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Models / Samantha Grace

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Samantha Grace Updates

Tricked and Toe Tied
Samantha Grace
Sexy Samantha Grace is excited that you finally invited her over. She might have gotten a bit tipsy a little too fast.. It's a good thing you have plenty of rope! When Samantha realizes whats happened to her, it's too late! She's already bound and ballgagged. And look at those feet.. Perfect for a tight toe tie to keep her nice and helpless.. She struggles and rolls around, begging you to release her through her ball gag.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Damsel In Distress Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Strict Leather Hogtied
Samantha Grace
Sexy slave girl Samantha is lead into a room by her leash. She is already blindfolded and gagged. Her Master pulls her arms together behind her and straps them tightly together at the wrists and elbows. She is then commanded to stretch out on the bed and he straps her knees and ankles as well. He leaves her there to writhe and struggle for a little while, and then he comes back in and adds a strap to pull her into a nice tight hogtie. She is now very helpless and can struggle only very little. At the end of the video, her Master releases her and sexy Samantha describes the return from subspace.

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits Blindfolds
Hogtied in Shapewear
Samantha Grace
Gorgeous Samantha Grace gets very tightly tied up in some satin shape wear and thick nylons. The girdle is tight enough without the strict rope job Shiny adds on. The end result.. A VERY incapacitated Samantha Grace, her head harness tied back to her feet, elbows welded together behind her, unable to move even the slightest bit, concentrating on her breathing and lasting long enough for me to get a nice 15 minutes of content for my most sadistic bondage fans!

Tags: Ballgagged Cosplay / Costumes Girdles Groping / Fondling
The Mantle Piece
Samantha Grace
Sexy Samantha is all dressed up and ready to go to her favorite comic convention. She chose to go as "Cortana" from her favorite video game "Halo". She comes downstairs with a huge smile on her face and sees her boyfriend there holding a bag of rope. "What's that for?" she asks innocently. "You remember that bet you lost yesterday? The one where you said you wouldn't go to the convention if you lost? The one you were SOOOOO sure about?.." "Well, yeah, but I thought we were just joking around. I got all dressed up and I'm ready to go!" He pulls the rope from the bag. "The only place you're going is to sit up here on the table." "What?! You're kidding! Right?.." He looks at her sternly and she bows her head. "Fine!" He ties her very tightly to the table in a sitting position with arms and legs spread wide. He doesn't forget the extra tight crotch rope and panel gag either. Once she is all tied up in place he pulls out his video camera and tripod. He sets it in place and turns to her. "Well now, I have a convention to go to. I didn't want to miss any of your struggling tho, so I set up a camera to catch it all while I'm gone! Also, I might post it to your fandom page to see what your friends think of it!" She struggles and moans in protest. "I'll seee you later babes.." he jokes as he pulls the door closed behind him.

Tags: Catsuits Corset Cosplay / Costumes Panel Gagged
Strict Chair Tied
Samantha Grace
Sexy Samantha Grace submits to a very strict chair tie and then struggles sensuously for the camera! Video includes partial rigging and lots of gorgeous struggling and sexy MMPPHHFF-ing from all camera angles!

Tags: Big Tits Chairtied Groping / Fondling Lingerie
The Magic Rope Has a Mind Of Its Own
Samantha Grace
Samantha is excited to get home from work today. According to Amazon, her new spandex disco jeans have been delivered! She gets home and sure enough they are on her front stoop. She heads straight for her room, rips open the package, and tries them on. They fit perfectly! She sits on the bed and runs her hands up and down her legs and body. They feel so nice.. "You know what would make this better.." she thinks out loud.. "If I could be bound as well!" She reaches over beside the bed and grabs a small length of rope. "Wait a second.. I was told not to touch this.. It's my roommate's and she said she was using it in some spells or something weird.. Hmm.. Well she is not home until tomorrow and she will never know.."

Tags: Ballgagged Magic Control / Magic Ropes Rope Bondage Silk / Satin
Office Discipline
Samantha Grace
Samantha's boss calls her to come into the executive lounge. She is very excited and nervous as none of the girls in the office have ever been asked to the executive lounge.. As she enters, she sees her boss sitting there with his colleagues sipping scotch. "Y-Yessir... You called me?" "Yes Samantha, grab a seat." Samantha sits down in front of the group. Her boss calls into the intercom "She's here.." Two men enter the room. On man holds Samantha down while the other one ties her tightly to the chair. "Hey! Whats is this?!" she yells. "What are you doing to me?!" "Its apparent that you have been stealing office supplies from the stock room.. This is your punishment." The group of men chuckle, get up, and leave her there alone in the room. When she makes enough noise that they can hear her through the door, they send in the janitor to stuff her mouth and tape gag her.

Tags: Big Tits Chairtied Gag Talk High Heels
Bound in Red
Samantha Grace
I had the pleasure of somehow getting to work with the one and only Samantha Grace during my Florida adventures.. She was already set to work with Les and the day I was there, and they finished up a little early. Les asked if I wanted to throw a quick tie on her and I jumped at it. Dreams really do come true. Lol. She suited up in red spandex and I tied her up nice and tight. Enjoy!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Catsuits Corset

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