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Pole Tied and Cumming
Gorgeous Victoria removes her shiny spandex disco jeans to reveal silky thick nylons underneath. Her satin and lace bodysuit frame her hips beautifully. Shiny securely binds and gags her in a standing position against the post and frogties one of her legs, anchoring it up and to the side for full access to her crotch.. He then affixes her waist with a nice tight crotchrope which is also anchored up and to the front, making a nice little predicament she can't move away from. Finally, he takes the vibrator and rubs it in generous circles over her clit, making her pussy wet through her nylons.. and eventually building her to a nice huge orgasm. She is progressively untied on screen and groped, vibed, and made to struggle before she is fully released.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Domination
Grape'olicious Encasement
Sexy Victoria in full head to toe silky purple spandex and a satin corset first gets buckled into some ballet ankle boots. Then layers of smooth, tight nylon flat rope are wrapped around her body in every way possible to immobilize her on the ottoman. A spandex hood with a mouth opening is pulled down over her face and a leather harness panel gag is buckled on over the top.. Now fully encased, her ankles and head harness are tied back to make her fully helpless. While she is sensory deprived, Shiny pinches and twists her nipples, hardening them through the catsuit, and pulls her crotchrope tight, digging it into her pussy and rubbing it across her clit. Finally, he releases the hogtie, but tells her she must give him a good struggle if she wants him to untie her the rest of the way. Victoria rolls, slides off the ottoman, pitches, moans, and throws her sexy shoulders around trying to break loose, but it is no use. She admits defeat. She can't get free. As he unties her, she describes what it was like to be sensory deprived and objectified in tight bondage.

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Blindfolds Boot Fetish Catsuits
Captured and Tightly Hogtied
Innocent Victoria answers an add from Craigslist about a camera for sale. As she waits on the porch for him to answer the door, the Vegas sun beats down on her. It is a scorcher today! She is finally welcomed inside and offered a glass of water, which she eagerly accepts.. When she opens her eyes, she is tied up and having her panties taped into her mouth. She shouts out and squirms, but it is too late! Her captor takes his time undressing her and progressively tying her into a tight hogtie, complete with bound elbows and a leather harness over her tapegag! She squirms around on the couch until she falls off onto the ground. She is arched back pretty severely and can barely move! How will poor Victoria escape this tight tie?! What will is his plan for her?!

Tags: Damsel In Distress Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Groping / Fondling High Heels
Crotch Rope Revenge Part 5
In our series finale, poor Victoria finds herself basically getting drawn and quartered! Spread eagle tied by 4 points, she is winched up and left hanging there! Her captor comes in and ties a weighted crotchrope in place, and now her squirming is next to none.. By now she is very sore, and very move she makes pulls on the agonizing rope! He moves in with the hitachi vibrator and sends warm vibrations across the rope bisecting her poor pussy. Waves of ecstasy and pain alternate, causing her an intense orgasm like she has never felt before! This video also includes some behind the scenes and her reaction to the 5 crotchrope predicament ties she endured in a row!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Crotch Rope Revenge Part 4
Victoria is left bound with her wrists behind her head. The rope from her wrists running down her back and pulled tightly through her crotch and tied around her waist in front.. Any movement or struggling pulls sharply in her pussy, and her legs are spread and frogtied to aide in this terrible predicament. She is left to struggle, roll around, fall off the bed, moan through her ballgag, and is eventually groped and has her gorgeous breasts exposed before being once again being left to suffer..

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Crotch Abuse Damsel In Distress
Crotch Rope Revenge Part 3
Victoria's torment continues! Her position has changed, but the predicament has not! More pressure on her poor satin covered crotch and of course helplessly tied down in a spread back arch with arms and elbows welded together under her! Quite an intense tie, and she screams through her ballgag to be released! After some time, her captor returns and unties her crotchrope suspending her hips up.. and as the feeling comes back to her poor clit, he grabs the vibrator and digs in deeply into her. She moans with ecstasy.. Confused at why this feels so good.. At this point, anything is better than that crotchrope tho..

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse
Crotch Rope Revenge Part 2
Now in part 2.. Victoria has been transported across town to the robber's 'dungeon'.. She is on her knees, bent over backwards, and strung up with a nasty crotchrope that is nearly cutting her poor pussy in half! Her ankles are fastened to the bedframe, and her wrists, elbows, and even her hair are tied back tightly. A huge ballgag rests deep in the back of her mouth and she is completely helpless to do anything by wait for him and suffer.. He enters and gives her crotchrope a few nice tugs.. "See what happens? You go around kicking people in the crotch.. and THIS is what happens.." he smiles.. Poor Victoria's muscles are cramping and the rope in her pussy is definitely not getting any looser.. "MMPPHHHfffleeaaaase let me gooooppfff..!" she cries and pleads with him to let her go.. But he is just getting started!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Bdsm Crotch Abuse
Crotch Rope Revenge Part 1
Victoria is all cuddled up on the couch watching TV when her doorbell rings. " What the?.. Who the hell could that be at this time of night?" She zips up her sweatshirt and answers the door. A man is there from the cable company. He tells her there is a big outage in the neighborhood and the junction box is in her backyard. He asks if she will let him through the house to fix it. She says 'sure' and steps back to let him through. The man steps in and grabs her! He lifts her and carries her to a chair in her kitchen. When she comes to.. She is tied to the chair with her own silk scarves. Her ankles and knees are bound together and tied to the bottom rungs, scarves around her arms and body are cinched tightly between her and the chair back, and her wrists are fastened down in her lap by a tight crotchrope scarf that runs underneath her ass, preventing her from raising them to remove her gag.. Her gag is a rubber ball placed inside of another satin scarf and tightly tied into her mouth. She moans and groans, struggling and shaking in the chair trying to get free, but those scarves won't budge. Who knew that something so soft and silky could be that tight and painful?! Finally he blindfolds her with the last scarf and tells her he is going to take her valuables and then be gone. He leaves her there and gets to work. Poor Victoria tries to yell out and struggle, but it is just no use. He has her good.. What seems like hours later, he comes back and tells her he is finished. He tells her he will untie her as long as she promises to be good. She nods her head and he begins to release her from the chair. He unties her feet and undoes her blindfold, then stands her up. In a split second, she kicks him hard in the balls and runs for the front door! She crashes into it and frantically tries to open it, but he has thoughtfully bolted the top latch and she cannot reach it with her hands still firmly tied to her crotch.. He takes his time getting up and grabbing her.. She knows she is in big trouble now.. "So, you like to fight dirty?.." he says as he adjusts himself and grabs her over his shoulder. "We will see how you like my dungeon.." He drives her across the railroad tracks to the other side of town, far from the suburbs that she lives in.. Continued in part 2!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Blindfolds Chairtied

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