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Models / Gypsy Bae

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Leather Bound Orgasms
Gypsy Bae
Gorgeous lil' Gypsy Bae enters wearing a silky blue satin lingerie set with garters and stockings.. She is outfitted in leather cuffs and a posture collar and then strapped and chained up on the table. Shiny blindfolds and gags her, straps a vibrator between her legs, turns it on and then steps back. Poor Gypsy is helpless to do anything but squirm and cum in the total darkness of her blindfold! She tongues the ballgag and drools all over herself building up to a giant shaking orgasm. She is so sexy with her braces!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Belt Bondage Blindfolds
Stepdaughter Taught A Lesson
Gypsy Bae
Bratty Gypsy comes home extremely late from her college Halloween costume party and she is very hungover the next morning. She lays there on the couch, still in her halloween costume from the night before. Her stepfather was worried when she didn't come home or call, so he decides to teach her a lesson she won't forget. He grabs some rope and pulls her arms behind her. "What are you doing to me? What's with the rope? Do all stepdad's do this to their stepdaughters?".. All questions she playfully asks as she gradually comes to and finds herself getting progressively tied up. She goes along with it. She thinks her mom's new husband is very cute and doesn't mind at all that he's putting his strong hands all over her. After he has her hogtied tightly, he straps a ballgag into her smiling mouth. He rolls her over and unzips her costume, exposing her tits. She shrieks with joy as he gropes and twists on her little titties.He leaves her there to struggle for a few moments, and she topples of the couch onto the floor. He comes over to check on her, but one of her titties is now covered and she wants it out and exposed. He laughs and fixes her costume for her, and then tightens the tie and the ballgag some more.  Now the tie is very tight and she pleads to be released. He tells her he is going to leave her like this for the rest of the morning so she can learn her lesson about coming home late. Poor Gypsy struggles and whines, but it's no use. She is helplessly bound on and gagged on the floor, but she is more upset that he left the room and is no longer touching her more than anything!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Barefoot Braces
Locked Up Part 2
Gypsy Bae
After several grueling hours, sexy slavegirl Gypsy bae is finally released from her ultra-strict spread eagle predicament. She is given a small break from her gag before it is re-fastened. Her wrists and anlkes are locked together. Leather cuffs are added to her upper arms, and they are also locked behind her. She lays on the bed and a small length of chain is run from her wrists to her ankles and locked tight, hogtying her. Another length is added from her head harness to her elbows, pulling her head back. Her thighs are strapped tightly together. She squirms a little, but she knows it's futile at this point. No escape possible. Her Master smiles. She is left like this to sleep for the evening.

Tags: Ballgagged Blindfolds Braces Domination
Locked Up Part 1
Gypsy Bae
Sexy Gypsy bae finds herself in an awkward position. Padlocked tightly into a harness ballgag and chained to the ceiling, even though her arms and legs are free, she is stuck there helpless. After a few moments of struggling, the villain comes in and attaches come rope cinchers to her wrist and ankle cuffs, groping her as he does so. With a few quick pulls of the cinchers.. ZZZIIIIIIP!! She is stuck in a wide stance, standing spread eagled between the bedposts. The villain adds a blindfold and the proceeds again with fondling her truly helpless body through her silky spandex leotard.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Blindfolds Braces
Spread To Cum
Gypsy Bae
Sexy little Gypsy Bae submits to an extreme crotchrope predicament.. Cuffed and pulled in 3 different directions with her legs spread wide, she is left to struggle and grind the tight crotchrope. When she gets a little too comfortable, Shiny steps in with a Hitachi vibrator and takes her to the next level!

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Braces
School Girl Bound Orgasms
Gypsy Bae
Innocent co-ed Gypsy Bae is going door to door selling cookies for her school when she comes to the wrong house. She gives her cheerful cookie pitch and is invited right in! Gypsy comes to tightly bound in the bedroom with her shirt open and her legs tied wide open. As she begins to ask what happened she is grabbed and ballgagged. She squirm and struggles trying to get free as her body is groped and fondled. Finally, a vibrator wand comes out and Gypsy's eyes get wide.. The toy is held to her helpless pussy and she gets warm all over. "Wow, this isn't so bad.." She thinks to herself. A few moments more and Gypsy is begging to be allowed to cum! Gypsy bites her ballgag hard and explodes into waves of ecstasy.. and then sinks into the bed. This was something she was definitely not expecting. She will definitely remember this house the next time she is selling cookies.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Barefoot Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Tickle Tortured Burglar
Gypsy Bae
Gypsy Bae thinks she is pretty stealthy in her back burglar outfit.. Not stealthy enough, she is caught red-handed! The man grabs her from behind and cups her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet. She struggles to break his grasp, but before she can do anything, he throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs to the bedroom. Once there he ties her tightly down to the bed with her hands above her head and her feet dangling precariously close to the edge.. "So, you want to break into someone's home, do ya?" he starts in. "Well.. Let me show ya what happens to people that break in.." He begins to run his fingertips over her spandex catsuit, digging into her sensitive parts. "No please don't!! Don't tickle me! ANYTHING but that!!" she screams.. And with that he digs in deep, tickling her mercilessly. He moves down to her feet and she lunges up from the bed hard. The ropes keep her remarkably helpless and in place. He moves up, pinching the pressure points at her knees, and then her hips. She wiggles hard trying to escape. He continues up.. The ribcage and armpits.. She is in tears now and uncontrollably thrashing. "See what happens?" he smiles. "Oh god no please.. PLEASE!! Please stop!" He goes back and forth over all of her sensitive body parts.. Grabbing and tickling her.. Teaching her a valuable lesson she will never forget.

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Braces Catsuits Cosplay / Costumes
Hogtied In Her Leotard
Gypsy Bae
Gypsy smiles thru her sexy braces and opens wide for the incoming ball gag. She is wearing her favorite leotard and tights, and has done all of her stretching in preparation to get tied up nice and tight today. Tied head to toe, she squirms around delightfully on the ground. She is picked up by the ropes, pulled back a few steps, and gently set back down to be hogtied. A very special hogtie.. With her ankle ropes snugged down to her crotchrope. So everytime she wiggles or moves those sexy legs, she gets a little tug down below.. She moans and struggles, telling you that there is no way she can get out of this..

Tags: 18 & 19 Yrs Old Ballgagged Braces Hogtied