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Models / Ashley Wolf

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Slave Girl Strapped and Cumming
Ashley Wolf
Sexy slave girl Ashley is again bound for some orgasms. This time she is very tightly strapped to a pole with elbows locked together and a thick neck strap to keep her up and at attention. Her sexy legs are spread wide and belted in place leaving her completely helpless and wide open for the vibrator wand coming her way! She is vibed and cums hard (filmed all in 1st person view!) Drool pours out of the sides of her panel gag and down the front of her belted tits.

Tags: Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Slave Girl Hogtied and Cumming
Ashley Wolf
"Are you ready to get all tied up on that table?".... "You know I am!"Gorgeous slave girl Ashley Wolf smiles as she replies.. She lays on the table on her belly and Shiny straps, gags, and cinches her up into the "ship in a bottle" hogtie position. Once up there and very nearly suspended, he leaves her to struggle and feel out her helplessness. She drools over her ballgag and leaves a puddle on the table under her. When she thinks he is about to let her down, he grabs the vibrator and shoves it between her crotch and the hard table. She didn't see that coming! The hitachi makes a horrid noise against the hard surface and rattles her poor pussy until she cums hard!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
The Gamble
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Ashley Wolf wanted to try her hand at some gambling. Not knowing the rules, and trusting me to show her how to play.. I quickly devised a game she wouldn't be walking away from.. I tell her that I am going to deal her two cards Blackjack style. What ever the numbers on the cards add up to is the number of ropes I get to tie her up with. I tell her that if she can get out of those ropes within 5 minutes, that she wins a hundred bucks. Her eyes light up. She doesn't even bad an eye and watches my shuffle the cards intently, fixated on the $100 she thinks she will be getting. I deal her the two cards. An Ace and a 5. Sixteen ropes! I grab my rope bag and pull out 16 pretty hefty lengths of rope. I grab the first rope and tightly fashion a crotchrope out of it. I take the second and tie up her upper torso. She looks at me questioningly. "This is pretty tight!" she complains. "I didn't know it would be this tight!" She pulls at the ropes and realizes this may be more difficult than she anticipated. I tell her a deal is a deal and that she has 5 minutes on the clock to escape the tie. At first she stretches out slowly, looking for any knots I may have carelessly left that she could get ahold of. When she can't locate any knots, she starts frantically jerking and struggling, trying to get free. The tight ropes are very painful and soon she is again calm, trying to wiggle free. Finally the timer reaches zero and the alarm sounds. She has not freed herself.. And so now I get to tie her up more! I untie the rope holding her hogtie and she sigs with relief. Then I pull the rope tighter, arching her back in a more extreme bend, and then tie it off. She nervously laughs and asks me if this is really gambling and was this what she signed up for.. I pull her dirty nasty gym socks off of her sexy feet. I wad them up and push them into her big mouth. She lets out some grunts of disgust as the socks enter. I take some tape and tightly wrap her face to keep those sweaty socks lodged deep in her jaw. "There. Nice and quiet." I chuckle. She is not amused. Next I blindfold her, tie her big toes together, and then tie her toes to the blindfold strap. Now she's really stuck and can't move an inch. She moans through her gag and tries to struggle and get free, but it's no use! She is stuck there until the dealer lets her out.

Tags: Barefoot Blindfolds Challenges Hogtied
Play With Me Part 2
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Ashley Wolf wakes her boyfriend up from his nap early. She is all dressed up in his favorite silky lingerie and fishnets and she wants him to play with her. "Come on sleepyhead! Get up and play with me!" She loves to be tied up tight, so after her first upright tie, he decides to give her another crotchrope predicament from another angle. First things first though.. He stuffs her mouth with two giant sponge balls and then wraps her face in microfoam tape to hold them in there securely. She can't complain at all now.. He tells her to get onto her belly, where he ties her spread eagle to the bedposts. He pulls each limb nice and tight, and then ties the crotchrope up above as well! Now all of her weight that she can't hold up on her own is tightening that pussy rope around her waist and digging deep into those satin panties. Ashley strains and struggles, her poor pussy taking the brunt of every move no matter how slight. "Well babe, you said you wanted to be played with today.." 

