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Models / Jolene Hexx

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Leotard Bound
Jolene Hexx
This was a custom video commission. Gorgeous Jolene Hexx submits to a nice tight sitting post tie in her sexy leotard and tights. Once Shiny has her securely restrained with plenty of rope, he stuffs her mouth with a large wad of spandex and tightly cleave gags her over the top. She struggles and shakes her torso trying to test her bonds.. But she isn't going anywhere anytime soon..

Tags: Blondes Cleave Gagged High Heels Leotard
Locked In Steel
Jolene Hexx
Poor Jolene Hexx has been thoroughly anchored to the bed in metal chains and cuffs. She slides around on the satin sheets in her spandex outfit, but she is not going anywhere. Locked in place, she drools through her ballgag and moans in pain as the heavy steel bites and digs into her poor ankles and wrists. Halfway through the video, more steel cuffs are added and chained between her elbows, adding to her misery. How long would you keep her like this?!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Blondes Damsel In Distress
Strict Swimsuit Hogtie
Jolene Hexx
Gorgeous LFC wrestler Jolene Hexx trades in her lingerie and gloves for a sleek one piece swimsuit and a super strict hogtie! Shiny progressively ties and arches her on camera. Once helplessly bound and gagged with a face covering panel gag that is also cranked back, Jolene must switch to her yoga breathing to endure the painful tie that would make most models panic and tap out! Jolene is no quitter, and Shiny catches every angle of her predicament on camera. Also in the video, the untying and Jolene's reaction to the tight bondage and gag!

Tags: Barefoot Blondes Hogtied Panel Gagged
Chairtied in Sexy Lingerie
Jolene Hexx
Sexy blonde lingerie wrestler Jolene Hexx submits to a nice tight chairtie. She is progressively tied to the chair on screen starting with a nice snug crotchrope over the top of her satin panties. Once she is securely tied, a ballgag is added and she struggles to try to free herself. Near the end, the actual Amazon delivery guy rings the doorbell and she giggles and jokingly calls out to him for help.

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Chairtied Corset
Ultragirl Cover Compromised
Jolene Hexx
Ultragirl assumes her secret identity to try to sneak into the villains hideout and gather evidence of his sex slaver ring. She sneaks in through the back door and carefully makes her way up to the office. She looks through the papers on the desk. Bingo! "This is it! The evidence we've been looking for." She adjusts her glasses and says "This looks like a job for.. MPPHHFFFFHHHH!!" She is grabbed from behind with a big hand over her mouth before she can finish! She is wrestled to the floor where she goes limp. The villain starts to remove her clothes when he notices the gold Power Belt and her Ultragirl uniform. "Oh no!" he says. "What have I done here!? I'll have to hurry and take this belt and do something with her before she comes to!" He grabs her Power Belt and head down to the dungeon to prepare it for her. Now Ultragirl lays on the floor wrapped in tight rope. The villain pushes a button and hoists her up until she is tightly suspended and helpless. He hangs her Power Belt just out of her reach to taunt her. Ultragirl finally comes to and realizes her predicament. "You had better let me go now or else!" she barks at him. "Im serious.. Untie me now and I might forget what you've done to me here.." The villain laughs. "Without your Power Belt, I don't think you'll be much of a problem my dear.." He grabs a big ballgag.. "NO! No! NNooooMMMPPFFFHHH!!" the ballgag slips past her teeth and he buckles it in place. "There! That will keep you quiet!" he sneers. "I have agreed to sell your Power Belt to The Purge for a pretty penny, and he has agreed to let me keep you for myself!" Ultragirl fights hard at the ropes holding her. Without her Power Belt, she is not strong enough to break free. It seems she is stuck.. For the time being..

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes