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Models / Ashley Wolf

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Crushed Elbows Escape Challenge
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Ashley Wolf submits to a very strict elbow crushing escape challenge with some 3/4 inch flat nylon rope. Shiny layers the rope tightly around her torso and Ashley knows she is in big trouble from the moment those elbows are cinched together. Finally, ballgagged, with her arms welded together and to her torso, a crotchrope digging into her tender bits, and her legs frogtied underneath her.. She looks mighty helpless. Shiny has the scissors ready to cut her right out of the tie and plans to let her go till the last possible second. She will either escape or tap out! Ashley is one of the BEST strugglers out there and it's always a treat to watch. Will she make it out of this extreme elbowed frogtie?

Tags: Ballgagged Challenges Drooling Gag Talk
Hogtie Escape Attempt
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Ashley Wolf is back for another escape attempt challenge. After failing to get out of the leather armbinder, she is determined to redeem herself! This time.. If she fails.. She won't be getting paid for todays shoots! With her paycheck on the line, sexy Ashley is going to give it her all for sure! Shiny doesnt make it easy.. Rigging her in a deliciously tight hogtie with her shoulders and elbows tightly tied behind her.. She will need some serious skill to escape this.

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuits Challenges Escaping
Armbinder Escape Attempt
Ashley Wolf
Gorgeous Ashley Wolf submits to a leather bondage escape challenge. Wearing a sexy catsuit covered over with silky lingerie and stockings, Shiny straps her up tight in a leather armbinder and belts! Once she is securely fastened and gagged, she is challenged to escape however possible! Thrash, wiggle, break the restraints if you can! Anything goes in this amazing escape challenge.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Catsuits Challenges
The Very Naughty Roommate
Ashley Wolf
I arrive at my girlfriend's house a little early and am greeted at the door by her hot roommate Ashley.. She lets me in and says my girlfriend is running a bit late.. Then pulls out some rope, takes off her satin blouse, and asks if we can have some fun before she gets there.. Against my better judgement, I oblige her and pretty soon, poor Ashley is roped up tight. Her mouth is stuffed full with a dirty pair of my girlfriends panties and all taped up. A knotted crotchrope attaches her wrists to her waist and she is sitting on it in a lotus style tie.. I grab her vibrator and go to work.. I am enjoying this a little too much, so I text my girlfriend and tell her I couldn't make it over, so not to hurry home.. After I give Ashley some bound orgasms and spankings.. I leave her there bound and gagged for my girlfriend to come home and find. Bye Ashley! I'll probably be single tomorrow, but it was worth it.

Tags: Barefoot Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Domination Groping / Fondling
Satin Struggles
Ashley Wolf
Don't let the fluffy name of this video fool you.. Poor Ashley has been captured by an unknown assailant and left in a room tied up quite tightly and ballgagged. She struggles hard, thrashing around on the satin bed trying to free herself. She cries out and moans through her gag to be released. When no one comes, she fights harder. She must escape before her captor returns. Can she do it?!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Damsel In Distress Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Domme Begs To Cum
Ashley Wolf
Goddess Ashley has been very demanding and harsh lately and she feels a little guilty. She is going to reverse the roles a little today. She sits down on the bed and throws some rope at her sub. "There you go, now tie up my feet." Once her feet are tied, she looks at him crossly. "You call this a tie?! Fine." She throws him some more rope. "Tie up my hands." Once again she looks at the shoddy ropework in total disgust. She slips her hand out instantly. "Can you do anything right?! This is obviously a shit job. NOW. TIE ME UP PROPERLY." He grabs the rope bag and ties her up on her stage. "Oh my GOD!! This is TOO TIGHT!!! Damn it, are you stupid?! Can't you do anything right you miserable little worm?!!" Then her slave shoves a ballgag into her mouth and straps it in tight. He pulls her arms back and ties them up into an uncomfortable strappado. The Mistress is livid! She screams at him to let her down through her gag. He gropes and fondles her body over her sexy satin lingerie and mocks her. "I'm touching Mistress without permission..." he giggles, only infuriating her further. Then he grabs her personal vibrator and walks towards her. "NO! NO!" She yells through the gag.. He buries it into her pussy and holds it there. "NO!! NO!" she commands. "Awwee common Mistress.. You know you want to cum.." he holds it to her clit. Poor Goddess Ashley can't help herself. The vibe and ropes feel too good. Now she switches gears.. Moaning through her gag. It's then that the slave also switches gears and begins pulling the toy away! Once again Mistress is angry! "Common Mistress.. Beg for it.." Poor Mistress Ashley can't resist.. She wants to cum so hard.. "Please.." she murmurs. "What was that Mistress?" he mocks.. "Uuugghh.. Please?.." she answers. "Hmmm I don't know if I should let you cum.. You need to ask me properly." "Uuugghh.. Please can I cum, Sir?" He grins. "Yes you may!" He shoves the wand back into her crotch, grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back. She cums HARD "OOOhhhh MY GODDDD!!!.." He pulls the toy away and smiles. "What a good girl." He turns off the vibe and walks away, leaving her there still tied and gagged. "Where are you going?!" she yells. "You get back here right now! Come back and untie me NOW! Common.. I came for you! Please?! Hey! Hey!! Where'd you go?!"

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
First Time Ever Tied
Ashley Wolf
With all of the Ashley Wolf videos I've filmed and released so far I though it was time to finally release the very first! Going back to the very first shoot I had with Ashley, and the first time she was ever tied up for the camera. Wearing some silky spandex dance wear, she is all smiles as she is bound impossibly tight with elbows cranked together behind her. Then she is pulled into a very strict cross-ankle hogtie and ballgagged! Once helplessly bound, I grabbed the hitachi vibrator and rolled her over onto it, holding her there by her shoulders until she cums hard! Ashley says she'd never had an orgasm experience like this before! A must see..

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits Domination
Spidergirl Caught in Her Web
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Spidergirl is in for it this time.. While experimenting on her web shooter.. it goes off, covering her in web fluid and leaving her stuck in her secret lair until it dissolves!! She struggles hard, but that darn webbing is really strong!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Cosplay / Costumes

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