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Models / Dee Williams

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Dee Williams Updates

The Babysitter
Dee Williams
Dee agrees to watch the neighbors brats while they have a night out. And these are some brats! They mercilessly trick Dee into playing "Cowboys and Indians" with them and soon she is tied up tight with rope. She laughs at first and asks to be let go, but soon see is starting to get very angry. Next they unbutton her blouse, exposing Dee's enormous bare breasts! Dee is furious and demanding to be released. What would happen if their parents came home and found her like this?! Dee sternly tells them to untie her. They cover Dee's mouth with layers of tape and pull her pants down, exposing her pantyhose and satin panties underneath. Dee rolls around frantically trying to pull her pants back up and cover herself. She is humiliated beyond belief and continues to scream and growl to be released through her gag. Will they let her go before the grown ups get home?!

Tags: Babysitter Big Tits Blondes Gag Talk
Come Over and Tie Me Up
Dee Williams
Sexy Dee Williams asks her boyfriend to come over and tie her up. She tells him she has some kinky surprises for him and to come right over. Once there he finds her dressed in a silky Leohex swimsuit and tights. She also shows him the new tight leather "Sweet Gwen" style leather hood she bought and her new matching leather boots. He wastes no time in tying her up extremely tightly in his nylon ropes. Wrists and elbows welded together behind her, legs pulled back and bound tightly.. A nice strict hogtie. Satisfied with his work, he leaves her there to moan and struggle in bliss.

Tags: Big Tits Boot Fetish Hogtied Leather
Ultra Girl Unleashed Part 2
Dee Williams
Now in part 2- Ultra girl has busted out of her chains and tracks down the henchman. He is ready for her and takes her down with a tranquilizer dart to the neck! The henchman uses her weakened state to get some vital info.. That her powers come from her power belt! He quickly removes it.. Once again Ultra Girl is tied down and helpless, this time she's tied lying on her back with a hitachi vibrator tied in place between her legs. Her power belt dangles just above her, taunting her and making her realize how powerless she is without it. The vibrator is switched on and the henchman leaves her to her bound orgasm torture. She cums again and again. Finally, she spits out her cleve gag, lurches up and grabs onto her power belt, and gets a much needed recharge!

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Cleave Gagged
Ultra Girl Unleashed Part 1
Dee Williams
Ultra Girl is on a warpath! She has tracked down the slave trafficker's hideout, and since her step-sister's disappearance, this time she is making it personal! She rips open the door and enters the premises. An unsuspecting henchman walks by and Ultra Girl throttles him! She continues upstairs until she finds a door she cannot see through. "This has to be it!" she thinks. As she grabs the door knob, she is hit by several million volts, knocking her down and out. She comes to and she is chained to a pole. A henchman comes in and gags and blindfolds her. How long will these chains hold her? Once she gains her full strength back, these guys might be in big trouble!

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blindfolds Blondes
Supergirl In Peril Part 2
Dee Williams
Supergirl finds herself in more trouble! Once again tied up tightly in Krypto-fiber rope, she is weak and her powers are useless. This time she is tightly bound in a bathtub with slow running water. But the evil villain has devised a devious little surprise.. He has rigged some exposed high voltage wiring to the top of the tub.. So when the water reaches the top... ZAP! No more Supergirl! Will she be able to escape in time?!

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Cleave Gagged Cosplay / Costumes
Supergirl In Peril Part 1
Dee Williams
Supergirl arrives at the secret hideout to track down the villain, and walks right into his trap! As she enters the house, the vents open and Kryptonite gas fills the room! Supergirl awakens weakened and tightly tied to a chair with Krypto-fiber ropes. The villain places a Kryptonite laced bomb in her lap and sets the timer to blow! Will Supergirl be able to escape before it explodes?!

Tags: Big Tits Blondes Boot Fetish Chairtied
Tight Spandex Bondage
Dee Williams
Gorgeous bondage legend Dee Williams submits to some extremely tight back arching bondage. She is wearing a silky silver lycra catsuit, satin thong panties that give her those "superheroine" lines, and a satin corset. She starts out into the clip already tied in a super strict oppositional hogtie. She squirms as long as she can and then she hits the brakes. Time to get her out. Once she is let down and the gag is removed she reveals that the corset was tight and she was on the verge of passing out. We can't have that! A little lesson here to ALWAYS pay attention to your partner in bondage and have an escape plan if they get into trouble.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Catsuits
Tie Tie My Darling Part 2
Dee Williams
Busty Dee Williams shows up to a help a friend out with a project, but she soon finds out that it is not the kind of project she was expecting.. After being tied up and left in the dungeon (Part 1), she is led into the living room for a final analysis. Still ballgagged and with upper body tied, she struggles to get loose. The man comes in and pulls off her spandex disco jeans (onscreen) and leaves her exposed in only her shiny nylons underneath. She kicks and screams and drools, but he won't let her free. She tries to crawl away, but her drags her back into the room kicking. He grabs some more rope and ties a crotch rope on her, pulling it tight and connecting it to her wrists behind her. He ties her ankles crossed and then he pulls her up into a tightly arched hogtie with her legs spread wide for a nice view of crotch, gusset, and rope.. "One more trial dear and then we will be done." he says as we walks away, leaving her impossibly hogtied on her side..

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Blondes Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play