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Real Time Bondage Orgasms
Another gorgeous real bondage experience caught on tape.. Bondage sweetheart Dresden gets progressively tied up and then vibed to a frenzied orgasm in this fantastic uncut video. As she gets rope wrapped all around her spandex covered torso, she talks about how silky and luxurious the lycra feels on her skin and how tight the bondage feels, smiling and moaning through it all. She then gets gagged and tied into place inside the rack. Her legs are frogtied and pulled to either side, leaving her wide open and exposed for the tight crotchrope that is tied on next.. and pulled tightly up to the rack in front of her. With her harness gag also padlocked back to her harness support, she is so very helpless against the vibrations of the Hitatchi coming her way. She moans and squirms as the vibes hit her in all the right places. I glance up for a second and she is staring right into my eyes. She doesn't break her loving gaze until I squeeze her ass and she cums hard! The chemistry here is undeniable, and sweet Dresden leaves us begging for more.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Slave Girl Post Tied In 2 Positions
Sexy Dresden gets tied on 2 sexy bondage predicaments. The first is a strict strappado with a head harness gag and neck rope combo that has her complete attention.. Second, she is tied in an upright crotchrope predicament with another neck rope. The crotchrope digs deep into her pussy as she struggles to stay upright!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Boot Fetish
The Nosy Maid Part 2
Now released from her chair and stripped down to just her lingerie and heels, Dresden breathes a sigh of relief. "Maybe the fun and games are over and I can get back to work." she thinks to herself. Once again she is grabbed from behind. "Oh no! Haven't I been humiliated enough?!" she asks coyly. He grabs long lengths of rope and begins tying her up, pulling especially hard on the ropes between her legs.. When he feels her upper body is secure, he sits her down on the couch and gags her once again, this time with a large red ballgag. "Omg.. This one is biggrrrr...Mmmppfffgg!!" He ties a hitachi vibrator tightly between her thighs and then binds her legs together. He finishes her ankles and moves her down to the floor. He pulls Dresden into a snug hogtie and flips on the vibrator. He mashes the head of it into her crotch until she is singing a little different tune.. The vibrations are warm and deep.. And Dresden is starting to like it. He rolls her onto her belly, pinning the toy against her clit with her helpless to get off of it, and then he takes his leave. Dresden massages her hips forward and back, enjoying the waves of pleasure. Just before she is about to cum, he re-enters the room. He rolls her off of the vibe and turns it off. He unties her hogtie, but leaves the rest. "Well now, stop playing around.. You've got work to finish! Hurry up now! Get out of those ropes and finish the housecleaning." He walks out of the room again. "HEEYYY!!" she calls out of the gag. How is she supposed to get out of this?! Its still so tight! At LEAST turn the vibe back on so I can finish!

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Cosplay / Costumes
The Nosy Maid Part 1
Dresden whistles away while she cleans the house. She dusts high and low and makes sure to do a good thorough job. Maybe a little too thorough.. "Whats this?!" She pulls a devious looking long leather strap with a red rubber ball attached. "Maybe I'll just put this back before..." "Ahhh.. I see you've found my toy box.." The master of the house interrupts. Dresden flips around. She tries to hide the item behind her back and play innocent, but she knows she has been caught with something she shouldn't have. "Honestly.. I don't have any idea what this is.." She tries to say convincingly. He grabs her by the wrist and pulls her down onto a chair. "Well I guess well show you what thats for!" He tightly belts Dresden down to the chair with leather straps from the "toy box". Pretty soon she is secured and pleading with him to be let go. He takes the gag and shoves it into her mouth. As he pulls the strap tight, her eyes get wide.. "See dear? this is what its for.. Now you be a good girl and sit here awhile and think about what I'm going to do to you next.."

Tags: Belt Bondage Blondes Chairtied Cosplay / Costumes
Ultra Girl Captured
Ultra Girl sneaks into the villains lair, but unknowingly trips an alarm.. A henchman gets the drop on her and takes her down. He carefully removes her power belt. He plays with her limp body and then carries her to his dungeon where he belts her up tight in leather straps. She comes to and finds she can't move! She is strapped head to toe just out of reach of her power belt. He comes back in to tease, gag, hogtie, and blindfold her. She moans and struggles helplessly, trying to reach her power belt and escape. What will happen to her?

Tags: Belt Bondage Blondes Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes
Domme Gets Owned
Sexy blonde Dresden is a ruthless Domme and has turned many men into quivering cowards at her feet. What happens when the tables are turned on the poor Mistress?.. Now, tightly hogtied on the table, ballgagged, and endlessly tormented by her captor.. She spits and drools in anger through her gag, struggling ferociously to get free. He lets her tire herself out over the course of the afternoon, and by the end.. We will see who is pouting and begging to be released..

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blondes Boot Fetish
Supergirl Captured
Supergirl swoops in to capture Lex Luther in his hideout.. Little does she know Luther is long gone, but has left a trap for her. He devilishly engineered some Kryptonite infused rope and left behind his bravest henchmen to take her down! As she enters the lair, a henchman sneaks up and slips the Kryptonite rope around her. She is completely caught off guard and is instantly weakened enough to be wrestled down and tied by the mere mortal! He ties her up tight and leaves her to suffer and soften up. As Supergirl comes to, she realizes she is tightly bound in Kryptonite.. "Oh no... What have they done to me?! I am tied head to toe in... Kryptonite!.. I feel so weak.. How will I get out of this?!" The henchman returns and stuffs Supergirl's mouth and wraps her face with a Kryptonite laced bandage before taping it in place with another layer of thick black vinyl tape. He rolls her onto her belly and hogties her. Supergirl weakly tries to struggle and escape, her powers gone. Looks like Lex Luther has her right where he wants her. Now he has bait to trap the real threat.. Superman!

Tags: Blondes Boot Fetish Cosplay / Costumes Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Bad Luck For The Babysitter
Dresden shows up for her first babysitting gig for the new neighbors and settles right in. As soon as the parents are gone, she tells these little brats they had better behave and leave her alone while she texts her boyfriend. Little does she know, these are no ordinary brats, and Dresden soon finds her self tightly tape bound, gagged, and struggling to break free! Will yelling, stomping, and commanding these brats to untie her work? Will pleading with them with big sad eyes work? Will they ever let her out? What if the parents come home to find her like this?!

Tags: Babysitter Ballgagged Blondes Silk / Satin