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Models / Lydia Black

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Solid Steel Predicament
Lydia Black
Poor Lydia Black is in a miserable predicament! Chained down to the bed by her neck and ankles, and with her hands cuffed tightly behind her, she can scarcely move.. nor does she want to. Even the smallest movement of her body digs the steel shackles into her ankle bones and causes intense pain! It's the same story with the steel collar tightly locked around her neck. Calling out for help isnt an option either, as her mouth is stuffed with a giant 2 1/4 inch drool covered ballgag. The is absolutely no escaping this predicament. She is stuck there on her belly until someone lets her out.

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Drooling Handcuffs / Shackles / Chains
Bound Until Broken
Lydia Black
A while ago I was approached to make a custom video for a guy that wanted a girl tied down and fiercely tickled non stop. The incentive was to pay the model by the minute to see how long she would last before tapping out. I was careful with who I chose for this challenge because I wanted a tough girl that was also a life-styler and who I thought could take the torment and make a great video for the client. Lydia was definitely up for the challenge!

Tags: Barefoot Bdsm Challenges Crotch Abuse
Helpless Bound Orgasms
Lydia Black
Sexy Lydia Black is tightly bound and panel gagged with legs frogtied and spread wide apart. Her arms are boxtied and harnessed up and out of the way so we can affix the hitachi vibrator to her extremely tight crotchrope with no resistance. Her panel gag is padlocked back to her supporting rope so that she cannot look down and see whats happening to her.. Then the vibrator is switched on and goes to town extracting orgasms from the poor helpless bound girl. The more she cums, the more sensitive her pussy becomes! When it seems she can't take anymore, Shiny steps in and holds the vibe tightly against her clit for one more monumentous explosion after which poor Lydia collapses. "Good Girl."

Tags: Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Domination Groping / Fondling Leotard
Bound Orgasm Predicaments
Lydia Black
Sexy Lydia Black dressed head to toe in sleek Leohex spandex.. She is rigged standing to a custom back arch frame. She is tied tightly in place and fitted with a hitachi vibrator between her legs. She is bit gagged and then the vibe is switched on. She struggles and tries to resist, but cums hard! As she cums, she slides down the back rest and shiny catches her and helps her to the ground, where he hogties her and rolls her over onto the still vibrating hitachi! She cums again, trying desperately to roll over off of it. Will she be able to get away from the foul device..? Or is she doomed to cum over and over?!

Tags: Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Gothic / Alt Model Leotard Rope Bondage
Girlfriend Wants To Get Tied Up
Lydia Black
Lydia decides that she is finally comfortable enough with her new boyfriend to tell him that she wants to try some bondage. She orders a fancy ball gag off of the internet, and when it comes in the mail, she decides it's time. She is a little nervous.. She really likes this guy and doesn't want him to think that she's weird or something. She musters up her courage, grabs the gag and a piece of nylon rope out of the garage, and heads into the living room to talk to him.. She is very relieved when he agrees. He looks happy to try it out. He ties her wrists tightly behind her back and asks her if it feels ok. She loves the feeling of the strict ropes. He gets a little sparkle in his eye and tells her he will be right back. He goes to the garage and gets more of the rope. She smiles with excitement and asks him to tie her legs next, which he happily does. He grabs more rope and ties her elbows behind her. Now this is getting to be a little too much and too tight for poor Lydia.. She starts to ask if he can loosen it up a bit, but he stuffs her new shiny ballgag into her mouth and buckles it. Next he wraps her face over the gag with a piece of latex. Lydia can't get out any words of protest now! He pulls her off of the couch and onto her knees. He lifts her skirt and pulls a crotch rope over her satin panties. He pulls it up behind her and uses the loose end to hogtie her wrists to her ankles.. Now any struggling at all pulls the tight crotch rope agonizingly deep into her pussy! "There we go babe! I am so happy you wanted to try this. I was wanting to approach you about trying this as well! Let me know when you want to be untied babe. I'll be in the garage if you need me."  See struggles and yelps to be let out, but he doesn't understand her and walks out the door. Poor helpless Lydia is stuck there on the floor.. Now really regretting her decision.

Tags: Ballgagged Gothic / Alt Model High Heels Hogtied
Bound Until Broken Trial 2
Lydia Black
I received a custom video request for a seriously tight nude bondage video where the model would be paid by the minute and try to last as long as she could in the strict tie. I almost refused the video, but then Lydia Black said she wanted to try it.

Tags: Bdsm Domination Gothic / Alt Model Muzzled
Goth Girl Hung Up By Her Knees
Lydia Black
This was supposed to be the part 2 of the Lydia Black Goth Girl video, but after Lydia was hanging upside down, the tie got quite a bit more extreme, so I had to drop the story line and just pay full attention to Lydia and her comfort/safety. The video here is magnificent. Lydia suffers as long as she can in a brutal inverted hogtie. The crotch rope is unforgiving (and after she says that was the worst part), her elbows are bound tightly together, and her hair is tied back, keeping her looking straight down at the floor. There is no escape possible. She swings there completely helpless, and when the tie becomes unbearable, I jump in and let her down. A very strict predicament!

Tags: Boot Fetish Gothic / Alt Model Hogtied Nylons/Pantyhose
Goth Girl Hogtied
Lydia Black
Slutty goth girl Lydia Black has been corrupting the neighbor's son. He's a good student with a bright future, and Lydia has been trying to seduce him and get him to do questionable things.. When the neighbor comes home one day, he finds the door to his son's room closed. When he opens it, he finds Lydia in there half naked and kissing his son! "Not today Satan!" he yells as he grabs her by the hair and drags her to the upstairs room, stopping to grab some rope out of a drawer along the way.

Tags: Boot Fetish Gothic / Alt Model Hogtied Nylons/Pantyhose