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Helplessly Tied Up in Spandex
Karly Salinas
Sexy Karly Salinas submits to a tight boxtie hogtie combo! Dressed in silky shiny spandex workout gear, she starts the video by stretching out and displaying her full range of motion. Slowly, rope by rope, Shiny ties her and restricts all of that movement. Next, when she is fully bound and on the ground with no hope of escaping, Shiny stuffs her mouth with a giant sponge ball and then wraps her head with microfoam tape to keep it held deep in her jaw and muffle all sound to a minimum. She is left there to struggle and try to gag talk her way out of it. Finally at the end, she begs Shiny to untie her. (Untying and reaction to the tight tie and gag are all on camera as well!)

Tags: Cosplay / Costumes Gag Talk Hogtied Leotard
Karly Vs Indica Bondage Escape Challenge Part 1
Karly Salinas
It's a bondage escape challenge! Good buddies Karly Salinas and Indica Fetish square off to see who's got the escape skills needed to wiggle their way our of some sexy leather belt bondage. Their mouths are stuffed and leather hoods are added! Now all strapped up and struggling it out, who will be the champ?! This is part 1 featuring Karly Salinas!

Tags: Belt Bondage Challenges Corset Escaping
Gone Too Far
Karly Salinas
Karly waits anxiously for her boyfriend to get home from work. She has been watching a show on TV where a girl gets tied up and it got her a little excited to try it herself. She goes to the garage and gets some rope and sits on the couch waiting. When he gets home she lets him know that she has been curious for a while and would really like to try it out, so he obliges... Karly stands and unbuttons her satin blouse, revealing her sexy bra underneath. She turns around and puts her hands behind her back and tells him she's ready with a big excited smile. He ties her wrists and she gives them a few twists and tugs. "Wow, this is pretty good. Have you done this before? Well, there's some more rope right behind you.." Karly's boyfriend smiles and picks up the ropes... The next thing Karly knows is that she is tied up extremely tight.. Her ankles, knees and torso are all bound up and she can barely move without it hurting. "Ok... I think this is enough.. You tied this really extremely tight.. I didn't know it was going to be like this.." Before Karly can say too much more, her boyfriend stuffs a sponge ball into her mouth, wraps her face with vet wrap, and then finishes it with some microfoam tape.  Karly tries to yell at him and tell him to untie her, but he smiles and reminds her that this was all her idea in the first place. She flops around and struggles, trying her best to escape, in between yelling at him through her gag. Finally, after several minutes, he ungags her and begins to untie her. As soon as she spits the packing out of her mouth, so goes off on him! (Which is really awesome and funny BTW)...

Tags: Gag Talk High Heels Lingerie Mouth Stuffing
Office Girl Continued
Karly Salinas
Karly is dragged into the break room with her hands tied behind her. She knew after the last time 2 years ago that this would happen again, but she still wasn't quite ready for it. Whenever she asks for a raise.. The boss makes sure she earns it. To today poor Karly is going to have to stay tied up and gagged on a chair in the break room through lunch. No big deal, right? Except this isn't good enough for the boss (who loves to see her suffer).. So he decides to leave her there until the end of the day. 4 more hours! But wait! Her eyes get big.. Theres a big office meeting in here at 4:30 this afternoon!! Surely he will let het go before that?! Right? She struggles to get free. Is the raise really worth all of this humiliation? She watches the clock tick by. 4:30 comes and the door opens. It's her boss.. And the entire board room and warehouse staff as well!! They shuffle in and Karly is mortified! "Oh don't mind Karly here... She wants a raise.. Haha!" The room erupts with laughter.. Poor Karly.

