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Models / Ziva Fey

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Straightjacket and Steel
Ziva Fey
Gorgeous Ziva Fey is back for another try at the tiny steel cage she tapped out of before! This time strapped up in a tight leather straightjacket with ankles shackled with steel cuffs and chain.. She feels out the cage, grinding her silky hips and crotch against the leather straps and enticing you to release her with her giant eyes and moans..

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Belt Bondage cage
Tied and Caged Tap Out
Ziva Fey
Sexy Ziva Fey wearing nothing but some silky spandex footed leggings is all smiles today! She gets her arms bound behind her with her wrists and elbows welded together and then lowered into a small steel cage. Once the lid is closed, its's very tight space inside.. Especially with how tightly her arms are tied! Soon those smiles disappear.. And after a few moments and some actual panicking, she taps out! Shiny opens the cage and unties her arms. She rubs them to get the tingly feeling out of her hands, but she is not willing to give up just yet. Shiny re-ties her hands behind her head and once again she enters the tight confines of the cage. Shiny makes it interesting by attaching her arms overhead and around to her crotchrope, making a mini-predicament inside the cage. She struggles and drools all over, but after a few more moments, again the cage wins out and poor Ziva must once again ask for release.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged cage Drooling
Channeling Her Inner Criminal
Ziva Fey
'Sounds Like Fun!' Ziva Fey enthusiastically accepts Shiny's offer for an escape challenge! He belts her all up in leather and attaches her head harness ballgag to a hook above her to keep her upright and on her toes. She struggles few a few quick seconds, and then slides her hands right out of the wrist straps! The rest of the straps don't come so easy, as she is still teetering and hanging there by her face in the heavy gag.. She gets a strap off of her thighs, and another off of her chest. Shiny (not wanting this to be a 3 minute long video) steps in and handcuffs her! She sighs in disbelief.. but still gives the struggle her all! She manages to get the other strap off of her chest, but she is still cuffed and hanging there. Shiny is about to declare victory when all of a sudden, SHE RIPS HER HANDS FREE OF THE CUFFS! Shiny is stunned and makes jokes about how she must have 'channeled her inner criminal' to get free. ;D

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Belt Bondage Boot Fetish
Inverted and Helpless
Ziva Fey
Sexy Ziva Fey gets progressively tied into a hogtie and then hoisted up and inverted by her knees. Her head harness gag is tied back to her arms and she is left there to helplessly dangle and drool.. Shiny comes in and swings and spins her, tickles her, and finally lets her down after he's satisfied with tormenting her.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Damsel In Distress Drooling
Helplessly Hogtied in Leather
Ziva Fey
Sexy Ziva Fey submits to an insanely tight hogtie. Dressed head to toe in red silky spandex and wearing PVC stiletto boots, she is laced into a slim armbinder and strapped with leather belts. A rope cincher is placed in between her ankle straps and her head harness ballgag and pulled tight so that she is pinned in a strict backarch. Now totally bound, Ziva is left to struggle and feel out the helplessness of her predicament!

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Catsuits
The Magic Pantyhose Straightjacket
Ziva Fey
This was a custom video commission. Sexy Ziva has a plan for her afternoon.. She cant wait to layer herself up in some spandex and shiny nylons! She gets everything together that she is going to need for her afternoon of fun.. A spandex catsuit, a few pairs of extra thick shiny dancer tights, some leather bondage cuffs, and a bit of tape for her mouth. She starts out with the catsuit, pulling it up slowly and feeling herself through the silky material. Next she takes a pair of the nylons and pulls them up over her legs. It feels so snug and good. Next, she cuts the crotch open on a second pair of nylons and pulls them over her head like a shirt. She is loving the feeling the encasement is giving her.. but.. Now her hands are covered by the nylons and her dreams of spending a day in bondage are clashing with the reality of the difficulty of actually tying herself up properly.. She lets out a sigh and jumps onto the bed.. "I just wanted to be tied up today in a pantyhose straightjacket.. Why is this so hard?! Uuuugggghhh.." She rolls over, feeling the layers of nylon with her covered hands. "I wish I was tied up in a pantyhose straightjacket!" .. and with that, the nylons seem to come to life, yanking her up off of the bed and wrapping her arms around her body!! ZZZzzziiippp... fwwwiiiippp ziiip ziiip.. When it's done, Ziva marvels and exclaims "Oh my god!! I can't believe it! Magic is REAL!! I am in a pantyhose straightjacket! WOW!!! I really.. can't.. move!" She is so happy to get her wish! She flops back onto the bed to enjoy some cozy struggles. After a few moments, reality again sneaks in.. "Wait a minute.." she thinks to herself. "I am really stuck here.. How am I going to get out of this when I'm ready to be done?.. Hmmmm.. Well, if I wished myself in here, maybe I can wish myself out of it too!" She rolls onto her back. "I wish I was unti.....MMMPPPHHHFFFF!" The last pair of thick nylons flies into her mouth before she can finish the sentence! Then the tape magically appears over the top of them and wrapped around her head, keeping them pushed so far back in her jaw that she can't make a sound other than small muffled murmurs! Now she is in real trouble, and her happy attitude about spending the afternoon all tied up has turned into panic and loathing! She fights the nylons hard, but thick dancer tights DO NOT RIP OR TEAR. While she's busy struggling, she doesn't see the other leather cuffs sneaking up on her.. They catch her ankles and fasten themselves up behind her, pulling her into a hogtie! Now she is really stuck! She struggles and squirms in the tightening nylon prison, calling out for help! What will happen to poor Ziva?! - Also included in this video- Bonus footage of Ziva REALLY TRYING to get out of the nylons! Like I said, thick dancer tights are NO JOKE. ;)

Tags: Catsuits Challenges Clothes Destruction Hogtied
The Sex Slave Part 3
Ziva Fey
Now in part 3, Ziva is bound with arms up overhead and her legs spread apart with a spreader bar. She dangles there for a few minutes trying to reach the knots up above her, but she is becoming exhausted from her long day of predicament bondage and her will to escape is leaving her.. Then her captor gets in idea for one more strenuous predicament to fully break her. He lowers her arms and she squats down. Unfortunately for Ziva, this move to make herself more comfortable comes with a price. Her captor ties a rope around her waist and through her crotch once again, this time anchoring it down to the spreader bar between her legs! Now if she ties to stand, it tightens and crushes her poor pussy. He again ties her hands tightly overhead and leaves the room. Poor Ziva hangs there by her arms. Too long in that position and it hurts her wrists and compresses her lungs, making it hard to breathe. If she tries to stand to relieve the pressure, she gets her pussy tightened and her poor legs burn from the mid-squat position she has to hold.. He definitely saved the hardest predicament for last!! Finally she breaks and agrees to be his love slave. Anything to escape his torment.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
The Sex Slave Part 2
Ziva Fey
Now in part 2, Ziva is locked into a kneeling position. She struggles and fights her captor, trying to make his rigging difficult, and she is punished by being left completely immobilized! First rope cinchers are used to secure her torso up and a crotchrope is tied around her waist and anchored up in front of her to keep her up and in place. Her ankle cuffs are padlocked and cinched behind her. Finally her head harness is fastened to the rope behind her, so now her only option is looking straight up. Now she tries to struggle, but there is no way to move. The crotchrope digs in deep and poor Ziva is once again completely helpless!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset

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