbinder and then strap her all up tight in leather belts! She struggles like that on the bed for a few moments and then I crank it up a notch and pull her into a strict hogtie. She tries to move, but she is severely stuck in the tight straps. She can't really even moan. Nothing more than shallow breaths through the gag. After a few moments, she tells us in gag talk that she is done. I unbelt her with a quickness and she tells us why she had to tap out!

Tags: Belt Bondage Catsuits Corset Leather
Sexy TerraMizu is wearing a silky black one piece speedo swimsuit and shiny pantyhose. She likes to talk a lot on set while I'm rigging, so we started off this clip with her already gagged to shut her up. As I rig and boxtie her upper body, the faucet turns on and she begins drooling uncontrollably, leaking all over her tits and swimsuit. I lay her down on the bed and pull her into a deep tight hogtie and tie her head harness back to try to contain it.. but it doesn't help at all. She drools and struggles and rolls into her own puddles of slobber over and over.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Drooling Hogtied
Shutting Up TerraMizu
A very casual candid shoot with TerraMizu.. Almost like theres not even a camera rolling. We banter and joke back and forth during the rigging, and you will be very happy when I finally shove a ballgag in her mouth. She then realizes.. The whole time she was yacking and playing around, I tied her extremely tight. Wrists threaded up between her legs and tied off as a tight crotch rope, elbows strictly bound, knees and ankles welded together, and a tight chest harness making perfect satin bulbs out of her huge tits. Now, all that was left was to pull her into a nice hogtie and gag her. She struggles and drools all over the place, all while complaining through her gag. This is a great video for true fans of TerraMizu!

Tags: Ballgagged Drooling Gag Talk Hogtied
Bed Bound in Blue Satin
Terra submits to some bed bondage wearing a skimpy satin teddy and some shiny pantyhose. First I tie a neat crotch rope. I weld her arms to her sides, tying her wrists to her hips. I ballgag her tightly with my leather panel style ball gag, and then lay her down. I anchor her ankles to the bottom posts independently, and then I tie a tight non slip noose around her neck and anchor it up to the headrail. She is completely helpless and immobile now. One more thing.. I tie a lead to her crotch rope, run it up to a ceiling hook, and pull it so tight it raises her butt off the mattress. She squeals in pain, so I know its in the right spot. No more joking around Terra, shit just got serious. ;)

Tags: Crotch Abuse Neck Rope Nylons/Pantyhose Panel Gagged
Manhandled and Hogtied
Who wouldn't want to get their hands on busty TerraMizu?! In this video, indeed I do get my grubby mitts on her.. Dragging her over to the couch.. Throwing her down for a tight hogtie.. Unbuttoning her silky blouse.. Exposing that sexy over-capacity bra! She struggles and pleads for me to stop, but I won't until she's bound, gagged, helpless, and exposed.

Tags: Big Tits Gag Talk High Heels Hogtied
Red Ransom
TerraMizu meets a guy of and internet dating site and starts seeing him pretty regularly. He is sweet and charming and VERY handsome ;) after awhile he gains her trust and when they start to get intimate, he asks her to wear a shiny red spandex suit and a corset. She thinks its a little strange, but shes a pretty open person and puts the outfit on and finishes it off with some sexy heels. She looks at herself in the mirror and now she knows why he wanted her to wear it. She looks stunning. As she's admiring her silky curves in the mirror, she doesn't see him pull some rope out of the night stand. Before she can do anything, he grabs her and ties her wrists tightly behind her. She protests and fights, but she's no match for him. He pulls her up and takes her to the garage and pushes her into his truck and seatbelts her in. "Time to show you what I do for a living.." He drives her out to an abandoned warehouse.. She is sit on a chair while she is tightly bound, and then Terra is hoisted out of her chairtie into a partial standing strappado.. She's left like that for hours while she waits for her "buyer" to arrive and take her away.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Catsuits Chairtied
Tied Together in Swimsuits
Nyxon , TerraMizu
Nyxon and Terra are on just about to walk out the door to go to the beach when a man knocks on their door. He says he's from the home alarm company and wants to give them a better demonstration of how to make sure their home is secure. The girls are in a rush and just want to leave, but Nyxon decides to give into politeness and social contract and invites him in for a quick demonstration.. The 2 poor girls are progressively hogtied back to back in their sexy swimsuits, with elbows bound tightly behind them, and then their bare feet are pulled together and tied sole to sole. To add to their struggling predicament he connects the girls' crotchropes between them..

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Big Tits Hogtied
Red Spandex Predicament
Terra is outfitted in a red spandex catsuit, under bust corset, and silky opera gloves. She kneels on the bed and we begin to rig her up, first attaching a trapeze style bar behind her and tying it in front of her arms. I pull her arms forward and tie her wrists in front of her, and then pull her knees to the sides and anchor them to opposite sides. Her ankles are crossed behind her and tied as well. I tie a crotch rope between her legs and pull it down tight and anchor it under her. Now the real predicament.. I pull her hair back and tie it to her ankles, arching her back. Anytime she eases back now to take the pressure off of her neck and shoulders, the crotch rope bites cruelly into her pussy. Time to ball gag her and watch her squirm like that for a while. Those shiny tits alone are worth the price of admission!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Catsuits Corset

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