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Models / Cupcake Sinclair

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Cupcake Sinclair Vital Stats:

Cupcake Sinclair Updates

Tabletop Suspension
Cupcake Sinclair
Gorgeous slave girl Cupcake submits to a very tight table hogtie that unintentionally becomes a tabletop suspension! Tightly hogtied and ballgagged, she finds she can hoist her hips up and swing back and forth, drooling all over as she does!

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits
Hangin' Around
Cupcake Sinclair
Sexy Cupcake Sinclair hangs by her knees from the rack and is hogtied in place. A crotchrope is tightly tied around her waist and attached to the far side to discourage any swinging or heavy struggling. She dangles there ballgagged and helpless, trying to find a way out of this precarious inverted predicament!

Tags: Ballgagged Barefoot Catsuits Corset
The New Workout Routine
Agatha Delicious , Cupcake Sinclair
Cupcake and Agatha are ready to tackle their daily workout, but what will they do today? Cupcake tells Agatha about a new workout that a friend was talking about called bondage resistance training. They decide to give it a try and call the instructor over. He shows up and gets right to the workout, tightly tying and gagging the girls up on their kitchen counter. Once they're tied up he tells them he will be back in an hour to let them out. The girls are confused. They thought this was supposed to be a workout of some kind. They start to panic and try to get out of the tight ropes. They struggle hard and roll around on the counter, desperately trying to free themselves and drooling through their gags! An hour later, the instructor comes back. The girls are exhausted and whimpering to be let go. As he removes the ropes and gags, the confused girls ask him why he left and why didn't he give them a workout. The instructor looks at their sweaty disheveled faces and laughs.. "Looks to me like you girls got a great workout!"

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Drooling Gag Talk
Tinder Date Gone Wrong
Cupcake Sinclair
Sexy Cupcake Sinclair goes out on a limb for a cute Tinder date.. Normally, she doesn't agree to meet at someone's house for the first date. When she shows up at his house, she is visibly nervous and tells him that normally she doesn't agree to meet at someone's house for the first date, but she has a good feeling about him.. He welcomes her in and asks if she's thirsty. He hands her a glass of water and tells her he will just be a second longer. She sits there and sips the water. Cupcake comes to and she is tied up with strict ropes from head to toe! She cries out, but there is a huge rubber ballgag tightly lodged in her mouth! She rolls around and struggles trying desperately to get free. A few moments later, her date reappears. He doesn't say much, just rolls her over, mounts her, and continues to tie her up more until she is completely helpless and hogtied. She curses and hisses at him through the giant gag. Once he is satisfied with the ropes, he stands back to admire his work. This may be a long first date for poor Cupcake!

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Drooling Gag Talk
Roomie Dispute
Cupcake Sinclair , Kingsley
Kingsley is lounging on the couch in her lingerie after an afternoon of filming clips and pleasuring herself. Cupcake comes in and notices that Kingsley has borrowed her Hitachi vibrator without asking. She explains that vibrators and those kinds of things are personal items that aren't shared, especially without permission. Kingsley gets sassy and asks her "What are you going to do about it?".. Cupcake snaps and ties Kingsley up tight. "So, you like my vibrator so much?.. How do you like this?!" She ties the vibe to Kingsley's crotch rope and then shoves her off of the couch to struggle. Kingsley is already sensitive from the hours of masturbating she has done, and the tight crotch rope is really digging in. She rolls onto her stomach and instantly cums again. She struggles and shifts, trying to dislodge it from her throbbing pussy. Cupcake re-enters. "So have you learned your lesson yet? I doubt it!" She pulls Kingsley's legs up and hogties her. Now all of Kingsley's weight is on that damn vibrator and she can't get off of it. She is really beginning to regret upsetting Cupcake!

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset Ebony Goddess
Good Vibrations
Cupcake Sinclair
Sexy Cupcake Sinclair dresses up in silky satin lingerie and submits to some teasing bound orgasms. She is gagged and then tied on her back with a stool lifting her hips up and forward so her arms can be tightly bound underneath her. Her legs are tied spread apart and a hitachi is tied to her crotch. The switch is flipped on and she immediately realizes what she has signed up for. The intense vibrations overtake her and she cums again and again. I come back in and add some pressure to the vibe and we give her a new level of pleasure on her already sensitive parts!

Tags: Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Ebony Goddess Garter & Stockings High Heels
Real Time Bondage.. Mexico Trip
Cupcake Sinclair
Cupcake Sinclair accompanied me to Mexico for a little RNR recently, and of course we brought some rope and fun things. One day we tied her all up tight and put her on display in our balcony window at the resort. People walk by and don't even realize.. If they just glanced up, they would have quite a show!

Tags: Ballgagged Chairtied Ebony Goddess Nylons/Pantyhose

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