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Models / Jenny Jett

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The Mistress Submits
Jenny Jett
Gorgeous Mistress Jenny Jett hands over control to Shiny on her birthday for some spanking fun. Will she be sorry she did? Oh definitely! First Shiny straps her all up tight with heavy leather belts, and talks her into letting him lace up a Sweet Gwen style leather hood over her face. Then he attaches her leather harness to the ceiling hook and lets her dangle there helpless for his amusement. Next he grabs his paddle and his leather gloves for some birthday spankings she won't soon forget! Making the proud Mistress count down her spankings as they happen, he stops the count and gives her extra when she gives him any back talk or attitude, and even makes her address him as 'Sir'. Needless to say, poor Mistress' ass pays the price for her arrogance and defiance.. lol! By the end The Mistress is singing a different tune and is all smiles when she comes out of that hood. Sometimes Mistresses need punishment and attention too!

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bondage Blondes Catsuits
The Gift of Submission Part 2
Jenny Jett
Gorgeous blonde Domme Jenny Jett hands over her reigns and submits to Shiny for an afternoon of fun in a Florida dungeon! She is dressed in delicate satin lingerie and silky stockings. Shiny gags her and binds her spread eagle and hoists her up tight with an electric winch. Now fully helpless, he gropes and spanks her. He ties a tight crotchrope around her waist and anchors it off to the wall. Now she can't get away from the paddle and hitachi vibrator that he keeps alternating on her.. Finally she cums hard.. As he unties her, she melts with a huge smile.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
The Gift of Submission Part 1
Jenny Jett
Gorgeous blonde Domme Jenny Jett hands over her reigns and submits to Shiny for an afternoon of fun in a Florida dungeon! She is dressed in delicate satin lingerie and silky stockings. Shiny ropes her up nice and tight, running his hands all over her helpless body as he does. She flirts seductively with him right up until he ballgags her, then taunts him to spank her. Shiny puts on his dear skin leather gloves and warms her ass up for her with several swats. He ties a tight crotchrope around her waist and anchors it to the wall in front of her so she can't turn away from him. He bends her over and gives her some nice hard spanks. He alternates between spanks and tickles, giving her all of the sensations on her irritated skin.. Finally, as he loosens her ropes, he tells her to struggle and try to free herself. She gives it a good go, and after a few moments of wiggling, manages to pop a wrist free! She smiles.. She knows Shiny will be tying her much tighter for the rest of this play session...

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Domination
The Pendulum
Jenny Jett
Jenny opens her eyes and finds herself tightly stretched out tied spread eagle on a table. She looks up and sees a razor sharp pendulum dangling over her freshly oiled body and begins to freak out. She struggles and fights, but the restraints hold her securely in place.. Then, the pendulum begins to swing back and forth... She is really scared now. She cries and pleads, but its no use.. The pendulum swings and begins lowering down, getting closer to her supple skin with every pass!

Tags: Cleave Gagged Lotion / Oil Fetish Peril Topless
Baywatch Bondage
Jenny Jett
Sexy blonde lifeguard Jenny submits to a tight hogtie in her one piece swimsuit and shiny nylons.. Now bound and gagged with a leather panel ballgag, we watch her struggle.. She moans and squirms on the couch, feeling the tightness of the ropes and the ecstasy they bring..

Tags: Blondes Cosplay / Costumes Hogtied Panel Gagged
Tied and Spread Wide in Pantyhose
Jenny Jett
Jenny has been talking to this new guy online for a month. She knows he is kinky and into bondage, which is something she has always wanted to try.  The time has com for the first meeting. She takes a long hot shower and then dresses up in a sext satin top, skirt, and thick shiny pantyhose. She knows he has a satin panty fetish, so she pulls on a pair of bright blue full bottomed satin panties over the top of her nylons. She finishes the outfit of with a smart pencil skirt and heels. Now looking in the mirror, she applies some light lip gloss and smacks her lips.  Just then the doorbell rings. He's here! She excitedly opens the door. "Hi I'm Jenny, nice to meet you." She invites him in. He enters and pulls out some soft silver nylon rope and a roll of duct tape. Her heart races with excitement. She is happy that he's not wasting any time or ruining anything with small talk.  He runs his hands over her satin shirt and feels up her hips and ass as she pants softly. He pulls her arms behind her and begins to boxtie them behind her. The ropes feel better then she had anticipated. Soft, yet very firm and confining when pulled tight around her torso. He sits her on the couch and spreads her legs. She can tell he is very pleased by her bright satin panties that were waiting under that skirt. He pulls the panties off of her silky nylon legs and wads them up. She thinks she know where this is going.. Yep. He asks her to open her mouth and then stuffs them deep into her mouth, filling her cheeks. He picks up the duct tape and wraps her face several times tightly to hold them in place.  Now he relaxes her back against the sofa and begins to frogtie her legs and tie them spread wide apart. He runs his hands up the inside of her thighs as he does this and she melts back into some warm and wet thoughts. 

Tags: Blondes Mouth Stuffing Nylons/Pantyhose Rope Bondage

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