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Models / Claire Irons

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Hung and Cumming
Claire Irons
Gorgeous Clair Irons is strung up and hung up tight! First body harnessed with layers of silky nylon rope over the top of her one piece swimsuit and nylons, she is hoisted up onto her toes with the electric winch and left hanging there.. Before she drifts fully off into subspace, Shiny takes a Hitachi vibrator and buzzes her tight crotch rope until she cums hard! Now overstimulated, she thrashes and pushes back away. Shiny unties her and she leaves with a large smile.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset
Strapped Up Tight and Vibed
Claire Irons
Sexy milf Claire Irons is progressively strapped up with leather belts and then vibed! She is wearing a silky one piece swimsuit, a tight satin corset, nylons, and satin opera gloves. First, her gloved hands are laced up tight in leather bondage mittens, then a heavy leather harness ballgag is added. Her wrists are strapped behind her and then a leather torso harness is tightly belted over the top of her boxtied arms. Another series of belts is woven over her shoulders and through the harness to cinch the arms to her body even tighter, and then her legs are strapped in an open frogtied position. She is given time to struggle around and try to free herself, and when she has finally realized there is absolutely no way out of this.. Shiny steps in with the vibrator and gives her an intense bound orgasm!

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset
The Pleasure Prisoner
Claire Irons
Fitness superstar Claire Irons is at home relaxing after her recent tour when she hears something downstairs.. Cautiously she looks around to make sure no one has broken in when she is ironically grabbed by a crazed fan! When Claire comes to, she is all tied up in some strange room.. "What the fuck is going on here?!" She struggles hard against the ropes that bind her in place, kneeling on this strange bed. The fan enters and gopes her body and tits. "What are you doing you fucking asshole?!" He pulls her crotchrope tight with an electric hoist, forcing her hips forward. "You let me go right now!!" she hisses at him. Without saying a word, he grabs a wad of material and shoves it into her mouth and then tapes it in, quieting her down to muffled murmurs. He leaves her like that to struggle for a bit against the fiercely tight crotchrope. After a bit he re-enters, this time with a vibrator. Her eyes get wide and she tries to scream! He pulls up her satin bra, revealing her tits and gropes them before putting the vibrator directly on the strict crotchrope.. The vibrations course up and down the rope, which is effectively splitting her up the middle and is directly and tightly against her throbbing clit. She cums.. "What is this?!" she thinks to herself.. "So good.. OMG.." She closes her eyes and cums hard.. But.. the vibrations don't stop.. And now her poor pussy is horribly sensitive!! She screams and howls through her tape gag and tries to move away.. But she is stuck there! And.. he won't stop! Will she cum again?

Tags: Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play

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