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Models / Cassandra Cain

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Predicament Bondage
Cassandra Cain
In this video, sexy Cassandra Cain is tied in 2 predicaments. Down to just her satin panties, she is tied into the rack with her legs spread wide with a nice tight crotchrope tied off above. Her hands are anchored down under in front, and she is left there in a very awkward position! In the second position, she is standing forward, legs again spread wide with the crotchrope between, and hands tied off above her head. Her poor nipples are clamped tight and heavy metal hardware connects them to the crotchrope. In both positions, any extra movement she makes has some consequences!

Tags: Barefoot Bdsm Big Tits Crotch Abuse
Spandex and Leather
Cassandra Cain
Voluptuous Cassandra Cain is dressed up in a very tasty outfit.. A red silky catsuit, a tight corset that thrusts her breasts out, and some tall stiletto over the knee boots.. She looks incredible! Shiny comes in and adds a tight leather armbinder, a mouth-filling red ballgag, and enough leather straps to bind her up and make her completely helpless on the couch. She squirms and sensually struggles in her leather prison, moaning softly over the sound of squeaking boots and restraints.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Big Tits Boot Fetish
Garage Strappado Storage
Cassandra Cain
Sexy Cassandra puts on her best satin lingerie and gets ready for him to come over. She has been thinking about all of the dirty things he is going to do to her.. No, not kissing and caressing her sexy body.. No, no.. Cassandra is more into him tying her hands behind her and dragging her into the garage by her hair, tying her legs spread, sinking a tight crotchope, pulling her arms up behind her, and leaving her there to feel like the dirty slut she wants to be. Only after a few hours of being "stored" in the garage, tightly bound, and gagged and drooling all over herself.. will she feel deserving of some spankings and eventually, Daddy's cock.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Domination Drooling
Youre Not Going Out Like That!
Cassandra Cain
Sexy Cassandra is getting ready to head out for a night of dancing with her girlfriends. When her boyfriend comes in and sees what she is wearing, he tells her there is no way in hell she is going out looking like that! Cassandra tries to argue, but ultimately knows the skimpy lingerie and heels she is wearing is pretty risque to wear out to a club. Her boyfriend makes her a deal.. if she can get out of some bondage, he will let her leave. She reluctantly agrees.. He grabs the leather armbinder, some straps, and the rope bag. Knowing the armbinder is in-escapable, he knows she won't be leaving anytime soon. He buckles it on tightly behind her and then ties over the top of it with a rope harness, just to make sure it's welded onto her. She starts to protest that it's too tight and unfair, so he shoves a huge ballgag into her mouth next. He pushes her down onto her knees and frogties her legs with leather belts. "There! That might hold you.." he smiles. Poor Cassandra rolls around on the ground, realizing what he's done. There is no way she could possibly wiggle free of this, and no way she is going out dancing with the girls tonite..

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Corset Gag Talk
Stripper Tightly Bound
Cassandra Cain
Sexy stripper Cassandra Cain puts on a little show for you, feeling herself up and shaking her magnificent fishnet covered ass. Shiny steps in and applies some very tight and neatly layered silk rope and a leather panel gag and blindfold. Cassandra struggles gorgeously in the strict rope, ending up on the floor where Shiny again steps in and hogties her. At the very end, the tight ropes get the best of her and Cassandra taps out.

Tags: Big Tits Blindfolds Fishnets Groping / Fondling
Captured Sex Slave Experiment
Cassandra Cain
Cassandra's stalwart detective work takes her to the scene of what she believes is a sex slave ring, where  girls are being captured and sold. Up for promotion and looking to make a name for herself, she enters the ordinary looking house without calling for backup first... Upon entering, she is almost immediately overtaken and wrestled down by two masked thugs. One holds her down as the other ties her up, stuffs her mouth with satin panties, and then wraps her face tightly with a bandage. Now incapacitated, the thugs reveal that she is just in time to be the doctor's newest sex slave experiment, and then they leave to prepare to transfer her to the doctor's secret lab. She wiggles and rolls around, trying desperately to free herself from the ties holding her. She can't get her hands free or find any knots.. And she can't stand or hop, because the thugs tied her ankles and high heels crossed... What are they going to do to her when they come back?!

Tags: Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play High Heels Mouth Stuffing Nylons/Pantyhose
Mine For The Day Part 2
Cassandra Cain
Here in part 2, Cassandra's day of bondage continues as she is given a new spandex "slave" outfit to wear. Her hands are chained behind her and taped over so she can't move her fingers. She is ballgagged, hooded, and then face wrapped with electrical tape over her mouth and eyes. Her legs are taped tightly together and chained to her wrists. Now hogtied and deprived of her senses, her gorgeous breasts are exposed and fondled. She struggles and moans. This is sure to be a day of punishment she won't forget! At the end of her torture, he unwraps her face (on camera) and unhoods her for her reaction to the intense predicament.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Catsuits Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Mine For The Day Part 1
Cassandra Cain
Cassandra thinks no one is home at the neighbor's house and slips in the back door to see if she can find some cash or valuables. What she doesn't count on is that it is the neighbors day off and he is upstairs... When he catches her in his living room red handed, he gives her an option.. Spend the day in ropes, or call the police and let them deal with it. Cassandra is on probation already for breaking and entering, so she regretfully accepts his proposition. He ties her into an extra tight hogtie, even tying her hair back to her ankles. He stuffs her mouth and then wraps her face first with vet wrap, and then again with electrical tape. He gropes her big tits through her spandex bodysuit and pulls down her pants to tie a tight crotchrope. Once he's got her nice and uncomfortable, he sits back to watch her struggle on the floor. What does he have in store for her for the rest of the day? Stay tuned for part 2!

Tags: Big Tits Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Groping / Fondling High Heels

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