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Models / Maria Jade

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Playing Hookie
Maria Jade
The big game is tonite and sexy Maria Jade is the star cheerleader.. What will the team do if she doesn't show up?! Maria doesn't care. She decides to skip out and stay home to get tied up by her brothers friend. Rope makes her so horny (as you will see) and she would much rather spend the evening getting spanked and grinding a crotch rope than hanging around a bunch of sweaty jocks.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Groping / Fondling Nylons/Pantyhose
Tricked By Her Boyfriend Part 2
Maria Jade
Now in part 2.. Maria is mad at her boyfriend for having the neighbor tie her up and terrorize her, but she's also pretty horny now.. "So what are you going to do with me now babe?.." she asks as she pulls the last of the ropes off of her body.

Tags: Belt Bondage Corset Fishnets Groping / Fondling
Tricked By Her Boyfriend Part 1
Maria Jade
Maria is excited to give her boyfriend his Valentines Day present. She calls him on the phone and tells him that she is wearing is favorite outfit. The red satin corset, panties, fishnets, and high heels.. She can't wait for him to come over after work.. After a little bit, the doorbell rings. "Come in!" Maria yells, not bothering to look up from her phone. He comes in and sits behind her on the couch, pulling her arms back and tying her wrists behind her. "Ooo I guess we're gonna play kinky today.." she smiles as she lets him tie. "Oh yeah thats nice and tight.. But baby, you didn't even give me a kiss first!" she says as she turns around to look at him... "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!" Without answering he grabs more rope and ties up her chest and upper arms. She struggles hard, but he overpowers her and puts her on her knees, bent over the couch. As he begins tying her crossed ankles he tells her "I'm your neighbor! I was just coming over to borrow a cup of sugar when I saw you there all sexy in your underwear and decided to tie you up!" She tries to scream, but just as she opens her mouth, her shoves in a giant ballgag. He ties her knees together and then he stands back to admire his handywork. She growls and hisses at him as she furiously tried to get free. After a few moments of watching her thrash around, he grabs her and rolls her over onto her side. He grabs another piece of rope and wraps it around her waist. He pulls it down between her legs and up the crack of her ass, nearly splitting her in two. He pushes her onto her belly and pulls the crotchrope up the back, thru her tied wrists, down between her tied ankles, and the pulls it back up and ties it to her chest harness. Now she is hogtied and any movement she makes struggling instantly transfers to the painful rope digging into her satin covered pussy. "There you go!" he says quite triumphantly. He leaves her there for a few moments to toss and turn. "MMPPHHFFF!! MMM....MMMMFFFFFPPPHHHH!!" She screams at him through her gag to untie her! He looks down with a smile. "Maria calm down. Your boyfriend called me and told me to come tie you all up and scare you for Valentines Day. He said that your fantasy was to be taken and tied by a stranger. I was only too happy to help him out.. Haha." She growls at him.. "I am going to leave you tied up like this. He should be here in about 10 minutes. I'll see you later!" He walks out and shuts the door behind him. Maria sinks into her helpless predicament. She is going to have some words with her boyfriend when he gets home..

Tags: Ballgagged Corset Fishnets High Heels
Leotard Girl Tape Bound
Maria Jade
Sexy blonde Maia always does her afternoon yoga in a silky skin tight leotard and her shiny dance tights. Her male roommate always watches her do her stretches and wishes he could be more to her than just a roommate. She's so gorgeous and perfect. Yet she never even talks to him unless the rents due..

Tags: Blondes Leotard Mouth Stuffing Nylons/Pantyhose
The Silver Spandex Splits
Maria Jade
Sexy blonde porn girl Maria Jade is dressed in a silver spandex catsuit, pink corset, satin panties, and tall vinyl boots. She poses seductively as I rig her up, starting with an "ass-lifter" crotch rope. Next I lift her up onto the table and find out just how flexible she is when she makes the mistake of telling me she can do the splits. I tie her legs far apart, anchoring her ankles to the either side of the table. She rocks back and forth and we can see the silky nylon crotch rope rubbing through the satin panties and spandex. I rig her upper body and tie her wrists off by pulling the rope under the table and attaching it to her chest harness. Nowhere for her to go now.. All that's left is the ball gag, which she graciously accepts. I get several minutes and angles of struggle, always keeping an eye on that sexy grinding crotch rope. If you were looking for something a little different and extremely sexy, you've found it.

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish Catsuits
The Silver Spandex Hogtie
Maria Jade
Sexy blonde porn girl Maria Jade is dressed in a silver spandex catsuit, pink corset, satin panties, and tall vinyl boots. She poses seductively as I rig her up, giving us some nice shots of her satin crotch.. I lift her up onto the table and proceed to tie her in a tensioned back arch hogtie.. Her body weight now working against her, he rocks back and forth helplessly, moaning through her ball gag.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset