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Models / Kendra James

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Ultragirl VS Her Own Belt
Kendra James
Ultragirl is searching for Supergirl, who was supposedly captured on her patrol. She enters the villain's secret lair and finds a cage lined with Kryptonite. Just when she thinks she is on the right track, the Black Skull appears and uses his special magnetic gloves to yank off Ultragirl's power belt! Now powerless, she is tied spread eagle and with a tight crotchrope in his secret dungeon. Wait, There is one more surprise! Black Skull was able to take a carbon print of Ultragirl's power belt and make ropes out of the same material! Now she will never be able to escape! What will the Black Skull do to her now?!

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes
Extreme Overstimulation
Kendra James
Kendra James wears a very unique nylon crotchless catsuit and jumps in the bondage chair. Shiny tapes her up tight and gags her with vinyl tape. He adjusts the vibrator so it rests right on top of her clit with a little pressure behind it and flips the switch on 'high'.. Kendra struggles and shakes, cumming over and over and becoming insanely overstimulated! Shiny watches her as she is helpless to fight it over and over.. She begs him to stop it through the gag and thrashes around trying to get free, but she is stuck in place! Finally, Shiny slowly walks over with the scissors to cut her free.. She is still freaking out as he peels the tape from her mouth.. She laughs and screams for him to hurry and release her.. But Shiny is in no big hurry! Finally, when the tape is removed enough that she can get an arm free, she lunges at the power switch! A very, very, mean clip..

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Supergirl Bound in Kryptonite and Vibed
Kendra James
Supergirl enters the villain's secret lair and attempts to find the loot that was stolen in last nights big heist. If Black Skull gets his hands on that loot, he will be unstoppable! She tries to use her x-ray vision, but.. thats strange.. She can't see through the walls here.. Just then, a huge cloud of Kryptonite gas erupts from the floor, dropping her to her knees! She has fallen right into Black Skull's trap! Now bound in Kryptonite ropes, she hangs there in his secret dungeon. Black Skull enters and dispenses with the pleasantries. He pulls up her skirt to reveal her panties.. She tries to resist, but the Kryptonite has made her to weak to fight him off. He easily removes her panties and shoves them into her mouth. He tapes them in place and finishes tying her legs spread apart. He takes one more length of the deadly Kryptonite rope and wraps it around her waist and pulls it up between her pussy lips.. A Kryptonite crotchrope?! What a cruel device!! He's really got her where it hurts. Poor Supergirl hangs there in peril. Black Skull grabs a vibrator and massages the ropes.. She can't resist.. She gets weaker and weaker! His plan, to use her as bait to lure the Man of Steel into a similar trap! Then he will be truly unstoppable!

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
A Cruel Predicament
Kendra James
Gorgeous Kendra James is strapped up tight in a standing/spread position and gagged. Shiny wraps a cord around her waist and up through her pussy and attaches it to the electric winch. He also puts a pair of spring-loaded nipple clamps on her beautiful breasts and attaches them to the winch as well. He grabs the controls and the winch springs to life, windingup the cord painfully into her bare pussy and pulling on her clamps! She shouts through her gag.. Every tiny movement she makes causes her intense pain in all of the most sensitive areas. Shiny grabs the vibrator wand and holds it to her bound pussy and she squirms and moans. After a few moments, Shiny cuts the cord in her aching vagina and pulls it free. She lets out a huge moan of relief.. But, now her pussy is insanely sensitive. Shiny shoves the wand into her folds and she can't dodge the intense vibrations. Waves of pleasure rush over her and she convulses so hard that she rips off a nipple clamp. Im a mixture of incredible pain and pleasure, she cums hard!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits
Realtor Left Bound and Exposed
Kendra James
It's a beautiful morning and Kendra is very excited about making her first property sale. This is the first could-be buyer in a full schedule of house showings for the day! She shows up and lets herself in with her spare key and turns on the lights. The prospective client shows up a little after her and she greets him warmly and goes right into her sales pitch. As she goes over the many amenities of the house, the client grabs her! He ties her hands behind her and gags her (off screen) and then shoves her onto the sofa. Kendra struggles, but he quickly grabs more rope and frogties her legs! Lastly, he lifts her skirt to reveal her satin panties and ties a tight crotchrope over the top! He fondles and gropes her, pulling her gorgeous breasts out of her bra and yanking on her crotchrope. When he has had his fill, he leaves her there.. Bound, gagged, exposed, and helpless for her next potential buyer to find!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Crotch Abuse Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Belt Bound in Latex
Kendra James
A good old fashioned struggle video! Gorgeous bondage legend Kendra James strapped up extra tight with leather belts and a panel gag in her sexy latex and nylons! She squirms and fights hard to escape her bondage.. Will she be able to escape?

Tags: Belt Bondage Big Tits Blondes High Heels
Tied and Vibed in Her Own Dungeon
Kendra James
The tables are turned as this video begins. Poor Kendra stayed behind at her dungeon after her last session to straighten up, and the cleaning guy took it upon himself to tie her all up and play with her in her own dungeon! Ohhh the humiliation the famous Domme feels at the hands of this simpleton.. He has got her tied up really well too.. In a kneeling crotchrope predicament.. And he's found her hitachi vibrator and ballgag too.. She hangs there in the balance, moaning and sobbing as he has his way with her body.. Groping and vibing the helpless Domme until he's had his fill!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Realtor Taken Down and Chairtied
Kendra James
Sexy realtor Kendra shows up to show a potential client a home on the outskirts of town. She goes through the motions explaining the amenities and layout, but before she gets too far into it, the client grabs her from behind and takes her down to the floor! She screams and kicks, but it is no use, he is too strong. He ties her to a chair in the living room and ball gags her (off camera). He unbuttons her shirt, exposing her bra. Kendra is furious! He tells her that he intends to rob the house and then he leaves her there tied up while he searches the place for valuables. Poor Kendra struggles hard to get free, but the ropes are just too tight for her to slip out of. Once he has all of the valuables loaded up, he tells Kendra goodbye. Poor Kendra will have to wait there for the owners of the home return to untie her and call the police, and he will be long gone by then!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Chairtied Damsel In Distress

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