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The Bondage Experiment
Reagan Lush
Reagan finally works up the nerve to ask her boyfriend to tie her up. As it turns out, he loves bondage and has no problem granting her request. Probably a little too well. The bondage gets tight and elaborate very quickly and before she knows it.. She is bound extremely tight. As she starts to voice some second thoughts about it, he shoves a huge ballgag into her mouth, pushes her onto her belly on the bed, and ties her in a really tight hogtie. She moans and whines angrily, but he figures she is just getting what she asked for. He leans over and tells her that she is gorgeous and that he will be back later to check on her. "LATER?!" she mmpphhffs through the ballgag!  2 hours later he returns to untie his furious girlfriend. She calls him an asshole as soon as she is ungagged, but she soon calms down and agrees that was pretty fun..

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish
Domme Gets Owned
Reagan Lush
Goddess Reagan is the baddest bitch on the block, known for her merciless "sessions" where she makes grown men cry and beg. Today's dungeon session gets a little out of hand when the new slave revolts against his mistress. He holds her down and ties her arms behind her tight. She barks orders at him and demands that he release her immediately. This only fuels the fire. He reaches into her nightstand, pulls out the largest ball gag she has, and crams it into her mouth. She fights and spits, but he buckles it in tight. Now angrier than ever she hisses at him to let her go. He grabs the rope hanging from her wrists, yanks it up between her legs, and ties it off around her waist, taunting her as he does. He shoves he down onto the mattress and finishes hogtying her. He leaves her to struggle, threatening to leave her till morning if she doesn't beg him to let her go. He doesn't make it easy on her, running his filthy slave hands over the goddess' breasts and inner thighs.  She is now drooling and furious and is not about to be begging anyone to be released. After some time passes she realizes she is really in trouble here. The huge gag is extremely painful in her tiny mouth, and her poor arms got tingly over an hour ago. Will she beg the slave to be released? Or, will her pride make her tough it out till morning when the dungeon opens? Includes BONUS behind the scenes rigging sequence at the end.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish

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