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Models / Vesper Luna

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Vesper Luna Updates

Inverted Strappado
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous 18 year old goth girl Vesper Luna is suspended upsidedown by her ankles, the full length of her body stretched out long and strappado-ed to the rack. She hangs there ballgagged and helpless! A crotch rope is added and pulled tight to add some arch and strain to her predicament in a very sensitive way. She moans and pleads as she hangs there by her ankles and crotch, barely able to struggle at all! This vintage SB video has been re-cut, re-colored, and re-rendered into HD 1080p for the first time!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Barefoot Crotch Abuse
Armbinder Afternoon
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous 18 year old goth girl Vesper Luna comes over for an afternoon of bondage fun. She asks to be strapped up extra tight, gagged, and left to struggle for the entire afternoon. Alright dear, I'll come check on you in a few hours..

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Belt Bondage Gothic / Alt Model Leather
Goth Girl Tied In Her Black Nightie
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous 18 year old goth girl Vesper Luna gets bound and gagged onscreen in her skimpy nightie. Her elbows are bound tightly together and her wrist ropes are pulled down thru her crotch and attached so when she struggles, it tightens! She is ballgagged and left to struggle for us. There is no way she can escape this tie.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Gothic / Alt Model Lingerie
Living Doll Hogtied Hooded and Ring Gagged
Vesper Luna
18 Year Old goth princess Vesper Luna slips into her silky hot pink spandex catsuit and walks into the studio, where I fit her with a tight satin corset, opera gloves, and some vinyl boots to finish her outfit. Somethings missing though.. About a hundred feet of nylon rope! I tie her very tightly, paying special attention to the crotch rope. Still missing something.. I put a vinyl "open mouth" hood on her and then a heavy leather harness ring gag over the top.. Now were getting somewhere. Our little Living Doll is looking better and better, but still, I want her completely helpless before I use that mouth of hers. More rope.. I devilishly hogtie her wrists to her ankles, bind her elbows together, and tie her head harness back.. to ensure her mouth stays at the proper angle.. Now I wait and watch her squirm and try to move, getting more and more turned on by her helpless open mouth.. all the while leaving her wondering when I'll finally make use of it.

Tags: Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset Living Doll / Objectification / Zentai
Nylon Encasement
Vesper Luna
We fully cover 18 year old Vesper in pantyhose. Arms, legs, torso.. We even stuff her mouth full of panties and then cover her head before wrapping it with duct tape. I tie her elbows and wrists behind her, carefully incorporating the nylons over her hands so they are locked little fists with no finger movement. I lay her on the bed on her back and tie her ankles up independently to each side of the bedframe. Her wrists are anchored down to the frame under her and now she is quite immobile and in quite an odd position. A crotch rope is added to really make things uncomfortable. She kicks her legs around and flails all she can, but only succeeds in digging that rope further into those satin panties.

Tags: Gothic / Alt Model Mouth Stuffing Nylon Encasement Predicament Bondage
Vampire Girl Part 1.. Kneeling Predicament
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous vampire girl Vesper Luna has been captured and must submit to a rigorous predicament. If she can last the day in bondage, she will be released back into the night..In Part 1- A spreader bar is fitted under her arms behind her and her wrists are cuffed and padlocked in front of her. Her elbows are then belted together behind her, locking everything in place. She is fitted with a head harness ballgag which is pulled back and chained to the bar between her elbows. Now only able to look straight up, she is lead over to the bed and placed on her stomach while her ankles are cuffed, locked, and cinched up to either side of the spreader bar. Her upper body is then lifted up and tied to a ring in the ceiling, completing her kneeling back arching predicament. She struggles and moans in the painful position, but she is helplessly bound and gagged.. and must remain there to gain her freedom.

Tags: Ballgagged Gothic / Alt Model Predicament Bondage Spandex
Vampire Girl Part 2.. The Hogtie
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous vampire girl Vesper Luna has been captured and must submit to a rigorous hogtie. If she can last the day in bondage, she will be released back into the night.. In part 2- Our little vampire girl is tied up tight with rope, first tightly crotch roped over her spandex pants, then boxtied, then mouth stuffed/tape gagged, and then finally rolled over for the hogtie. She struggles hard, but theres absolutely no way she can get free!

Tags: Gothic / Alt Model Hogtied Mouth Stuffing Rope Bondage
Swimsuit Hogtie
Vesper Luna
Gorgeous 18 year old goth girl Vesper Luna submits to a strict hogtie. Bound and harnessed head to toe in pink rope, she is very tightly secured. Cruel ballet heels and the head harness ball gag both play big roles in her predicament today!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Gothic / Alt Model High Heels

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