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Models / Sarah Brooke

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Strict Bondage Orgasm Training Part 2
Sarah Brooke
Gorgeous redhead Sarah Brooke wearing a super tight and silky leohex thong leotard and shiny dance tights.. submits to a sexy back arched frogtied nipple predicament! First frogtied on the table, she leans back and her arms are tied behind her at the wrists and elbows and then secured down. A head harness ballgag is added and tied back to her elbows as well. Now leaned back and unable to move her head to see what's happening to her, her gorgeous breasts are exposed and clamped. She howls in pain as her nipple clamps are tied off to a bar above her with spring-loaded twine! Now arched, exposed, helpless, and in pure agony, Shiny grabs the hitachi wand vibrator and buzzes her tight crotch rope! Poor Sarah screams and moans and begs to be released, all while building up to a huge orgasm!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Big Tits Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Strict Bondage Orgasm Training Part 1
Sarah Brooke
Gorgeous redhead Sarah Brooke wearing a super tight and silky leohex thong leotard and shiny dance tights.. submits to a very extreme hogtie/suspension on the table. With her elbows cranked together, she is hoisted up off of the surface of the table and hanging there helpless. A harness ballgag is added and her head is pulled back with more rope. The drool starts flowing immediately. Just when she thinks it can't get any worse, Shiny pulls out a vibrator and sticks it up against her tight crotchrope. She howls and squirms, but cannot get away from the vibrations..

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse
Upside Down Orgasms
Sarah Brooke
Sexy Sarah Brooke is belt bound in PVC and leather fetish wear and then carefully hoisted up with an electric winch until she is upside down and swinging by her knees. Completely helpless and hanging there hogtied, Shiny grabs a vibrator and takes matters into his own hands, giving her orgasm after orgasm!

Tags: Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Strict Hogtie
Sarah Brooke
A full and uncut video of a 1 on 1 tight bondage session with the one and only Sarah Brooke! Sarah is dressed from head to toe in sexy shiny Leohex spandex and then tightly arched back and tied into a strict hogtie on the display table. Once she is wrenched back, a huge ballgag is added and she is left there hanging and trying to struggle!

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuits Groping / Fondling Hogtied
Living Doll Inverted
Sarah Brooke
Sexy Sarah Brooke submits to some serious sensory deprivation while in a strenuous bondage position. First dressed in a spandex catsuit, and one piece Leohex swimsuit, she is hooded and gagged. Suspension cuffs are added to her ankles and then locked to a steel spreader bar. The spreader bar is attached to a block and tackle and she is hoisted upside-down off the floor. Now hanging there inverted, her arms are pulled behind her and an armbinder is strapped on her and belted to her body. The armbinder ring is attached behind her to the spreader bar and tightened, pulling her shoulders back in putting her in a back arching position. Last, a crotch rope is tied in place and anchored to a 35 pound kettlebell to keep her from swinging around. Fans of severe predicament bondage, this one's for you!

Tags: Belt Bondage Big Tits Catsuits Crotch Abuse
Living Doll Strapped and Stretched
Sarah Brooke
Sexy Sarah Brooke submits to some serious sensory deprivation while in a strenuous bondage position. First dressed in a spandex catsuit, one piece Leohex swimsuit, and PVC stiletto boots, she is hooded and gagged. A traction harness is strapped under her chin and around her head. Her arms are pulled behind her and laced into a tight leather armbinder. Wide leather straps are added tightly around her torso, legs, and ankles. Now completely helpless and immobilized, we pull the traction tighter, lifting her and giving her a nice stretch. She tries her best to keep herself steady and balance, trapped not only by the straps, but by the darkness and uncertainty of the hood as well!

Tags: Belt Bondage Big Tits Boot Fetish Catsuits
Naive Girl Tricked Into Bondage
Sarah Brooke
Sexy Sarah Brooke shows up to her friend's house to help him out with a project.. She is much more interested in her new outfit than what he is saying. He progressively coerces her into some ropes, and by the time she figures out whats going on, she is tied up tight, gagged, and helpless! She struggles hard in her binds and begs to be let go.. Will he let her out?

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Redheads Rope Bondage
Bound in Red Rope
Nyxon , Sarah Brooke
This is actually 2 separate videos that were too short to use on their own, so I combined them into a 2 for 1 update. Both girls tied in red rope and corsets What a deal! In the first half, a sexy satin clad Sarah Brooke is neck roped to her elbows and tied down to the bed in an interesting crotchrope predicament. This was the shoot my DSLR camera finally crapped out, so the image/ color quality was starting to deteriorate.. And I end up piecing it together for 10 minutes worth. In the second half, Nyxon is dressed like goth girl Abby Sciuto from NCIS complete with pigtails and a black satin blouse/girdle combo. Nyxon hadn't been feeling well the day we shot this, so as the ropes got a little too tight around her chest and arms in the rigging, she tapped out. She looked gorgeous and the tie would have been really cool, but we cut agreed to try another day. Heres the 10 mins of footage we got..

Tags: Big Tits Corset Gothic / Alt Model Panel Gagged

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