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Models / Sablique Von Lux

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Hoisted and Hanging
Sablique Von Lux
Sexy Sablique submits to a tight standing tie. I attach her upper bondage harness to the winch and hoist it up to keep her tight and standing at attention, but I hoist it too high and her feet come off of the ground a little! She slides her shoes back and forth on the stage, near weightlessly. I go to lower her back down, but she says it is ok the leave her up and suspended. She swings around and lifts her legs up off of the ground even higher. Not bad for an accidental suspension! Sablique truly loves extremely tight bondage, and it shows here through and through.

Tags: Ballgagged Groping / Fondling High Heels Rope Bondage
A Tribute to Robert Bishop
Sablique Von Lux
My first ever run in with real bondage as a youth (besides the amazing Yvonne Craig Batgirl) was a Penthouse magazine where they had dedicated a whole section to the art of Robert Bishop. The imagery was so intense and so deliberate. The women were objectified and seemed to suffer beautifully. I remember seeing a ball gag for the very first time in one of his drawings. It was definitely one of the sparks that lit the fire and made me who I am today.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
Glamour Girl Bound and Vibed
Sablique Von Lux
Sexy Sablique is a bridesmaid at a fancy wedding. She is striking in her satin gown. What happens when she sneaks off with a groomsman that has a kinky side?.. Now tied down behind the stage and fitted with a vibrator in just the right spot.. Will that ballgag be enough to keep her quiet through several orgasms? Will she be untied in time to catch up with the bridal party?! So many questions!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator High Heels Pinup
Slave Girl Bound Orgasms
Sablique Von Lux
Gorgeous Amazonian slave girl Sablique is rewarded with some bound forced orgasms. Securely belted to the post with her legs spread wide, she is gagged and the hitachi vibrator fitted between her legs is switched on. Sablique has a wild ride and cums hard.. To the delight of her master who is spectating the show.

Tags: Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Leather
Stranded Damsel
Sablique Von Lux
Sexy Sablique is down on her luck today. Her car broke down, and as she tries to call for help, her phone dies as well. She walks up the block and sees a house where it looks like someone is home. She knocks on the door and a man answers it and motions her inside. Once inside he grabs her! Sablique now finds herself tied standing with her legs tied spread in a strappado position with her arms bound impossibly tight behind her. She is furious and calls out to the man to come and let her fucking go now! Finally he returns to the room with a roll of clear vinyl tape and a huge sponge ball. Amid her protestss he stuffs the ball into her mouth and then wraps the tape tightly around her head to keep it in place.. Lodged in the back of her mouth. He picks up another length of rope and hikes up her skirt. He wraps it around her waist and then down over the front of her satin panties and up the back, making a tight crotchrope. She howls angrily at him as he pulls it tight. "Now then, I think this will hold you.. Until I figure out what I am going to do with you.."

Tags: Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play High Heels Mouth Stuffing Nylons/Pantyhose
Strict Hogtied
Sablique Von Lux
Sexy Sablique submits to an extra tight hogtie.. Wearing a silky satin top, satin panties over shiny nylons, and over the knee leather boots, we begin with the crotch rope and "butt lifter" ties, then move right into tightly binding her arms behind her. Next we put her on the ground and tie her long legs crossed at the ankles. A rope is drawn from the ankles up to the shoulder harness and with a quick firm pull.. She is arched into a fantastically tight hogtie. Last, we stuff her mouth with a large ballgag and leave her there to struggle, drool, and roll around for your amusement. (..and hers!)

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Corset Drooling
Tied and Spread Wide
Sablique Von Lux
Gorgeous redhead Sablique Von Lux in her ShinyBound debut.. Dressed head to toe in electric blue spandex, we tie her tightly to a post on top of the table. Her legs are wrapped with silky nylon rope and hoisted apart to the sides to give us a nice view of the crotch rope.. Which is strung tightly over her spandex leotard, over the top of shiny nylons, with the gusset peaking through! She is ballgagged and left to struggle. She shifts her hips and the crotch rope in digs deep. Her sexy spandex/nylon covered feet dangle and twist. Her legs are tied in a few different positions, and the wheeled table is turned around for views of her bound arms and torso which is securely fastened to the post. Sablique struggles beautifully in this inescapable tie, drooling uncontrollably over the giant ballgag. This bright colored video is a treat for the eyes.. Showing once again that ShinyBound is all about fashion AND FUNCTION.

Tags: Ballgagged Corset Drooling Leotard