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Models / Chrissy Marie

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The Audition
Chrissy Marie
Sexy Chrissy Marie really wants to land a part in a production thats coming to town and calls her friend over to help her out. It's a heist movie and she is auditioning for the part of a dancer that gets captured and tied up. She really wants the part, and has even worn a leotard and tights under her clothes to really capture the essence of the character. She asks her friend to help tie her up and film it. Her friend agrees and tied her ankles and her hands in front of her. Chrissy explains that it is not much of a challenge, as she can easily reach the ropes to untie them. She asks him to tie her wrists behind her instead, and also to grab more rope and really tie her up and gag her good! Now fully tied and gagged, Chrissy tells him to leave her be to practice her squirming and escape. She struggles for a nice long while before he comes back in to check on her. She says that she is stuck and cannot escape. He asks her if she would like to be let out, and Chrissy says no. She is enjoying the tie and her struggle time. He says OK and that he will come back later!

Tags: Cleave Gagged Cosplay / Costumes Escaping Leotard
Pole Tied Beauty
Chrissy Marie
Gorgeous rope bunny Chrissy Marie models her sexy thong leotard and tights combo for a few short moments before Shiny comes in, cleave gags her, and ties her to a standing pole. She is tightly bound, all the way up her amazing legs, around her waist and crotch, wrapped around her chest and shoulders, and secured to the pole with arms welded together at the elbows, forearms, and wrists! It looks like there is no way she could possibly wiggle free.. But.. This is Chrissy Marie we're talking about. When she is jokingly told to try to escape, she does it! This has to be seen to be believed.

Tags: Cleave Gagged Escaping High Heels Leotard
Naturally Tight
Chrissy Marie
Sexy Chrissy Marie loves wearing her favorite satin blouse and tight spandex disco jeans with her sassy ankle boots. Today she wore it out to the mall and loved all the attention she was getting. Now its time to give herself some attention. She slowly removes her clothes until she is down to just her shiny nylons that were underneath. She puts on some shiny disco shorts and a choker for play time. Just then she hears her boyfriend come in from work downstairs. Her little eyes light up because play time is about to become a lot more fun! "Do I get to get tied up today, Daddy?" she asks as he enters.  He ties her up very snugly and pulls her into a tight back-arching hogtie. She loves it when he ties her up so completely that she can't move an inch. Now she is the center of attention all over again.  "Did you have fun shopping today?" he asks her, pulling a roll of clear vinyl tape out of the drawer. "Ill bet you wore your shiny little outfit down there, didn't you?" He pulls the tape clean from the roll. "Well I have a surprise for you.." He layers the tape over the top of her ballgag. "I have some errands to run too.. So I'm gonna leave you here to enjoy these ropes for awhile. OK?" Chrissy tries to plead and talk to him through her heavily gagged mouth. She tries to say "No, please don't leave me! Play with me! No! You can't leave me like this! Please don't go!..." But all that comes out is "MPPFFGGGhhht Mppfffff! MMMPPPPHHHHFFFFffff! "I'll see you in about.. Oh let's just leave it a mystery for now.. I'll be back at some point later!" he jeers as he walks out of the bedroom.  Chrissy struggles and pleads, but as the lights shut off and the door closes behind him, she knows he wasn't joking!

Tags: Ballgagged Groping / Fondling Hogtied Neck Rope
Chrissy's Fetish For Helplessness
Chrissy Marie
Gorgeous Chrissy Marie asks you to tie her up with one condition.. That you make it extra tight for her so she can feel completely helpless. Strapped tightly into a leather armbinder, Chrissy is already helpless, but you want to make sure she is satisfied. Next you layer a complete body harness of tight nylon rope over the top, welding her ams to her torso and tying her hands (the D ring at the bottom of the armbinder) securely to her crotchrope. A rope is added around her thighs and ankles and cinched, frog-tying her in place. She reminds you not to forget her gag.. and you don't want to disappoint her.. A large ballgag and then add plenty of tape over the top to keep in firmly lodged back in her jaw.  Now you leave your finished masterpiece there to struggle and squirm in the complete helplessness she so wanted.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Leather
The Bondage Slave Part 3
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy has been taken to the dungeon where she is dressed in a sheer nylon catsuit and high heels.. Her body is bound tightly from head to toe and she is pulled into a kneeling strappado position with her high heels tied onto her feet. With her legs tied painfully apart, she twists and turns.. There is no escaping as she dangles by her yanked back arms and super tight crotchrope. He again leaves her there to struggle and contemplate her new existence as his bondage slave!

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuits Domination High Heels
The Bondage Slave Part 2
Chrissy Marie
This time when he comes back, he informs her he has prepared the dungeon for her, and he thinks she is going to like what he has in store for her. She again tries to struggle and fight, but he scoops her up over his shoulder and carries her up the stairs. Once in the dungeon, she is dressed in a sheer nylon catsuit and high heels.. Her body is bound tightly from head to toe and she is tied in a standing position with all of her weight balancing on her teetering high heels and tugging her crotch rope. He leaves her there to suffer for hours and wear her out. She tries her best to wiggle out of it, but as you can see from this tie, there is no escape for poor Chrissy!

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuits High Heels Lift & Carry
The Bondage Slave Part 1
Chrissy Marie
While sitting by the local pool one day, he sees a gorgeous young woman. She is wearing the classic red swimsuit and whistle symbolizing she is the life guard. He watches her from his chair, mesmerized by her every move. Her swimsuit is perfectly cut and shows off just enough of her gorgeous backside. Her authoritarian strut around the pool is magical. The way she throws her hair.. Breathtaking.. All he can imagine is how amazing she would look tied up and struggling. He has become obsessed. He has to have her.. He waits and watches. Another life guard shows up to relieve her of her duty. He sees her walk around the far side of the pool. He knows she is headed to the locker room to change her clothes. As she stops to talk to someone, he slips in there first.. Fast forward to his living room.. as he comes through the door with the newly captured and tied prize.. The lifeguard in her sexy red swimsuit.. He sets her on the couch and pulls off her silk scarf gag. Before she can say much of anything, he shoves a huge red ballgag into her mouth and pulls it tight. Then he gets up and leaves the room. The poor distressed girl struggles and tries to get free, but she only manages to fall to the floor. When he comes back, he has more rope in his hands. He quickly ties her chest and pulls her into a tight arched hogtie. She moans in protest, but the gag keeps it to a dull murmur. He leaves the room again.

Tags: Ballgagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Hogtied Lift & Carry
Rope Bunny Robbed
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy finishes work early and hurries home.. Today is the big day! Her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend! She gets home and puts on his favorite little outfit.. Her shiny leotard and tights from her dance class.. Which she knows is going to drive him wild. She also knows how much he loves to tie her up in that outfit, so she grabs his rope and something to gag her with and neatly organizes it on the table next to a note that says "SURPRISE!". She lays on the sofa and pulls a blanket up. Maybe she'll nod off for awhile and let him find her..  A thief slowly makes his way into the house thru the garage.. He see's Chrissy on the couch and the note meant for her boyfriend. He takes advantage of the rope, tying Chrissy's arms tightly behind her. By the time Chrissy realizes that this isn't her boyfriend playing games, its too late! He roughly manhandles her down onto the ground and ties her in a tight hogtie, groping her as he does. He ties a gag tight into her mouth and sets off to rob the place. Poor Chrissy struggles and rolls around, but the ropes are just too tight. After the robber gets what he came for, he leaves poor Chrissy there tightly tied and gagged. Her boyfriend should be home soon.. Right?

Tags: Cleave Gagged Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Hogtied Leotard

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