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Models / Lucy Purr

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Lucy Purr Updates

A Little Office Discipline
Lucy Purr
Lucy is hanging out in her office checking her Twitter when her boss comes in and catches her. This is not the first time Lucy has been caught abusing the company computer. This time it's worse, there's PORN on her feed. This coupled with the fact that she has been flirting with upper management and trying to land a promotion.. is more than her boss can take. He decides to punish her right here and now.  He captializes on her shock at being caught and tells her to stand up and strip down. She reluctantly complies and strips down to her satin bra and underwear, at this point doing whatever it takes to keep her job. He pulls some belts out of this briefcase and bands her wrists together behind her. She offers some mild protest, making the point that anyone could walk in at any time, but ultimately lets him ballgag her and belt her completely down to her chair. Now helpless and immobilized, he pulls out a roll of tape and wraps a few extra layers to her ball gag to keep it firmly pressed into the back of her mouth. "There you are dear. You will spend the rest of your day like this as punishment, and I better never come in here and see you abusing the computer on the company dime.. My secretary will be in to release you when the office closes at 5pm. Use this time to reflect on your position here at the company."  Lucy struggles to get free of the belts, but its no use. She is welded to the chair and is afraid any extra noise that may draw unwanted attention.. She tries to spit out or dislodge the ball gag.. but there's no possible way to push it out. She is stuck there helpless, fully displayed in her underwear for whomever may walk in.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Chairtied Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Busty Lifeguard Bound and Gagged Part 2
Lucy Purr
Lucy once again finds herself in quite a bind. Sitting on the bed ballgagged and with a body harness still tightly tied over her Speedo one piece swimsuit, she is boxtied. She squirms around and finds a knot, so I re-tie it out of reach and roll her onto her belly. I tie her ankles together crossed and pull her into a nice back arch hogtie. She struggles for a few minutes and she thinks she is helpless. Once again I step in, this time rolling her over onto her back. Now with all of her appendages tucked underneath her, she is like a turtle on its back.. Now she is completely 100% helpless.

Tags: Asian Ballgagged Cosplay / Costumes Hogtied
Busty Lifeguard Bound and Gagged Part 1
Lucy Purr
Lifeguard Lucy finds herself in quite a bind. Laying on her side wearing only her speedo swimsuit and her shiny tights, she is ballgagged and tied up in a strappado position, anchored to the bed at several points. She squirms and wiggles her toes trying to get free, but it's no use.. She is there as long as we like.

Tags: Ballgagged Predicament Bondage Rope Bondage Silk / Satin
The Pleasure Prisoner Part 1
Lucy Purr
In part 1- Poor hapless Lucy finds herself spread eagled and stretched 4 ways wearing nothing but an extremely revealing crotchless fishnet bodysuit. She is ballgagged and her nipples have tight clamps on them. She moans in agony and drools through the gag. The questions keep racing through her mind..Who has done this to me? What do they want? How long will they keep me here?!

Tags: Ballgagged Fishnets High Heels Nipple Play / Clamps
Belt Bound and Squirming
Lucy Purr
Lucy Purr wears a silky blue spandex catsuit and corset. We strap her into a snug leather armbinder and then strap her all up tight with leather belts. She squirms around on the satin sheets, trying to slip the belts off. After watching her struggle a while, I add a piece of rope from her armbinder to her ankles, and then up to her head harness ballgag and pull her into a strict hogtie. Theres no way she can slip any belts off now..

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Corset Hogtied
Lucy Purr.. The Reluctant Girlfriend Part 2
Lucy Purr
Lucy's new boyfriend agrees to take her shopping at the mall. One condition.. If he agrees to go, she has to spend an afternoon in bondage. "How bad could it be?" she thinks to herself. "He can strap me to the bed or something. I do have those furry handcuffs I got as a gag gift he could probably use." She smiles and agrees.

Tags: Ballgagged Predicament Bondage Rope Bondage
The Reluctant Girlfriend Part 1
Lucy Purr
Lucy's new boyfriend agrees to take her shopping at the mall. One condition.. If he agrees to go, she has to spend an afternoon in bondage. "How bad could it be?" she thinks to herself. "He can strap me to the bed or something. I do have those furry handcuffs I got as a gag gift he could probably use." She smiles and agrees.  After what seems like days of following her from store to store watching her try on things, she tries on a teal blue satin top. He really likes it and buys it for her. "You can wear that this afternoon when I tie you up.." He jokes.  They finally return to the house and he has her put on the new satin top and a corset from out of her drawer. She looks down at the odd combination and wonders what he's thinking.. She would never have thought to put those together. OR to wear her shiny tights under satin panties like he requested for that matter.. But, it's what he wants and she did agree to submit to him for the afternoon.. "I guess I'm ready." she says. He smiles and pulls coil after coil of rope out of his duffel bag and a shiny red ball gag.  "Wow." she thinks looking up at him.. "I thought we could just use these cuffs or these velcro bed straps that I got.." "You agreed to an afternoon in bondage. So turn around and put your wrists behind you." She does and he wraps her wrists and then her elbows behind her. "Wow, thats really tight. I don't know about this.." she says. "A deal is a deal, dear." She nods. "Now come sit on my lap and lets tie the rest of you.. Part 1- Lucy is tied in a tight arched side hogtie with wrists and ankles anchored to one side of the bed, and her crotch rope pulled taught and anchored to the opposite side.  Part 2- Lucy is tied kneeling on her haunches in a predicament style tie with arms behind her, shoulders rope harnessed to the frame, and crotch rope anchored to the frame in front of her.

Tags: Ballgagged Crotch Abuse Hogtied Predicament Bondage
A Slick Predicament
Lucy Purr
Lucy Purr finds herself in a strange predicament.. Her wrists bound down to the foot rails, her spread legs tied up to the head rail, and a NECK ROPE anchoring her down. Somethings still missing.. To make her truly helpless and to make sure she really gets the most out of this bondage, a tight crotch rope is tied around her waist and anchored down. Now all of her struggling either tightens that neck rope, or the crotch.. But, I can't leave well enough alone. I untie her ankles, but leave everything else attached and anchored. Now the predicament gets a lot more fun as she tries to gain traction with her legs.. Her spandex covered feet slip and slide on the satin sheets and only make her suffering worse!

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuits Corset Crotch Abuse

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