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Models / Akira Shell

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Armbinder Escape Challenge
Akira Shell
I kinda pull a fast one with Akira Shell.. I tell her this will be and escape challenge for her.. But then I pull out the tiny leather armbinder and straps.. and before I know it, I've made an inescapeable little predicament for her. She gives it her best struggle, but she realizes by my grin after the first few minutes that I tricked her.. She laughs and continues to struggle. She loves being in tight bondage, so she's not too upset with me.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Catsuits
Bondage Girlfriend
Akira Shell
It's every bondage lovers dream to find that perfect girl.. Gorgeous face, great body, awesome taste.. and LOVES to be tied up and left to struggle in rope! Akira Shell is all of the above. Here she begs you to tie her up tight, and you don't wanna disappoint her.. binding her elbows and wrists together and welding them to her torso with a tight chest harness.. Frogtying her sexy legs.. And adding a very attention getting crotch rope strategically dug into her satin panties at exactly the right spot. A mouth-filling ballgag is all thats left, and she is a VERY happy girl.

Tags: Ballgagged Rope Bondage Silk / Satin Tied Elbows
Spandex Captive
Akira Shell
Akira is wrestled down to the bed with no way to catch herself as her wrists are bound behind her. "What are you doing to me?!" she yells at her captor. He makes little small talk as he shoves a huge sponge ball deep into her mouth and wraps her head in thick sticky tape. She struggles hard, but when he is finished, she is fully bound to the bed in an awkward position. She is laying on top of her tightly bound and harnessed arms, which are fastened to the headboard. Her wrists are tied and anchored down to the foot board. Her legs are frogtied and anchored oppositionally up to the headboard. Once she is in this position, she cannot move an inch in any direction except to thrust her hips upward. He decides to take care of that too.. He ties a tight self-cinching crotchrope around her waist and secures it down at the footboard as well. Now, any kind of movement made at all tightens the rope and puts pressure on her barely protected clit. BONUS!- Behind the scenes. As I go to untie Akira after the video, but she doesn't quite want to be let go.. I untie her legs and still anchored down and gagged, she tries to release herself by untying the ropes with her toes! Akira loves bondage and its always a fun and interesting time when we get to film together.

Tags: Leotard Mouth Stuffing Predicament Bondage Rope Bondage
Never Give In.. Tap Out and Try Again
Akira Shell
Gorgeous Akira Shell looks amazing in a PVC catsuit and boots. I tie her all up starting with her crotchrope and body harness, then sit her down to tie her ankles and knees. Last I do the wrists and elbows, followed by the harness ballgag. Things are great for the first minute or so, and the she starts clicking her fingers indicating something is not right. I run over and untie her elbows and we sit for a few moments getting the feeling back. Normally Akira can remain elbow tied for a very long time, but she informed me that during a recent session, she was bound brutally tight and the nerves her elbows were damaged. NOOOO! I ask her if she wants to quit, but she is determined to finish the video. I carefully re-tie her and we get back into the scene. Next we pull her into a tight hogtie, tying her head harness ballgag back to her ankles for a tight arch. I roll her over on her side, and back up again. She seems to be doing fine this time. We get some really sexy footage of her completely helpless and moaning, and then I begin to untie her. I get her arms untied and remove her gag and she begins sobbing. Her poor elbows had started bothering her again but she toughed it out as long as she could. We ended it and got her out at the perfect time! Poor girl!.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
Living Doll Objectification Part 2
Akira Shell
Gorgeous Akira Shell loves to be tied down for very long periods of time. She will actually moan and whine when you try to untie her.. Today has been a very long day for Akira.. First she was encased in her silky blue spandex zentai and tied to the bed all afternoon.. And now she will get to spend the night tightly hogtied in her zentai suit!

Tags: Hogtied Living Doll / Objectification / Zentai Nylon Encasement Panel Gagged
Living Doll Objectification Part 1
Akira Shell
Gorgeous Akira Shell loves to be tied down for very long periods of time. She will actually moan and whine when you try to untie her.. Today has been a very long day for Akira.. First she was encased in her silky blue spandex zentai and tied to the bed all afternoon.. And now she will get to spend the night tightly hogtied in her zentai suit!

Tags: Living Doll / Objectification / Zentai Nylon Encasement Panel Gagged Predicament Bondage
Rope Bondage Happy Place
Akira Shell
Sexy Akira Shell loves being tied up tight in bondage and it shows. Well, she also tells us.. This was one of the first ties we did with Akira when we were testing out her flexibility and such. She is a lot of fun to watch in rope.. Especially in that catsuit! She squirms in total ecstasy..

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset
Living Doll Loves Bondage
Akira Shell
Heres my first clip with amazing Akira Shell. She starts off dressing herself head to toe in spandex. I corset her and begin layering on the rope. It should be said that Akira LOVES to be tied up in bondage. I begin with the crotch rope/butt harness, which she likes so much she takes the liberty of doing a massive booty/twerking dance to try to get her butt loose.. Next, I pull a matching spandex hood over her head and gag her with a leather wraparound panel ball gag. Its time to start the restraints. I pull a shoulder harness down, cinch her elbows together tight, and finish it off down at the wrists. It looks good and I've definitely got her attention now. I go to move to the lower body, but I notice her body language is changing for the worse. I immediately untie her arms to make sure she's alright. OK.. Time to figure out a different strategy.  I start at her thighs (actually her crotch..) and wrap her legs tightly every 6 inches or so all the way down to her ankles. By now her arms are rested and have feeling back in her hands, so I tie a tight upper body harness to lock her arms and elbows in tight, but not affecting the circulation in her lower arms. She says it feels great, so I bind her wrists and pull her over and up into a strict hogtie.  Now Akira is in the zone. Blissful and in her happy place, she struggles but can not move anything but her fingers. She tries to roll over, but she can't even do that. Fully encased in spandex, bound at every joint, and gagged.. She is a spectacular sight. I come back in and roll her over onto her side, exposing the front of her body and the rest of the tie. The ropes lie neat and layered, no matter how much she tries to wiggle. The crotch rope digs deep into her soft spandex covered pussy and she goes back and forth between moaning and giggling. She loves ever second of this. As we draw to a close, I release the knots holding her feet and let her try to get herself free. She rolls around all over and mostly succeeds in freeing her legs.. But that upper body harness and crotch rope are there to stay..

Tags: Catsuits Hogtied Living Doll / Objectification / Zentai Panel Gagged

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