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Models / Kendra James

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PVC Bondage Goddess
Kendra James
Sexy bondage mistress Kendra James submits to a humiliating tie on the table. The dominatrix is bound with her legs spread wide and then ballgagged.. and then she struggles seductively, her head to toe PVC catsuit and boots creaking and squeaking as she does.. After she's been tied up awhile, Shiny progressively unties her rope by rope, leaving her hands bound behind her and letting her try her best to get them free. Is she really helplessly stuck there?.. By just her wrists and crotchrope..? The answer is YES.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish
Swimsuit Bondage Part 2
Kendra James
Gorgeous bondage legend Kendra James is smiling big as she is progressively tied up tight on the couch using silky nylon rope. Her gorgeous blue lycra one piece swimsuit hugs her curves as she struggles and drools over her ballgag. Love bondagers especially will appreciate this video. It's light hearted fun with a nice tight tie.

Tags: Ballgagged Drooling Nylons/Pantyhose Redheads
Swimsuit Bondage
Kendra James
Gorgeous bondage legend Kendra James is boxtied and then tied all down to the couch at all the points! Wearing a silky one-piece swimsuit and nylons, ballgagged, and truly helplessly tied down, she struggles and moans for your enjoyment!

Tags: Ballgagged Nylons/Pantyhose Pinup Redheads
Sexy Pinup Tied in Lingerie
Kendra James
Sexy Kendra James is silky satin lingerie.. And then ropes added! She is bound on screen and the camera grabs all of the gorgeous angles and curves. Once she is all bound and gagged, she struggles on the sofa against the tight ropes. A delicious sight that would have made Irving Klaw proud!

Tags: Damsel In Distress Garter & Stockings High Heels Hogtied
Domme Gets Owned
Kendra James
Mistress Kendra is the baddest bitch in the land. She has ways of making even the most difficult submissive bend to her will. What would happen if one of those subs took control of the situation..? What if she was taken down, tied up with her own rope, gagged, and left there helpless and humiliated with her gorgeous breasts exposed? She probably wouldn't like that at all...

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Domination
Divorce Lawyer Taken and Tied
Kendra James
Kendra is the best lawyer at her firm. Perhaps a little too good.. When a high profile business man gets taken to the cleaners by his gold digging ex-wife, some payback is in order. He calls in a favor to some friends in low places and tells them he wants her to disappear until the trial is over. The next morning Kendra hurries down her driveway to get to work. She has her coffee in one hand, briefcase in the other, and is holding the phone up with her shoulder as she fumbles for her car keys. "Yes, I know.. I know.. Yeah were really gonna nail this prick in court. Yeah I have my girls in the office digging into his off shore accounts as we speak.. Yeah uh huh.. See you soon.."  Just as she sets down her things and gets settled into her car, she hears a voice from the back seat. "You ain't gonna be nailing anyone anytime soon.." Before she can react, a large tattooed hand grabs a handful of her red hair and yanks her head back against the seat! Another hand covers her mouth and nose with a foul smelling rag and she becomes instantly light headed... She comes to in a strange room.. She is slumped over in a corner on a concrete floor with her hands tied behind her. Her head is pounding. "Uggghh.. mpphhff.. wha.." She is also tightly ballgagged. The tattooed thug reappears. He smiles. "Oh, so glad you could join us Ms. James. So sorry you won't be in to work today.."  He grabs her up and yanks her over to the center of the room. He wraps her chest and torso with rope and ties it off up to the ceiling. He puts his grubby hands all over her, caressing her breasts through her satin blouse and bra. He pulls up her skirt to reveal her matching panties. "Very nice Ms. James.." She hisses at him and stomps, trying to evade his advances. He grabs more rope. He ties it around her waist, pulls it down through her crotch, and yanks it tight up her ass crack before tying it off behind her. She squeals in disgust. He takes her over to a dirty mattress in the corner and throws her down. he ties her ankles crossed, connects the rope to her shoulders, and pulls her into a tight hogtie position, amidst her screams and demands to be released. "MMppphhhffff!!! MMaagaaaadddaaapff!"  "Oh thats nice Ms. James.. Too bad no one can hear you way out here. I was told to disappear you for a while until this trial is over.. I wasn't really told WHAT to do with you though.. I guess its my choice.." Her eyes get wide as he moves slowly towards her with his big tattooed hands..

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Garter & Stockings Groping / Fondling
Secretary Chairtied
Kendra James
Kendra's boss has been keeping tabs on her around the office. He sees her take a pen here and there, some paper clips, some rubber bands.. All very petty supplies, or so Kendra thinks.. When her boss finally reaches his breaking point, he decides its time to teach crafty Kendra a lesson about stealing from the office. He grabs her and quickly ties her to a chair. Amid her protests about how stealing little things doesn't matter, he stuffs her mouth full with a huge scarf and tapes it in tight with tape. He quickly catches her legs and finishes tethering her down to her chair. Now quite pleased with the job he's done tying her all up, he decides to leave her there to think about her petty crimes for the afternoon.. Without pay..

Tags: Chairtied Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Groping / Fondling Lingerie
Kendra James Vs. Nyxon.. Double Reverse Prayer Tug..O..War
Kendra James , Nyxon
Kendra James and Nyxon find themselves in quite the predicament this time.. Stripped down, corseted, and dressed in opposite color spandex catsuits and heels, they are tied under the rack facing each other in reverse prayer squatting frog ties.. A crotch rope is applied to each girl, attached in the middle, and cinched tight. When one girl gets tired and kneels down, the other gets a "lift".. Will they play nice and work together to ease each others suffering, or will they get nasty and torment each other? Watch and find out!

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Catsuits Corset