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Models / Miss Demeanor

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Nipple Clamped and Vibed
Miss Demeanor
Sexy Miss Demeanor is dragged on screen kicking and screaming. With her wrists bound and a giant ballgag in her mouth, her resistance is pretty futile! Shiny strings her up in a strappado and ties a spreader bar between her ankles. He clamps her nipples and connects them to the spreader bar, and once she is in a pretty helpless and painful situation, he vibrates her silky pussy till she comes hard! Filmed at Hunterslair Studio!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Big Tits Boot Fetish
Bound Orgasms and Pussy Spankings
Miss Demeanor
Sexy Miss Demeanor is tied onto a saw horse on her back with legs frogtied and spread wide and her wrists tied down to the floor under her. Shiny ties a rope through her open mouth, wraps it around her head a few times, and fastens it down to the bench as well, gagging her and keeping her from being able to look down and see what he is doing to her.. He tightly clamps her nipples, hooks them to the electric winch, and lifts them until she starts to yelp and moan. Next he grabs the vibrator and goes to town on her, giving her several huge and helpless orgasms! After he's done, he spanks her hard on her sensitive pussy until she almost comes again from the pain! When he's all finished, he leaves her there tied in a quivering mess..

Tags: Barefoot Bdsm Big Tits Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Hogtied in Hogslop
Akira Shell , Miss Demeanor
Gorgeous (and sparkly clean) models Akira Shell, Miss Demeanor, and Raven Vice are being tied up in the barn while outside, SGT Miles is stirring up the slop and making it extra slimey! One by one the girls are bound, gagged, and the carried out and flopped into the mud pit. Then they are hogtied, tormented, drug around, and have nasty thick wet mud thrown and smeared all over them! The girls laugh harder the more fucked up and filthy they get! Finally, the jute ropes swell so much that the girls must be cut free. Finally, the little piggies are stood up and hosed off before being marched back into the barn. Also, some behind the scenes mud wrestling and naked hosing off! Filmed on location at SGT.Productions.

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Barefoot Bdsm
3 Girls 1 Pool
Akira Shell , Miss Demeanor
A candid video by the pool featuring Miss Demeanor, Akira Shell, and Raven Vice. The girls are sitting on the bar busy chatting away as I casually tie their wrists and ankles. Then I run a length of rope between all of the girls, tying them not only to the bar, but to each other! Next I gag them one by one as they squirm and giggle. I pull out the hitachi vibrator and go down the line of girls playing them like a human xylophone.. They each take turns sounding off as the other 2 girls laugh and drool through their gags. All of this play has made me quite thirsty. I grab Misty's drink cup and take a swig. She looks at me with her sad eyes.. And I can see she is thirsty too.. I throw the drink into her face! She can't move or get away and now she is covered and dripping in sticky soda! The other girls bust up laughing, so I make sure to feed each of them a soda in the face as well! Finally, I let the girls down from the bar and throw each of them into the pool to clean off. The girls laugh and splash with their hands still tightly tied behind them! Filmed on location at SGT.Productions!

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Barefoot Big Tits
The Cage and The Crotchrope
Miss Demeanor
'The Cage and The Crotchrope'.. Kind of 'Pit and The Pendulum' sounding and no less perilous! Only.. This time is not a blade splitting someone in two.. It's a crotchrope! Poor Miss Demeanor Gets tied tightly inside of the standing cage at Hunterslair, then gets suspended and swung, and THEN she gets hung into position with her weight (and the steel cage's weight) all resting uncomfortably wedged inside her poor thin-spandex covered pussy!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Big Tits cage
Inverted Ass Beating
Miss Demeanor
Gorgeous Miss Demeanor submits to a super sexy inverted suspension. Once she is hanging by her ankles, Shiny straps her up tight and ballgags her. Now that she's completely helpless, he swings her back and forth, spanking and paddling her, and pulls her around by her hair! He ties a free-tightening crotchrope around her waist and anchors it off to the wall. Now any weight shift or pressure change directly tightens the rope wedged in her poor pussy. Shiny uses this to his advantage, spanking her with his leather gloves and groping her tits.. Every squirm driving the rope deeper and deeper!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits
Slave Girl Strapped and Cumming
Miss Demeanor
Gorgeous slavegirl Miss Demeanor submits to some kneeling belt bondage. Once strapped up tight and frogtied, her wrists are chained up to her collar, and her head harness ballgag is pulled back and chained to her elbows behind her. Now helpless and gazing at the ceiling.. Shiny gives her commands and tells her to turn around. He takes a vibrator and puts it to the crotch of her satin panties and poor Miss D is almost cumming instantly.. Shiny decides if she is going to cum so quickly, we wants he in a more helpless and vulnerable position.. He sits her up on the bar and locks her hands behind her. He straps her body tight with leather belts, chains her headgear up to the crossbar above, and then spreads her legs and hangs them far and wide apart with rope cinchers. NOW she looks helpless and ready to cum.. Again Shiny introduces her to the toy and an Earth-shattering orgasm is the result. Shiny then lets her legs down and removes her gag. Poor Miss Demeanor is a drooling pile of hotness and can only mutter the words.. "..pp.p.pp..purple...pancakes...."

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits
Silky Arched Hogtie
Miss Demeanor
Gorgeous Miss Demeanor submits to a strenuous "Scorpion" style hogtie! Dressed in a silky red lycra catsuit and PVC stiletto boots, she looks like a sexy dominatrix. Shiny hugs her curvy body with nylon rope tying a nice tight crotch rope and harness on her and then lays her in the rack where the serious tying begins.. By the end, she is quite helpless and her sensuous struggling is a lot of fun to watch.

Tags: Ballgagged Big Tits Boot Fetish Catsuits

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