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Models / Lola Anderson

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The Bondage Bandit
Lola Anderson
Sexy Lola Anderson is awakened one night with a hand over her mouth! Startled, she tries to fight the intruder off! When the dust settles, she is tightly tied in rope and ballgagged. She is collared and the collar is connected to a chain that is locked to her bed. Again she tries to struggle and get free! The ropes are so tight! She rolls around and tries to push out the ballgag. Then she notices the man in the corner with the camera, recording her. "What is he doing?! Why has he done this to me?!" she thinks, still struggling to get loose.. After a half an hour or so, the man puts away his camera. He smiles. "I wasn't going to hurt you, I just wanted to see you struggle." He leaves her there tied up. He walks out of the house leaving the front door wide open. As he drives away, he alerts the authorities and tells them that The Bondage Bandit has struck again.. and then tells them where to find the poor young woman.. Soon to be further humiliated when the police show up at her door..

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Garter & Stockings Hand Over Mouth
A Painful Arched Hogtie
Lola Anderson
Sexy Lola Anderson submits to an extremely painful predicament.. The ropes dig into her shoulders deep as she is partially suspended and contorted into a nice deep back arching hogtie! She grimaces and moans until she is fitted with a huge mouth filling ballgag and left to suffer there in silence. How long will she last in this position before she is tapping out?! You'll have to watch and see!

Tags: Ballgagged Fishnets Garter & Stockings Groping / Fondling
Straightjacket Struggles
Lola Anderson
Sexy Lola Anderson gets strapped up tight in a leather bolero style straightjacket and thick leather belts for an escape challenge wearing nothing but a satin lingerie set and stockings underneath! Will she be able to wiggle free of her bonds?!

Tags: Challenges Escaping Garter & Stockings Leather
Hooters Girl Captured
Lola Anderson
The scene starts out with a bound Hooters Girl being carried up the stairs by a menacing looking villain. He takes her to an ominous looking room and lays her on the bed. He ties a rope around her neck and pulls her up onto her feet. She comes to and begins trying to struggle away from him. He overpowers her and ties her neck rope up to the rack above. Next he ties a tight crotchrope around her waist and to her tied wrists behind her to keep her from flailing her arms around. He binds her elbows together, and then catches her kicking feet to bind her knees and ankles. No that she's pretty helpless, he pulls the cleave gag out of her mouth and shoves a ballgag deep into her cheeks and buckles the harness snugly onto her head. Now he unties her neck rope and shoves her down onto the bed. He pulls her into a deep hogtie and then ties her feet together and up to her head harness, leaving her arched back and extremely helpless and vulnerable. He stands back watching her trying to struggle and smiles. He picks her orange uniform shorts up off of the ground and throws them on her head. "Your wings suck.." he laughs as he walks out and leaves her there.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Cleave Gagged Cosplay / Costumes
The Magician's Assistant
Lola Anderson
Lola heads over to the audition for the magician's assistant very optimistic that she would get the job. She wore the required leotard and tights under her clothes and shows up right on time. When the magician pulls out a whole bag of rope, Lola gets a little nervous. He ties her up very tight, gags her, and tells her she has to get out of it to get the job. Can she pull it off?

Tags: Cleave Gagged Leotard Rope Bondage Silk / Satin
The New Outfit Part 2
Lola Anderson
Your sexy girlfriend Lola just got a sleek new spandex outfit in the mail and she is dying to put it on and see what you think of it.. And.. While you're admiring her silky figure, she pulls out some pink rope and asks if you think it would make a good contrast.. Lola now submits to an extremely tight body harness and frogtie, making it look effortless. She squirms and writhes in her delicious spandex outfit, keeping in good eye contact with you..

Tags: Ballgagged Hogtied Leotard Rope Bondage
Brutal Metal Hogtie
Lola Anderson
Sexy Lola starts out in this video tightly shackled and chained in a steel hogtie. She also has an extremely tight ballgag is pulled deep into the back of her drooling mouth. She has been captured by the evil sex slave trader and is being held captive until he can find a buyer. She struggles hard trying to escape, at one point even dialing a carelessly left cell phone with her nose and trying to call out for help! She is caught and gets brutally groped and fondled for her efforts. The sadistic slave trader makes a deal with her.. If she can dislodge and spit out the tight ballgag, he will unlock her chains and set her free.. She struggles and contorts her face and jaw trying her hardest to spit it out.. Will she be able to do it? Will he keep his word if she does?

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Domination Gag Talk
The New Outfit Part 1
Lola Anderson
Your sexy girlfriend Lola just got a sleek new spandex outfit in the mail and she is dying to put it on and see what you think of it.. And.. While you're admiring her silky figure, she pulls out some pink rope and asks if you think it would make a good contrast.. Lola is securely tied to a post while standing with her arms stretched overhead. Her mouth is stuffed with a cloth and then she is tightly cleave gagged. She struggles and moans for your enjoyment, getting very turned on by being so tightly tied up.. What happens next is up to you!

Tags: Cleave Gagged Leotard Mouth Stuffing Rope Bondage