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Models / Lydia Black

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Gamer Girl Interrupted
Lydia Black
Lydia is spending her day off playing video games online with her friends. Her boyfriend, vying for her attention, keeps getting in the way of the TV and pissing her off. Finally, she takes her headphones off and tells him if he's going to keep ruining her games, that he had better find something else to do with her.. 10 minutes later she is tightly chairtied, her arms welded behind her and fixed to the back of her chair. Her harness gag is tied back as well, making it impossible for her to look down and see what he is rigging up to her crotch! (..a fierce Doxy vibrator..) Her legs are tied wide apart and fixed to the sides, so she is stuck in a very helpless and exposed position. He flips on the Doxy and rubs her titties through her spandex D-Va gamer costume. Lydia moans in glorious pleasure. If she can't play her games, this will be a very nice substitute. Her boyfriend leaves her there rigged to the chair with the vibrator tied in place. She wants to cum so bad, but she knows if she does, she will suffer hard from the over stimulation of her clit afterwards.. She has to pace herself, but it's so difficult to do! How long is he planning to leave her like this?!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits Chairtied
Double Crotchrope Predicament
Lydia Black , Raven Vice
Sexy slavegirls Lydia Black and Raven Vice submit to a rough predicament.. Helplessly roped to their posts by their necks and ankles and wearing matching lingerie and boots, a spring loaded crotchrope is tied between them and then attached to a 35 pound kettlebell. The rope is hoisted and the struggle begins! With the rope now pulled insanely tight between both of their bare pussies! Which slavegirl will tap out first?

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Bdsm
Tight Hogtie Therapy
Lydia Black
Sometimes you just need some time to relax and unwind in some tight rope. It had been awhile since Lydia and I had hung out together and she was so ready for some rope therapy. She excitedly put on a nice tight spandex catsuit and ran over to the bed in anticipation. I layered the ropes on neatly and pulled her back into a nice strict arched hogtie. I left her bound and gagged there on the satin sheets to decompress and let all of her stress and worries disappear.

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Catsuits Gothic / Alt Model
Captured and Tied Part 2- Belts
Lydia Black
After failing to get out of her last rope bondage hogtie.. Lydia is tied up tightly once again, this time in leather straps and belts. She is ballgagged and told if she can get free of the belts, he will let her go. Lydia thrashes and squirms, trying her best to escape! After a few moments, he decides to make things a little harder on Lydia and replaces her medium sized gag with an extra large 3 inch ballgag! Her eyes grow wide and she tries her hardest to spit it out or to moan past it, but it's so large she can barely breathe, let alone make noise! Will she be able to escape her bonds?

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Challenges Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Captured and Tied Part 1- Rope
Lydia Black
Lydia is carried into the video kicking and screaming with her wrists and ankles already tied. She is thrown down on the ground and a huge sponge ball shoved into her mouth and covered with layers of tape. Next she's tied into a nice tight hogtie, complete with crotchrope and tightly bound elbows. She struggles and squirms, trying to wiggle free and escape, but it is no use.. She is completely helpless!

Tags: Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Fishnets Gothic / Alt Model Groping / Fondling
The Straightjacket Catsuit
Lydia Black
This was a custom video commission! Lydia Black is so excited for her boyfriend to come home from work today. She knows how much he likes nylon encasement and straightjackets, so today she bought a bunch of pairs of opaque nylons and she is going to spend the day encasing herself so that when he gets home, he will have a nice surprise to play with. She starts off by pulling a silky black spandex catsuit up her naked body and zipping it up. Then she pulls on 4 pairs of the opaque nylons.. 2 pairs on her legs, and then cutting the crotch out, she pulls 2 pairs over her head arms and upper body. "There.. Nice and snug..." She thinks to herself. Then she adds some leather ankle cuffs, admiring how sexy they look. Last, she pulls a spandex hood over her face.. She rubs her nylon covered hands over body and face.. It feels so nice.. OOOp!! Whats that! the door downstairs! Her boyfriend must have gotten off of work a little early today! She takes the hood off and excitedly runs down the stairs to greet him. As she opens the door, a masked man rushes in and grabs her over his shoulder. He takes her upstairs and asks what she is wearing. "It's my catsuit straightjacke...." WHAT IS SHE SAYING?! She clams up quick. "Straightjacket, eh?.." he grins. He shoves her down on the bed and sees all of the leather straps and the gag she had set out for her boyfriend to use. "Well then.. Lets get you into your catsuit straightjacket.." He straps her arms up folded in front of her and ties the nylon sleeves covering her hands behind her back. He cleverly adds leather straps around and through her crotch to keep it all in place. He pulls her hood over her head and gags her over the top! He leaves her there blind and bound on the bed while he goes to pull his van up to the front door. She struggles hard, trying desperately to escape this self-made prison of hers. After a few moments the masked man returns. He straps her ankle cuffs together just far enough apart that she can take small steps and begins pushing her out the bedroom door and down the stairs. "Come on dear, I've got my van waiting for you. We're going outside for a bit." He guides her out the front door...

Tags: Belt Bondage Catsuits Damsel In Distress Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Glamour Girl Tied and Vibed
Lydia Black
Gorgeous Lydia Black is wearing a sleek satin Cheongsam style dress and opera gloves. She is tied down flat to a board with her ams overhead. A vibrator has been tied securely in place on her crotch and she is gagged with a tight shiny ballgag. The switch is flipped and she struggles hard in between mind shattering orgasms. About half way through, her dress is pulled down, exposing her little titties. The switch is again flipped and according to Lydia, she came quite a few times. Can you count them?

Tags: Asian Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Damsel In Distress
Solid Steel Predicament
Lydia Black
Poor Lydia Black is in a miserable predicament! Chained down to the bed by her neck and ankles, and with her hands cuffed tightly behind her, she can scarcely move.. nor does she want to. Even the smallest movement of her body digs the steel shackles into her ankle bones and causes intense pain! It's the same story with the steel collar tightly locked around her neck. Calling out for help isnt an option either, as her mouth is stuffed with a giant 2 1/4 inch drool covered ballgag. The is absolutely no escaping this predicament. She is stuck there on her belly until someone lets her out.

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Drooling Handcuffs / Shackles / Chains

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