Tags: Bdsm Corset Crotch Abuse Domination
Play With Me Part 1
Ashley Wolf
Sexy Ashley Wolf wakes her boyfriend up from his nap early. She is all dressed up in his favorite silky lingerie and fishnets and she wants him to play with her. "Come on sleepyhead! Get up and play with me!" She loves to be tied up tight, so today her boyfriend decides to tie her in an uprught sitting crotchrope predicament. He ties her torso and arms up to the frame, and is sure to secure a tight crotchrope underneath her as well. She struggles for a few minutes and enjoys the ropes. THEN, he ties her ankles together and anchors them up to the top of the frame above her. Now her weight is pulled and she is naturally sliding forward on the slippery satin sheet with nothing to stop her (except of course the crotchrope). Now feeling the pull in her sensitive regions, the struggle just got real. She tries to move her feet to get comfy, but every move she takes only makes the crotchrope under her tighter!

Tags: Ballgagged Corset Crotch Abuse Domination
Chairtied and Cumming
Ashley Wolf
This was a custom made video! Gorgeous gal next door Ashley Wolf gets tied to a chair in her silky catsuit with a special treat! Wedged and tied in between her thighs is a hitachi vibrator on the "high" setting.. She howls and cums, trying desperately to get away from it as her sensitivity climbs, but it's no use! Half way through the video she is ballgagged and left to cum and drool and drool and cum.

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits Chairtied
Prom Queen Bound and Vibed to Tears
Ashley Wolf
Poor prom queen Ashley Wolf wont be at the ceremony to accept her crown tonite. The boyfriend of the runner up has seen fit to take Ashley out of the equation so that her rival can have the title! Ashley is strung up with her arms tied over her head. Her legs are tightly bound together. He even thoughtfully tied a Hitachi vibrator in place to keep her company while everyone else enjoys the big school dance. She struggles and tries to wiggle out or call for help, but he strapped a big ol' ballgag into her mouth to keep her quiet. Wouldn't want anyone to find her and let her loose before its time! Now that she's helpless and silent, he turns on the vibrator and leaves her there. Poor Ashley cums several times and drools all over her pretty dress as she waits for someone to find her!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Drooling
The Jogger Part 3
Ashley Wolf
Finally.. In part 3, poor Ashley finds herself once again tied down on the bed. This time, she is on her back with her arms tied above her head and anchored up to the headboard. There is a SEVERE crotchrope tied over her leggings that is pulled down to the footboard of the bed and pulled very tightly, nearly splitting her in two. Her poor legs are frogtied off to the sides and anchored up as well. She is once again in quite a predicament! She pulls and struggles, crying out through her ballgag. The masked man returns. He tightens her ropes even more until she is practically in tears. He grabs her back massager and holds it up to her poor crotchrope. The vibrations rock her to her core, and even tho she is in extreme pain from the tight ropes, she can feel herself building to an earth shattering orgasm. He teases her and asks if she can reach the knots.. Finally she does get the knot loose from the headboard that held her arms up, but the bastard grabs the rope and holds it while he continues to vibe her. Just as she is thinking that she cant take anymore, he stops. He tells her that it's been fun, but he has to go. He explains by the time she gets herself untied, he will be long gone. Then he leaves her.. Poor Ashley gathers her thoughts.. The crushing crotchrope.. Oh how she wanted the pressure to stop. She reaches up to the headboard to untie her legs. WAIT a second.. She can't reach the knots!! She reaches down to the footboard, but she can't reach that knot either!! Even tho her hands are completely free, she can't get loose!! Panic strikes her! She grabs the crotchrope, trying to ease the pressure, but it won't budge an inch. She again begins to sob and call out for help. After several minutes of despair, poor Ashley is finally able to pull one of her legs out of the frogtie, and then the other.. The relief she feels when she can finally get some slack on her poor crotch almost makes her cum it's so good. She sighs and catches her breath, and then runs downstairs to call the cops!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play