Tags: Ballgagged Chairtied Humiliation Rope Bondage
The Bondage Slave
Karly Salinas
Sexy slave Karly is a very obedient little sub. She loves it when He uses her leather cuffs and the heavy chain on her. He pulls her (already bound and gagged) into the room and has her kneel down. He puts his hand under her chin and raises her face up to meet his gaze, reaffirming his dominance. He asks to to rise up and sit on the couch.. where he readjusts her bonds, chaining her collar down to her ankles, and adding a blindfold. "Stay like this until I come back her you.." She sits there patiently waiting. When he returns, he has decided he is going to play a little game with slave Karly. He again asks her to rise, and this time to lay down on the floor. He attaches the chain behind her and locks it from her head harness to her ankles. He then attaches her wrist cuffs to the chain with a click of a padlock, and again blindfolds her. She struggles for a few seconds, blindly rolling around helplessly. He informs her he is setting the key down for her to find, and that she will be there until she unlocks herself. Karly calmly feels around for the key as best as she can, but after 5 minutes of no success.. She gets a bit frantic and rolls around trying to find it! The panic only further disorients her. Will she ever find it?

Tags: Ballgagged Blindfolds Boot Fetish Domination
Unsuspecting Girl Strapped and Muzzled
Karly Salinas
Karly is in the market for a new rug. Her new place is bigger than her old one, and she feels a nice rug will really tie the new living room together. She goes online and shops around. She sees a nice looking blue one on Craigslist and messages to set up a meeting for the sale. She shows up to the address and knocks on the door..  She is greeted by a seemingly nice enough young man and he invites her inside out of the heat. She takes a seat on the sofa and sees the rug from the photo. In making some small talk she mentions how hot it is outside and he offers her a drink of water. Karly gladly accepts and gulps it down. "Now.. About the rug.." ....... Karly slowly comes to. She opens her eyes and everything is a little foggy. "UUUGGHH.. Where am I? What's this? Why can't I move?" She jumps and tries to look down at her body. She is tightly strapped head to toe in leather belts. She calls out, but her mouth is stuffed full and there is a heavy leather muzzle covering her face and holding whatever it is in her mouth.. "Whats this? My panties are gone?! Is that what's.. in my MOUTH?!"  She struggles hard to get free, even falling off the sofa onto the ground and continuing to fight and roll around. The seemingly nice young man is nowhere to be seen. "What is this? Why am I here? What is he going to do with me?!"

Tags: Belt Bondage Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play High Heels Leather
Glamour Model Tricked Into Bondage
Karly Salinas
Karly shows up to what she believes is a glamour model shoot, but the sheisty "photographer" has other plans for her. He starts out by taking her photo as she poses in her spandex pants, but half way through he introduces some rope and wants to do a few "risque" poses.. At first Karly is hesitant, but the guy seems harmless enough. He winds rope around her torso and arms quite skillfully, and soon she can't move. He ties a crotch rope on and she is starting to again have some doubts about this. He ties her legs and ballgags her. The he informs her that this isn't a glamour shoot, he is not a photographer, and there is no money... Panic strikes poor Karly is she realizes this guy is just some sick pervert. She struggles to get free as he watches and films her. Finally it seems he is done. But.. Wait.. He grabs his gear and walks out.. Leaving her there!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Hogtied
Hogtied in Black Spandex
Karly Salinas
Gorgeous Karly Salinas is a magazine glamour model that does some fetish work on the side. I may be the only one who has ever shot her in bondage up till now.. I put her into a sleek black lycra catsuit, satin corset, and ankle boots to start. She loves the feel of the silky suit against her skin. I first begin tying a tight crotch rope and "butt lifter", and then the smiles fade away.. lol Next the gag. A nice tight panel gag to keep her quiet while I bind her. Then I tie her arms very tightly together at the elbows and wrists and band then to her torso. Her eyes are wide open. She has never been this tightly tied up and she's extremely uncomfortable. At this point I stop the camera to do a wellness check. There are tingles, but she says she is ok to continue. she is a professional and determined to finish the video. Ok then dear, to the floor we go to finish this strict hogtie.  Once she's fully tied, she is stuck. It's so tight, she can't even roll. I help her onto her side so we can get a good view, and again she's stuck, like a turtle on it's shell. She lays there completely helpless, managing the pain in her joints and concentrating on her breathing. When it's all over I thank her for suffering through the tie, and she informs me there will not be any more tying of her elbows. Haha. Karly Salinas is amazing.. And this video is documented proof!

Tags: Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset Crotch Abuse