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Models / Lauren Phillips

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Busty Redhead Bondage Fantasy
Lauren Phillips
Gorgeous busty redhead Lauren Phillips has come over to let you tie her up today. You bind her wrists and ankles and put a nice tight panel gag on her and then let her roll around and struggle, watching her huge tits spill out of her satin top as she does. Then to make her a little more helpless, you pull her into a nice hogtie. She moans and whines for you to let her go, but it's all up to you!

Tags: Big Tits Hogtied Nylons/Pantyhose Panel Gagged
The Research Project
Lauren Phillips
Busty Lauren Phillips shows up to a volunteer gig for a research project, but she soon finds out that it is not the kind of project she was expecting.. Now on her knees and inescapably tied up, she struggles and asks to be let go. When she asks about the ball gag dangling around her neck, she soon finds out what it's for..

Gagged, drooling, struggling, shifting her weight, she begs to be untied. Next, the lab assistant enters and tapes her hands and then adds a big piece of tape over the top of her ballgag. She pleads to be let go, talking thru the layered gag and drooling up a storm. When the tape gets a little too wet to stick to her face, the lab assistant enters, removes the tape amongst her pleads to be released, wipes her face, and then reapplies the tape, this time wrapping it around her head in ensure it is tight and effective. Poor Lauren doesn't know what to do. There is no escape, and she has no idea what this research is for. She rolls around trying to get free and begging through the heavy gag.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Drooling
The Magic Lamp
Lauren Phillips
Lauren scores big at a garage sale and buys someone's old lamp. Hours later at home she is just getting back from dance class and sees it sitting on the table. She picks it up and examines it closely. "Wouldn't it be great if this thing granted wishes or something?" she jokes as she rubs it for good luck.  She sets it down on the table and says "I wish my ankles were tied up.." POOF!! As if by magic her ankles are tightly wrapped with mystical rope! "Oh wow! This is amazing! I always wanted to be tied up! I wish my knees were tied!" Again there is a poof of smoke and her knees are banded together. She continues her wishing until her wrists, chest, and arms are all bound, then she wishes herself into a hogtie. "Wow. This is really tight!" she exclaims. "There is no way I could ever get out of this on my own.. Good thing I can wish myself out of this when I'm done!" Lauren squirms around for a minute and then realizes she is missing the final touch.. "I wish I was ballgagged!" POOF!! Magically her mouth is sealed with a giant mouth filling ball gag! "This is so great!" Lauren thinks to herself. "I always wanted to try this, but guys are always too scared to tie me up tight.."  After a little while of struggling around and moaning in ecstasy.. She is getting a little tired.. Time to get out of this and take a hot shower before bed!  "I wtthh I wss nnntidd nwww" She moans through the huge gag. Nothing. "Iii wttthh I wss nnntidd nwww!!" She asserts.. Still nothing happens. "Iii wtthhd t ba nnntidd nwwwww!!!" She shouts and then pauses! Nothing again.. She slowly realizes that now that she is so effectively gagged, she can't make the proper words to wish herself free of the magic bondage!

Tags: Ballgagged Gag Talk Hogtied Leotard
Self Bondage Daydreams
Lauren Phillips
Lauren comes home from a long day at the office. She got a new ballgag in the mail and she's been waiting all day to get home and try it out. She opens the box and pulls it out. Its all shiny and new. She removes the tags and pulls out her box of toys from the closet. She arranges her handcuffs, nipple clamps, and of course her new gag on the couch and steps back to admire them for a second. Now full of excitement, she sits down and begins, first opening her blouse and applying her nipple clamps. She flinches a little as they bite down on her sensitive nipples. Next, she picks up the ballgag, takes a deep breath, and then opens wide to insert it. She pulls the strap tight, and then shakes and nods her head a few times to make sure its in there securely. Last, she picks up the shiny steel handcuffs. She knows once these are on, theres no going back. She clicks it closed on her left wrist, puts her hands behind her back, and with a little effort, clicks the other cuff closed.. Immediately she goes into a euphoric state and lays down to fully enjoy the feeling.. She closes her eyes. Whats this?! She opens her eyes and finds she is hogtied tight in a nude fishnet bodystocking. There is a Hitachi vibrator tied to her crotch, and her hair is pulled and tied back, so she can't look anywhere but straight up ahead. She tries to move, but only succeeds in rolling over and crashing off the couch onto the ground. The Hitachi kicks on. Now completely helpless on the ground, she is at the mercy of the vibrator and the intense over stimulation. She struggles and cums hard, over and over..

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Fishnets
Play With Me
Lauren Phillips , Nyxon
As we open, Nyxon looks as if she's resting in bed, but as the satin sheets draw back.. We see that Lauren is helplessly hogtied between Nyxon's legs with her ballgagged mouth dug deep into Nyxon's silky crotch. Nyxon flips Lauren over on her back and runs her sharp fingernails over the helpless girls sensitive spandex covered body. Lauren squirms in ecstasy. "I know what you want"..Nyxon grabs the Hitachi vibrator and strokes Lauren's pussy, building her to one huge orgasm and then another.. Nyxon now exhausted and needing to finish her rest ties Lauren down to the bed spread eagle, curls up beside her, and closes her eyes for the night. Lauren however is not tired and still has more orgasms in her. She nudges Nyxon over and over, refusing to let her rest. Finally, a very frustrated Nyxon ties the hitachi to Lauren's crotch rope. "You want to keep me up all night? I don't think so..." She turns the hitachi on full blast. Lauren's body jumps and quivers. "Enjoy your fun night. I'm going to get my beauty rest.." Lauren's eyes open wide in disbelief! "MMMMPPPHHHHFFF!!!" Nyxon grabs her pillow and heads for the living room couch, leaving Lauren helplessly bound, ballgagged, and at the mercy of the Hitachi's full force.

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset
Green Girdle Bound
Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips' maiden voyage here at ShinyBound. We dress her up in a sexy silky girdle that contrasts her fiery red hair and tie her securely to a post and ballgag her. She struggles beautifully for a few moments, then I step into the clip and wrap her face with tape over her ballgag and to the post. Now postured straight up and at full attention, we'll let her struggle there for a bit. Next I sit her on a chair "Indian Style" and tie her ankles to her waist and crotch rope. I drop ropes connected to her boxtie over the back of the chair and fasten them tightly, so she isn't going anywhere.. She does her best to slide forward and to lift her legs, but that crotch rope is pretty unforgiving..

Tags: Girdles Lingerie Redheads Rope Bondage

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