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Models / Ziva Fey

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The Sex Slave Part 3
Ziva Fey
Now in part 3, Ziva is bound with arms up overhead and her legs spread apart with a spreader bar. She dangles there for a few minutes trying to reach the knots up above her, but she is becoming exhausted from her long day of predicament bondage and her will to escape is leaving her.. Then her captor gets in idea for one more strenuous predicament to fully break her. He lowers her arms and she squats down. Unfortunately for Ziva, this move to make herself more comfortable comes with a price. Her captor ties a rope around her waist and through her crotch once again, this time anchoring it down to the spreader bar between her legs! Now if she ties to stand, it tightens and crushes her poor pussy. He again ties her hands tightly overhead and leaves the room. Poor Ziva hangs there by her arms. Too long in that position and it hurts her wrists and compresses her lungs, making it hard to breathe. If she tries to stand to relieve the pressure, she gets her pussy tightened and her poor legs burn from the mid-squat position she has to hold.. He definitely saved the hardest predicament for last!! Finally she breaks and agrees to be his love slave. Anything to escape his torment.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
The Sex Slave Part 2
Ziva Fey
Now in part 2, Ziva is locked into a kneeling position. She struggles and fights her captor, trying to make his rigging difficult, and she is punished by being left completely immobilized! First rope cinchers are used to secure her torso up and a crotchrope is tied around her waist and anchored up in front of her to keep her up and in place. Her ankle cuffs are padlocked and cinched behind her. Finally her head harness is fastened to the rope behind her, so now her only option is looking straight up. Now she tries to struggle, but there is no way to move. The crotchrope digs in deep and poor Ziva is once again completely helpless!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
The Sex Slave Part 1
Ziva Fey
The doorbell rings and without even thinking, Ziva swings the door wide open. A man with a clipboard tells her that his company is doing solar panels in the neighborhood and he asks if the man of the house is around. She tells him no one is home but her at the moment.. Big mistake! He lunges at her and grabs her against the wall! Poor Ziva doesn't have time to react! She slowly goes out and slumps over. He picks her up and carries her upstairs to her room, where he flops her onto her bed. He undresses her and then re-dresses her in a 2 piece catsuit, corset, and boots (all onscreen). When he has her completely dressed, he takes her to his dungeon. When poor Ziva finally comes to, she is locked up tight in chains and restraints. She is in a crouched on all 4's position. An open mouth gag sits wedged beween her teeth, and the drool is running like crazy. She struggles hard, coming out of the drowsiness and moving straight into panic mode. Her captor returns with more straps and ties up the rest of her loose ends. Now she can barely move a muscle. He tells her that she is going to be trained to be his new sex slave, and that this is only the beginning for her! He leaves her to struggle and drool..

Tags: Bdsm Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
Ziva Loves Bondage
Ziva Fey
Sexy little rope bunny Ziva Fey is laughing and cheery as she is progressively tied up in nylon rope. She poses for cute photos and teases the camera with her hands bound behind her. Finally, she is pulled into a nice tight hogtie on the floor and left to struggle. She wiggles and writhes and then somehow in the very last second, pulls her hands free! Even with her hands free tho, I'm pretty sure she's still very stuck!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Escaping Hogtied
Real Bondage Escape Attempt
Ziva Fey
Ziva Fey wants a real bondage challenge. She wants to see if she could really escape a scenario where she was tied and kept against her will. The deal is that I bind and gag her to the point that she cannot escape the house nor call out for help, but her feet are to remain untied.. Of course I will help her out. First I place a large sponge ball into her mouth and wrap her head several times with microfoam tape (off camera). Can she spit that out? She tries for a moment and then shakes her head no way. Next I tape up her hands into little fists. Then comes the rope, which I liberally apply to her upper torso, binging her arms back and tightly to her body. Next I go around the house, locking all the exterior doors and deadbolts. Once were secure, she lays down on the bed and closes her eyes, wanting to feel the exhilaration of waking up in this situation. I turn the camera and film her coming to and her struggles. I follow her through doors and down stairs. Once downstairs, she tries to get out of the front door, but the childlock is too high for her to reach or open.. Then I decide to make it interesting by blindfolding her! She stumbles around bumping into things before deciding rolling and sliding on the ground might be a better option. She makes her way to the back sliding door and kicks it to make noise. She stands up and tries her best to open it. When she fails, she beats on the glass with her hands loudly and yells for help! Finally, defeated, she slumps down on the ground and whimpers. The end result- Her gag is still completely intact and operational, keeping her sounds to a dull murmur, and despite freeing her hands of the tape wraps and getting her crotchrope off, she is still very helplessly tied and has to be released. When all was said and done, Ziva said it was a lot of fun!

Tags: Barefoot Blindfolds Challenges Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Sexy Lingerie Chairtie
Ziva Fey
Gorgeous little Ziva Fey laughs and jokes around as Shiny ties her tightly to her chair. Once the ballgag is in place, it's go time for Ziva to try her hand at escaping her bonds! Will she be able to pull it off?! ..or will she more likely just look completely adorable struggling and trying to escape?

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Chairtied Lingerie
Glamour Girl Tied and Vibed
Ziva Fey
How do these kinds of things happen? Gorgeous girls getting tied to beds and made to cum over and over while they're helpless to do anything against it? Sexy Ziva Fey is our damsel in distress in this version. Dressed to the nine's in her satin cheongsam gown and gloves, she has been tied securely to a post with arms overhead and a vibrator welded between her legs in just the right spot! What kind of cruel punishment is this?! Ziva builds and builds until she can't resist any longer and then cums hard!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator High Heels Pinup
Chairtied in Her Leotard
Ziva Fey
Gorgeous Ziva Fey gets tightly and neatly chairtied and cleave gagged for a custom video! She is wearing a sexy red spandex leotard and shiny black Wolfords tights. She is tied with her arms welded behind her and legs spread to the side's of the chair with a tight crotchrope up the middle! She moans through her gag and struggles against her bonds. Very sexy!

Tags: Chairtied Cleave Gagged Leotard Mouth Stuffing

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