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Models / Nadia White

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Living Doll Hogtied and Swinging
Nadia White
Gorgeous Nadia White fully encased in a tight spandex zentai suit and then tied up extra tight in nylon rope.. She is hogtied in place on the floor and then proceeds to arch her back and effectively suspend herself! Seeing this of course I take full advantage, swinging and spinning her until she pushes her hips forward to pump the brakes. Very seriously strict and sensory deprived experience turned to fun and frolics by the one and only Nadia White.. A true masochistic pain slut!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Boot Fetish Catsuits
Hung By Her Pussy and Vibed
Nadia White
Sexy Nadia White gets strung up in tight hemp rope and vibed until she comes hard! Dressed in nothing but satin panties, she is boxtied and then hoisted by the winch up onto her toes, suspended by her pussy rope! It digs in deep and theres no way to escape whats coming next.. A huge ballgag is strapped into her mouth and then Shiny goes to town on her.. Groping her giant breasts, spanking her tightly tied ass, and vibing her pussy until she is a drooling sloppy mess!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Bdsm Big Tits
Dancer Tied Up and Humiliated
Nadia White
Poor Nadia White's morning dance workout gets interrupted when a stalker finally takes action. He had been watching her for weeks and learning her routine so he would know exactly when to nab her.  He drags her (on screen) into his living room with her hands already tied behind her and with a big leather panel gag keeping her protests to a minimum. She is still wearing her silky purple spandex dance outfit and fishnet stockings. He holds her as he ties her elbows together behind her and then swings her around and ties a tight crotch rope that attaches to her wrists behind. He whips up a snug chest harness with some more rope, and then pushes her to the ground for the hogtie. He ties her ankles tight and bends her backwards into a painfully deep back arch before cinching the hogtie. Poor Nadia lets out a deep moan. He finishes her off by tying her head harness gag back to her elbows. Now completely helpless and barely able to move, poor Nadia is in quite a fix. She rolls side to side as her captor gropes her giant breasts and she squeals as he yanks on her crotchrope! He pulls out his camera and starts taking pictures of her. He tells her he is going to show all his friends at work what a little rope slut she is. How Humiliating!! Nadia is mortified and doing everything she can to dodge the photos! After a while of toying with and humiliating her, he tells her that he has to go to work. If she can get out while he's gone, then she can go free.. But, if not.. He gets more playtime. Also, if she tells anyone, he will put the photos on the internet for everyone to see!

Tags: Big Tits Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Domination Fishnets
Breath Play and Bound Orgasms
Nadia White
Stunning Nadia White hopelessly post tied and brought to several intense orgasms! First, we put her in a special hooded leotard. The material is more of a plastic/nylon than a spandex, so it is not breathable at all.. The 2 tiny nose holes in the hood are all she gets. But, we compound the situation by ballgagging her underneath the hood first, and then collaring her over the top of it.. With her breathing severely limited, I tie her to the post and fit her vibrator in place between her legs. I flip the switch on, and now we watch her struggle between trying to breathe and cumming over and over. The hood expands and then sucks back in with every breath.. Quite the predicament!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish
Supergirl.. Kryptonite Forced Orgasms
Nadia White
Supergirl is in quite the predicament this time.. Extremely tightly bound in lethal Kryptonite rope, she can feel her power draining quickly. To expedite the process, the villain ties a hitachi vibrator in place between her legs. She tries to fight, but with every super orgasm she suffers, she gets weaker and weaker! Left to suffer on the table in a pool of her own drool, Supergirl wonders if this may be the end of her!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Supergirl Tied Tight in Kryptonite
Nadia White
The first video of two featuring sexy porn slut Nadia White as Kara Zor-El, extremely tightly tied with green Kryptonite rope and left to suffer in a very compromising position. Neck roped and straddling an iron bar, poor Supergirl can feel her powers getting weaker by the moment. With every struggle, the ropes get tighter and constrict around her neck. Who will save poor Supergirl before this Kryptonite predicament gets the best of her?

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes
Tricked Into Bondage
Nadia White
This was a commissioned custom video. Busty Nadia White shows up to a volunteer gig for a research project, but she soon finds out that it is not the kind of project she was expecting.. Now on her knees, chained to the ceiling, and inescapably tied up, she struggles and asks to be let go. When she asks about the ball gag dangling around her neck, she soon finds out what it's for.. Gagged, drooling, struggling, shifting her weight, she begs to be untied. Next, the lab assistant enters and  adds a big piece of tape over the top of her ballgag. She pleads to be let go, talking thru the layered gag and drooling up a storm. When the tape gets a little too wet to stick to her face, the lab assistant enters, removes the tape amongst her pleads to be released, wipes her face, and then reapplies the tape, this time wrapping it around her head in ensure it is tight and effective. Poor Nadia doesn't know what to do. There is no escape, and she has no idea what this research is for. She rolls around trying to get free and begging through the heavy gag.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Drooling
Play With Me Part 4
Nadia White
The doorbell rings. He gets up and walks to the door thinking its the mailman. Its a delivery alright, but not from any mailman.. A strange shrouded woman stands on the porch. He asks her inside and closes the door. Upon closer inspection, the girl appears to be gagged and blindfolded under her hood. As he removes her jacket, he realizes she is fully bound underneath. A sign is crudely taped to her chest that reads "Play with Me." This is indeed quite a gift! He inspects her from head to toe. She is a gorgeous blonde, voluptuous with large breasts and ass, but a nice slim waistline. She is dressed in a silky red spandex playsuit, corseted, and wearing vinyl stiletto boots. The perfect plaything! He pulls her into his dungeon and ponders who it was that sent him such a wonderful surprise.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blindfolds Blondes