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Models / Naomi Swann

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Crotchroped and Cumming
Naomi Swann
Sexy Naomi Swann has been (Last 2 Naomi Swann Videos) bound, caged, suspended, swung, strappadoed, and spanked.. Now the final episode.. Naomi is bent backwards over the bar and bound in an extremely strict standing back arched position. Her crotchrope is anchored to the electric winch and tightened until she nearly faints.. She calls the scene there and we need to take a break. After she has a little rest, she is ready to go again. I rig another different standing backarch predicament and again hoist her up by the crotch, this time with nipple clamps added and pulled as well! She howls with pain through her ballgag. Her crotch is sore now. She is expecting more punishment, but this time I grab the vibrator instead of the paddle. I rub her helpless pussy with the toy and her howls turn into moans. The crotchrope is so tight it is suppressing her clit, so I cut it off and bury the vibrator into her wetness with no obstruction. She dances around, trying to escape the change in sensitivity. After a few unsuccessful moments, she has no choice but to cum hard! All of her emotions and chemicals have been building towards this release and it is epic! Afterwards she slumps over, exhausted. As I untie her, she thanks me and smiles. She is very pleased that I chose to finish her off in this way.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Boot Fetish
Sexy Strappado Spankings
Naomi Swann
After spending time bound in the suspended cage (Naomi Swann The Cage), gorgeous Naomi Swann bends over the bar and waits for what comes next.. Shiny ties her up in a strappado predicament with her hands and crotchrope connected to the electric winch and hoists them up until theyre tight. Now any pulling on her hands will definitely tighten that already insane rope pulling in her wet pussy. Next he gags her with a harness ballgag and attaches it up to the hoist as well. Now bent over looking forward with arms way up and out of his way, Shiny puts on his leather gloves and begins warming up her ass with some leather-handed swats. Naomi drools over her ballgag and moans with ecstasy.. Every time he hits her, the crotchrope also jars her from the inside. Once her little cheeks begin to show some color, Shiny picks up his silicone paddle. WHACK! Naomi lunges with eyes wide open. This paddle packs a serious punch! He alternates between her cheeks, giving them equal attention.. When he's finished, poor Naomi is a drooling mess. She thanks him as he lets her down and removes her gag.. He's not quite finished with her though.. He's going to round out her experience with a beautiful bound orgasm with the vibrator (In the next video Naomi Swann Crotchroped and Cumming). For now tho, while he sets up, he leaves her kneeling on the ground, painfully backarched, with her head harness tied back to her crotchrope..

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Boot Fetish
The Cage
Naomi Swann
Gorgeous Naomi Swann's upper body is bound tightly with silky nylon rope including a nice snug crotchrope. A leather head harness ballgag is strapped between her sexy lips and then she is helped through the small door into the cage. Once inside she is tied into place with more rope. Her boots are anchord to the front and back of the cage, as well as her knees, and her crotchrope is pulled tight and attached up to the front of the cage. She is now helplessly strung up inside! Shiny isn't quite done yet.. The cage is held up by chains to an electric winch, and with the press of a button, the cage hoists up into the air and is now swinging free with poor Naomi helplessly bound inside! Shiny swings her back and forth, pulling on her crotchrope and groping her through the bars. This video was shot on location at Hunter'slair Studios. RIP Dizdat.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Boot Fetish
Tied Up In Public
Naomi Swann
Gorgeous Naomi Swann tied up in public at the AVN convention!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Blondes Public Humiliation
The Bondage All Nighter
Naomi Swann
Sexy Naomi loves the feeling of silky nylons and tight ropes, but her boyfriend isn't really into bondage and always half-asses it when she asks him to tie her up. She really wants to be tied and helpless for a full night, or longer.. But her boyfriend always makes up excuses or tells her it's too dangerous to try. One day she mentions it in to a friend and the friend tells her about a guy she knows that is really into bondage. After talking and getting his details, Naomi decides that when her boyfriend leaves for business this weekend, she is going to invite this guy over for a fun night of bondage!

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Gag Talk Leotard
The Study Partner
Naomi Swann
College girl Naomi Swann comes over to her study partners house to cram for the upcoming finals, but he has other plans.. He pulls out a handful of rope from his backpack. Naomi is wise to this. Last time she came over.. he tied her up. She liked it a lot, but they didn't get any work done. Today cannot be unproductive. These finals represent a BIG part of their grade and she really needs to study!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Blondes Hogtied Panel Gagged
Ballerina Sabotage
Naomi Swann
Naomi is stretching out at home and getting ready for the big ballet recital when there's a knock at the door... "I wonder who that could be.." She walks over and answers the door and there's a big stern man with lots of tattoos standing there. "Yes?..." she says, not batting an eye at the intimidating stranger. "Are you Naomi?" He asks. She barely gets out the word "Yes.." and he pushes his way into her house and shoves her up against the wall. "UGGHHhhhhhh.. What IS THIS?!" she exclaims. He presses himself up against her and smashes her into the wall. "I was paid to make sure you don't make it to the recital today.. Your friend Heather sends her regards.. "Whaaaat!? NOOO!! You can't do this to me!" she yells at him as he grabs and drags her further into the living room. He pushes her down onto the sofa on her belly and begins tying her wrists behind her. "Nooo! I said STOP!! please! Stop! I have to be at my recital!!".. He doesn't stop at her wrists... He wraps rope all around her torso, legs, and even pulls a piece of the rope up and through her crotch nice and tight for good measure. He takes a satin ribbon off of her night stand and cleave gags her tightly, wrapping it around her head and through her mouth 3 times. He looks over his tight rope work as she wiggles around trying to get free. He smiles. "There.. That ought to hold you until the big ballet show is over.." "NOOOOOOMMMMPPhhhffff...." she moans as he walks out and shuts the door behind him.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Blondes Cleave Gagged
Tricked and Tied Up
Naomi Swann
Sexy 19 year old Naomi shows up to a volunteer gig for a research project, but she soon finds out that it is not the kind of project she was expecting.. Now on her knees and inescapably tied up, she struggles and asks to be let go. When she asks about the ball gag dangling around her neck, she soon finds out what it's for.. Gagged, drooling, struggling, shifting her weight, she begs to be untied. Next, the lab assistant enters and tapes her hands and then adds a big piece of tape over the top of her ballgag. She pleads to be let go, talking thru the layered gag and drooling up a storm. When the tape gets a little too wet to stick to her face, the lab assistant enters, removes the tape amongst her pleads to be released, wipes her face, and then reapplies the tape, this time wrapping it around her head in ensure it is tight and effective. Poor Noami doesn't know what to do. There is no escape, and she has no idea what this research is for. She rolls around trying to get free and begging through the heavy gag.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Drooling Gag Talk

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